Saturday, June 8, 2013

Mark your calendars! It's time to dig up that buried treasure

Once again, Seth Apter of The Altered Page is on the hunt for buried treasures.  Each year Seth asks us to bring out those "hidden gems" (Seth's words) that may be buried away in the archives of our blogs.

In case you want  to see my buried treasures from 2009, go here.  For 2010, go here.  In 2011, I offered this treasure I dug up from 2009.  It's especially appropriate because of all the Gelli prints I'm seeing around the mixed media blogging community. Finally, here is what I offered for 2012. 

Want to know more?  Visit Seth's post and join the fun on June 12.

4 thoughtful remarks:

Krisha said...

Great reads and photos Elizabeth

Sue said...

Hi hun
i am alive & well, thank you for missing me, still not got into my cards, just enjoying all things new, may get round to cards again come winter! lol. hope you keeping well hun.sue,x

JoZart said...

Ooh, I'm on limited internet access so must call back and look in depth at this post. Just wanted to send you greetings from Germany and DH sends thanks for his birthday wishes. We're really enjoying family time here in this beautiful town and sunshine too which is wonderful after cold England.
Till soon,
Jo x

Seth said...

Thanks for spreading the word...and for being a part of this project for every year. See you again on Wednesday!