Thursday, June 6, 2013

D-Day: honoring the invasion of Normandy

Appreciation for this image goes to the US Army web site as we observe, remember, or learn about the day much of the free world's (Allied) soldiers hit the beaches of Normandy.  D-Day is the day that started what is considered the single greatest battle of WWII.

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Corrine at said...

No direct relatives there, but my Dad and Uncle and FIL were in the service in WWII, only my FIL is still with us. Important lessons we should never forget. xox

Susan said...

I've been there when I was 19 and I was sooooo impressed. A lot of those guys who died there for our freedom where younger than me. It was a humble experience for me. My life was just starting (at last so I felt). The memorial and graveyard at Omaha beach are serene and beautiful. (And yes it did help that when we where there on a rainy day the sun broke through when we entered the graveyard)

The madness of the WWII or Hitler is found at the german graveyards and the whole normandy coastline.
The german boys burried on the graveyard I've been, well I think 90% or more where younger than me at that time. A lot where even younger than 17, it just makes you think.
"Always think for yourself. Question the things your told!"
Second at the Normandy coastline are hunderds of bunkers. And they are still standing strong. The germans weren't planning on leaving, not ever.

I've been back in Normandy years later and it was still really impressive. Just the magnitude of the whole operation and it's just such a small part of the whole war. Let's hope we don't ever get a WWIII

see you there! said...

That is a great poster, I really like the graphics. My Dad was in WWII but served in the Pacific.


Kristin said...

Oh, what a wonderful visual! This poster is just amazing and I love that you paid tribute in this way.
Thank you too for playing along with the Summer of Color - I am SO excited to see you there!
(AND I loved my comment from you - thank you!) xoxo

Dianne said...

I am impressed with the quality of art work found on the posters of this time...really beautiful. Great choice for honoring D-Day! We are so fortunate to have brave and dedicated service men and women who answer the call to defend and protect.