Monday, July 22, 2013

T by any other name still Stands For Tuesday

I was overwhelmed and so honored to share drinks and stories with so many of you last week.  I was taken by what Julia (our beloved Queen of WOYWW) said in her post (and I quote):
I love the idea of relating a post to whatever cup or mug is currently in use at my side - probably the most universal of habits!

What could be a better endorsement?

Of course, there was Marianne, a very dear friend I'd lost track of, who called me old.  Of course, what she meant was the fact that we're actually long time friends.

And then Dawn (Girl Unwinding) was glad to see T Tuesday had been "re-invented" (her word, not mine).

So welcome back and see what all the fun is about this week.  I know some of you said you didn't get the wording right on your previous T post.  Well, you know me.  I'm not into "rules." So T by any other name still stands for Tuesday!

As promised last week, I'll step you through how I made this piece.  And I promise this is the LAST time I show this for my T post.

I started by spritzing some of my home made shimmering mists on 90 lb. watercolor paper.  I colored the grunge board sign using Pan Pastels, but this time, I used a fixative to set the colors.  The last two (and only) times I used the pan pastels, I smeared their colors all over the piece I was working on.

Next, I grabbed my stencils and started painting the letter "T" using cobalt blue fluid acrylic.  Paint is not a good product to use with stencils, because it runs under the stencil.  Having made a mess, I decided to find a sticker that would cover it.  Unfortunately, I didn't have any stickers that were large enough.  Then I found this lovely teapot sticker and went to town.  Just don't try to look behind the little teapot, please.  I added the rest of the letters and a few little flowers for interest.

Next came the large cup and teapot.  I printed the outlines and cut them out.  I colored them using the same cobalt blue fluid acrylic I used with the stencil.  When I was ready to attach the cup and teapot, I used pop dots to lift them off the page.  I had to do that because the grunge board was so thick.  The blue "timely" piece was an added bonus because  I really needed something to fit in that space.  I made it when I visited my friend Kathy and used her embossing folder and die cutter.  She also gifted me with this hand drawn image of Bleubeard.  Bleubeard is so proud of it, too, especially since he now gets to run around in the picture without a collar and his heart shaped name and address tag.

And in case you think the logo is the only thing I have for you today,

here's a little vignette I created from a book I've just torn apart, my Leonardo "thermometer," and a cup of T love, too.

EDIT: Annette (Voodoo Vixen) was correct when she wrote that it was a "Galileo thermometer."  I apologize because I had actually forgotten the name of the thermometer, even though I remember where and when I purchased it.

Hope you'll join me for T today.  Please link your T post below.

20 thoughtful remarks:

voodoo vixen said...

I'm first again! LOL... probably because it isn't Tuesday anywhere else yet?
Love the mug and I bought one of Galileo thermometer's for Chris when we were in Calgary... and it survived the journey back to Scotland!! :)

Cardarian said...

I am very late but I just can't help it - summer is a busy time! Thank you for commenting! I had a little snoop and I love all your makes!
Lots of hugs,

Maudieroff Roffey said...

Hi Elizabeth - I gave a galileo thermometer to a friend for his 50th birthday - he only had it 2 weeks and knocked it on the floor [accidentally I am sure ??] but he said the little baubles are filled with oils and it took him ages to clean up... hope yours lasts way longer - I love them... hope you have a fabbo week - Mxx

Annie said...

Hi Elizabeth,
It's my first time for joining in the Tuesday fun because 'I can' today. :-)
I'm enjoying a little me time and thought I'd have a go.
I love your thermometer.
Annie x

see you there! said...

What a great thermometer. Thanks for walking us through the creative process, I always enjoy that.


Craftymoose Crafts said...

Thanks for showing how the logo came to be--I recognized Bluebeard in the lower corner right away!

~*~Patty S said...

Fun to know how your T button was created
Kathy's drawing of Bleubeard is AMAZING!!! I thought it was a photograph!
Cool thermometer and cup and T Tuesday my friend

Lisa Graham Art said...

I love your tea creation! So many great colors and layers here.

Krisha said...

Well, I'm back for a cuppa, although it is on the late side this week, but only 6:30 a.m. here in So Cal. I am glad you included Bluebeard in the T logo button.
So I'm off to check out what's in the cup with everyone else...LOL

Marianne said...

That thermometer is pretty interesting. Love the mug too !
Happy Tuesday !

Marianne said...

please tell Patty I would love to leave a comment on her beautiful Lotus photos post but Wordpress will not allow me to log in. I used up my three tries

Anonymous said...

Nice to see Mr. Bleubeard front and center on your T post. xox

Divers and Sundry said...

i love your thermometer. it's been pouring down rain for 2 days here, with rainfall records being broken, and i'm waiting for the repairman to come look at my fridge. a properly made cuppa tea! that's the ticket lol

Dianne said...

always fun to see what you're up to...and the mugs or cups you share! I am thinking it's an 'iced-tea kind of day...'!

Dianne said...

Linked up!

Nan G said...

Okay so you've torn the cover off the book, now what will do? Do you make those folded pages art pieces? Bluebeard looks like a larger version of my T. Is he a blue russian kitty? Hugs

BJ said...

Saw this and thought of you.


Spyder said...

I know, I'm late, but the picture was taken on the right day, I just got waylaid!! Love your @Love' mug and of course, your rocking horses!

Better late than never, although my teacher would say....but, better never late!

Jackie said...

Hello Elizabeth I guess I must be late for tea on Tuesday and Its Thursday...... However it goes on all week so it's just a lovely tea party!
I thought I would join you this week for tea, I hope that's ok
Scrap bang wallop

Halle said...

I was sorry to miss the 2nd T Tuesday but I was just too sick. I haven't been visiting anyone online or even using the computer for more than checking email. It's been a rough 8 days of sickness...I'm slowing mending although I am weak from not being able to eat much of anything. I think I'd have rather kept the 8lbs I lost than be this ill.