Friday, July 12, 2013

ICADs for July 6 through July 12

Tammy at Daisy Yellow has challenged us to make these ICADs.  It's never too late to start, according to her.  And I want to apologize to those of you who are only using a Flickr account.  I can't leave comments because I am not a member.  I simply don't have time to join another group.

Day 36
 Once again, I wanted to get back to my hearts.  But I also wanted to follow the weekly theme, too.  So I found an image of a postage stamp, one of the themes, and layered it over a magazine image and a heart cut from junk mail.

Day 37
Another of the weekly prompts was texture, and these circles, left over from my first Summer of Color entry, were the perfect way to show various textures.

 Day 38
Still another theme was folding, and also stamping.  I stamped the ruler, and added the butterfly in which I folded the overlay in half.  The solid butterfly was textured using a stamp and white embossing powder.

Day 39
This IC began with a bit of dictionary page, over which it was stamped.  Again, you can see my hit and miss stamping ability.

Day 40
This is another stamped image over some of my homemade shimmer mists. In all honesty, it took three attempts to get this image even half right!!

Day 41
I was going for texture here, when I found this old, dead lighter in my garden the other day.  What a surprise, when I realized I could tear off the outer covering/skin.  I decided to burn the edges of the IC, then add a bit of ribbon that must substitute for washi tape, another prompt, and words.

Day 42
For my final IC this week, I went to my "texture" folder and found all these beauties.  I paired them with a lovely lady.

Some of these are great examples of ICs, others are not my finest work.  But, I'm keeping up with Tammy and I hope you are, too.  And those of you who just want inspiration, please check out what others are making.  They will blow you away!!

14 thoughtful remarks:

linda said...

I love these, Elizabeth, especially the last two. I'm enchanted bt the last one, with the texture strips and the vintage image, I'm going to try it

Krisha said...

Great ICADs Elizabeth!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I love the butterfly one!

Kayla Fujimoto said...

Elizabeth, you are an amazing woman :)

lauren bergold said...

oooh--i LOVE these! i love that they are all different and experimental and FABULOUS! i love that you've done a little bit of everything, technique-wise, and followed the themes instinctively but in your own way. and i love♥LOVE♥love your "hit & miss" stamping ability... which i would call "perfectly imperfect" so THERE! (for the record, days 39 & 40 are my absolutely faves, purely b/c of that!) :)

Deborah Weber said...

What a great collection of cards. I love how varied your work is. My fave this week is your texture composition - it's so serene.

Prairie Jill said...

Great series of ICAD cards! (And I'm very pleased to find out that I'm not the only one whose stamping is, um, less than perfect!)

Julia Dunnit said...

Tthese are great Elizabeth, love them all for various reasons. love that the lighter came to pieces and you carried the theme.

Anonymous said...

I'm totally digging day 40. I have to believe that some of us are meant to imperfectly stamp and stencil...I know I am. :)

Anonymous said...

That's some hot stuff there! xox

Joyfulploys said...

Lovely assortment of cards!!! I really like the circle one. Do you make your homemade spray with dye or paint?

Giggles said...

Very nice icads...I love the colorful circles and all the ones with the vintage girls!! Beautiful.Thanks for sharing...I also read you had a blogversary this week...good for you!! Happy blogversary...wishing you many more years blogging!

Hugs Giggles

Halle said...

Wonderful ICAD's. Love the circles!!

Christine said...

lovely ICADs!