Friday, August 2, 2013

Inspiration Avenue: TIME

Can Maggie really be serious?  TIME?  TIME? This week's Inspiration Avenue challenge is time?  What could be more perfect than time! 

So let's step back in TIME and I'll show you a few of my favorite spreads from my Time Altered Book (AB).  If these photos appeal to you, and you want to see more, there is a link on my right sidebar that will take you to the entire AB.

Open the cover and step inside the pages of Time, the book.
Although this page seems to be falling apart because of poor adhesives, I'm fairly certain you can read the quote, which led to the Memories and Dreams I created from stickers.

This was one of those "extra" tip-in pages I made for a "Memories swap.   I started to cut the image from the tip-in, then realized how much I liked the background and the dry brushing I used over the image.  Silly me had already started the cut when I realized I should keep it intact.  I used a bit of green scrim for the backing. 

Maggie gave us many quotes to help inspire us.  I had a few, too.

What happens when you are trying to run a ring of gold leafing around a CD and the ink suddenly floods out?  You make the best of it by making it appear to be planned.  I was so lucky to have found these old calendar pages I printed out on a weekly basis from when I was in grad school.  It appears I never throw anything away.  Seems these were the remains of my birthday party.  In reality, most of this trash was leftover bits and pieces from the vinyl letters I used and were on my craft table at the time I created this page.  A genuine "flopportunity."

It would have been so much more enjoyable to see these two pages together.  The yarn is only attached at the two ends and under the airplane.  The yarn flops free otherwise.  I must have had a lot of extra CDs when I was making this AB.  The metallic blue and red paints were both scraped onto the background, while both CDs were covered with portions of a mileage map.

Another two page spread, this time with no CDs (grin).  The calendar on the left page is framed with four 10 cent stamps with the words "TIME FRAME" created in vinyl letters.  The frame on the right is composed of calendar pages, while the picture is an actual postcard by a famous artist.  Do you know who the artist is?

It was hard for me to edit the 95 spreads in the book down to just a few. And I had a lot of favorites.   I can't even classify some of the ones I showed as favorites.  But I thought they were probably representational of TIME.

I hope I didn't waste your TIME and you'll also visit Inspiration Avenue for links to other participants.

19 thoughtful remarks:

Teri said...

Love it!! I've never thought of doing a themed art journal. What a great idea.

Halle said...

I love that you made your goof with the gold ink appear that it was meant to be that way all along! Nice job!! It's fun looking back at old work.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I'm ready to prep and get started on my second book after seeing these awesome pages. I like the creative ways you used the old CDs, too. I've revisited your excellent & generous tut on your if I could just come up with a theme, I'll be all set!

Corrine at said...

Great clocks you have down over "time" pun intended. xox

linda said...

I really like this altered book. It's beautiful and so huge! It must have taken a long "TIME" to complete it.

I would be honored and delighted to join the fabulous group featured on your sidebar.

~*~Patty S said...

Fun to look at the TIME book pages...memories...dreams and time

your gold ink really turned into a "flopportunity" :)

any time is a good time to revisit things we've created in the past I think


Angie said...

Thank you for dropping by my place ...glad you found Friday Smiles at Annies ...its fun.
I LOVE that clock book ...Iwish I could get back to crafting ....hopefully one day soon. xx

dawn said...

OMG, seriously you are going to inspire me with all that you do.

I LOVE LOVE clocks, numbers, times, papers, this is amazing. What a neat idea/theme for a book. Will have to go check this link out. LOVE this idea of TIME. I'm in a scrapbook class now and she had two prompts about time in our lessons. LOVE IT!!
Oh and these pages are amazing and more. You didn't waste my time with them, you inspired ME!! Hope you can do a part 2 and share MORE!!Tried to pick a favorite but love them all.

You do keep busy with all these challenges, that is so great. I am enjoying learning about you and your interests. Keep inspiring and keep me busy, lol.

Saw your comment on my blog, thanks so much. I left you a comment there. Wish your email was working, would be nice to send you them when being chatty.

Are you working on your mandala? I am working on my "T" notes for the next couple weeks, will help me stay focused and on TIME, lol

Happy Weekend!

Maggie said...

How fortunate that I thought of using "Time" as the theme at IA this week, allowing me to view these wonderful pages! A great idea to reuse old CDs in your art. I really love the sewn page at the end, I think it's my favorite.

I looked through your altered book on time ~ amazing! I think you have covered every single time reference there is! Thanks for sharing this great project.

Lynn Cohen said...

All great, a topic on my mind too of late!

Rita said...

Love your time themed journal. Looks like it was a lot of work. :)

Dianne said...

this is just the COOLEST altered book! and I think I have seen that 'memories' page love all the stitching and painting and found text!

Chris / CS Designs said...

Great theme and love all the fabulous background techniques.
:) Chris / CS Designs ... Doodle Pieces

Dawn said...

Awe Elizabeth, soooooo good to see your Time AB again, beautiful choice of spreads to show, amazing sweetie.
Lol I'll get around to finishing my cover one day!!!!!
Huge hugs x

Joyfulploys said...

I love these spreads! I really like your stitching on some of the pages. Great altered book!!

Spyder said...

I NEVER have enough time, I wish I could keep it locked in a book like yours and only let it out when I need it!!

dawn said...

Hello, I've been busy working on something special (still in the elementary stages) for Tuesday. Just want to thank you again for inspiring me, was worried I'd be bored after SOC. Now between Mandala and your T party and my own things I won't be bored anytime soon.
I have your button on my blog now too and went crazy with Mandalas again today. Going to be hard to pick which one to show first.
Hope your day has gone well, mine has been well thanks to you inspiring me, having so much fun.
Oh and I just went thru your TIME book in the link, OMG you are amazing, I LOVED it. Left you a comment there too.
Take care and see you again soon.

Lou Anne Hazel said...

I enjoyed the wonderful pages you shared from your altered book. I haven't branched out into an altered book yet but I feel inspired to do just that after seeing your pages on time. I liked them all but especially enjoyed the quote at the beginning, the pages with all of the quote/clips, and the "clock" with the airplane routes. I'm so glad to see you back at IA again this week.

Lou Anne Hazel said...

Thank you for visiting me over at MisplacedMermaid and commenting on my piece. Your comments really made my day! It's always a gift to feel that we inspire others.