Sunday, June 23, 2013

ICADs: June 17 through June 23

This week found me quietly sewing away on my ICADs or index cards we make every day.  There are many people making them this year.   The idea was conceived by our host, Tammy at Daisy Yellow.  According to Tammy, it's never too late to start.

Day 17
This one was simple.  I found three pieces of ribbon, then cut them to size and sewed them to the IC using variegated thread.  Then I printed the word "Soar" and colored it.

Day 18
When I find anything that even RESEMBLES the Wizard of Oz, I am drawn to it.  I layered the ruby slippers and dictionary page over two layers of scrapbook paper (thanks Annette).

Day 19
It took longer for the glue to dry than if I had sewn these collage elements together.  A bit of color was added to the silver circle and letters.

Day 20
Possibly my favorite IC to date, I started with a dictionary page, then layered a Baby Bell cheese wrapper over that.  In order to cover up the words and logo on the cellophane wrapper, I cut a heart from scrapbook paper, then added a face over that.  I added the lace just because it was on my table.

Day 21
This element came from a strip of hand dyed fabric to which I tried to add writing.  I should leave the words and doodles to others!

Day 22
You probably can't see the words "Live in the moment," because I sewed over them, not realizing I had covered them beyond recognition.  But, after the lovely heart I made on Day 20, I got an epiphany.

Day 23
I decided to create a series of hearts.  Sewing them to the ICs made it even more enjoyable.  Here I started with red felt, then painted gray cardstock, collage fodder, and finally, a painted heart.  I really MUST learn to cut those hearts better!

I hope you enjoyed this week's worth of ICADs.  I've now renewed my interest in this project.

I'm also linking to Creative Every Day (CED) later tonight. 

And please don't forget to visit other ICAD players.  Each person brings her/his own perspective to this project, and it is a delight see what others have made.

14 thoughtful remarks:

Helen said...

Loving your cards this week, Elizabeth!! (not to say that the previous ones weren't good, please don't think I mean that!)

Julia Dunnit said...

Love the variegated thread, so cheerful. Your scrapbook paper on day 18 is one of my most fave ever limes, so of course am drawn to that, and i like the hearts, the idea of the series within a series is fun!

Erika Nittel-Traser said...

I find your art very beautiful. The stitching on the cards is an exciting idea. My favorite is the one with the shoes! Wonderful collages - hugs Erika

Patricia/NYC said...

Beautiful cards! Very unique & I love that extra something that the stitching adds! I see also we are kindred spirits re: "Oz" ;) Thanks for stopping by my blog a bit ago too! :)

see you there! said...

Enjoying following along with your art for this series. Sewing on cards (or any art) is so interesting to me.


Krisha said...

Great works Elizabeth!! I'm afraid I got lost on ICAD when we spent Father's Day up in the mountains, but I need to get back to them as I do enjoy makeing them. I love the sewing one yours, and your writing on then is just fine!!

Carolyn Phillips said...

This is such an interesting project. I'm not doing it myself - well not this year, but follow several p[people who are and am greatly enjoying seeing what people are doing.

Dawn said...

Beautiful cards Elizabeth, I love the recurrent hearts too, they work so well sweetie. I particularly love Dorothy's shoes though, one of my fave films too.
Huge hugs x

Dianne said...

I do adore your stitched pieces, but am glad you are using a pen and writing too! "2 dye 4" made me smile, and I like the 'frames' around "ME". A fun and creative group of cards!

Diana Taylor said...

I love your index cards - the variegated thread is fantastic - why haven't I come across it before - it's now on my list of things I 'need'! I love anything Wizard of Oz too, and the little red slippers card is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I am clicking my red shoes together over your Icad's and laughing at your color of puke!!!! xox

Susan Johnson said...

I originally found you on daisy yellow when admiring ICADs for week one. and week two and week three. I love the hearts -especially with the lace. After taking the time to tour your site I want to say a huge THANK YOU for all of your wonderful tutorials. They really get those creative juices flowing. I cannot wait to try some out - now where is that rubbing alchol.


Joyfulploys said...

Your cards are wonderful! I love the variety with stitching. My favorite is the one with the ruby red slippers!!

Prairie Jill said...

Gorgeous cards! I love the mix of paper and fabric and sewing. I haven't done any sewing on my cards yet, but I think I'll have to try it!