Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Around the World with Voodoo Vixen (Annette)

Today we're having tea with my dear internet friend Annette.  It's late afternoon where she is, so we'll have afternoon tea with her today, although it's early-morning-nightime here.

Now I need to tell you a bit about Annette.  If you wonder where she got her nickname Voodoo Vixen, I suspect you'll see when you visit her blog, Scrap Happens Here.  Some of you may remember a Tuesday Tea in April of this year, where I shared my birthday gifts opened at the Chinese restaurant.  That big box of goodies came from Annette.  She always goes above and beyond.  Her heart is pure gold, too.  Although we've never met in person, I feel a real kinship to her.

I first "met" Annette through What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday (WOYWW) as she was just getting ready to leave Saudi Arabia for Canada.  I followed her adventures, first in Saudi Arabia, then on to Canada, then back to Scotland (her family home) where she waited to join her hubby because her cats had to be quarantined before arriving in Australia.  So, to say I've been around the world with Annette is no understatement.

This is a homage to Annette.  The moose key chain was a joke when she thought a moose was a bear and I corrected her on her blog.  After that, it became a running joke with us.  To retaliate reciprocate, she sent me this lovely moose that has the "Canada" engraved on the back.  She also sent this lovely Heather tea from Edinburgh.  For those of us who are geographically challenged, Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland.  According to Wikipedia, the climate is one I would appreciate.  It rarely freezes and temperatures are mild in summer (in the mid to upper 60s F or 19 C or less)

The tea bag holder was also a gift from Annette.  Did I not mention her generosity? Very, very British.

The tea is heather, a Scottish symbol. 
Note also that the box shows these are "tagged and enveloped teabags" from the slopes of the Highlands.  The web site stated the tea has a sweet aftertaste, and I agree.  Although I love my tea dark and strong, there was NOTHING BITTER about this tea.

Possibly the real reason for this post, is a lovely ATC Annette sent me celebrating WOYWW's fourth anniversary.  You can see the envelope I received.

I love my cup.  It doesn't hold more water, but it's wider and I can get so many artsy goodies inside it while you, the reader can still see everything.

But we are really here to talk about this lovely package from Annette.

As my tea steeped, I had time to inspect this beautiful ATC.  Not only is Annette a scrapbooker, she's also a stamper.  And, she even made the little envie for the ATC.

Maybe you can get a better view of it, now, as well as how the tea is swirling in the cup as it steeps.

Isn't it a lovely gift?  I really love it, and appreciate how sturdy it is (heavy board of some type).

But now the tea has steeped for five minutes and I must put my beautiful ATC away before I remove the tea bag to the holder.  After all, I'm a real klutz when it comes to liquids.

The first time I had this tea, I remember reading on the box that you should use this tea with milk to taste.  Since I don't have any milk, half and half will have to do (grin).  Perhaps that's why I love this tea so much.

Thanks again Annette for the ATC, the wonderful memories, and the fun we have over tea.  Maybe you would consider joining us today.  You could show off your new craft room in Australia (hint, hint).

If you want to join me today, please leave your link and the Tuesday Tea folks will flock to your blog.

9 thoughtful remarks:

Halle said...

Such lovely gifts! Enjoy the day!

~*~Patty S said...

What fun getting to meeting your special friend over tea...enjoyed reading your post and Annette's adventures sound fabulous!

We will be visiting Edinburgh on our travels...already wish it were for more than a few days...

this will be my last T Tuesday for awhile as we enjoy our travels to the UK...

I'll miss you and will look forward to checking back in at the end of the month
p.s. Happy June ♥

see you there! said...

Always fun to have a new tea to try. I like the ATC and I also like you tea bag holder.


Marilyn Rock said...

Your words make me feel like I'm right there with you! Love your gifts - enjoy!

Happy you and yours are safe and well.

xxoo Marilyn

Caterina Giglio said...

a wonderful post and beautiful tribute to a friend... makes me smile wide... xx

Corrine at sparkledaysstudio.com said...

What beautiful gifts from your friend....xox

Rita said...

What delightful gifts! (Love you two and the moose/bear thing.) Aren't bloggers the best!! :)

voodoo vixen said...

See, your British heritage shows... you used a proper cup with your tea! Thank you so much for your very kind words... you are the sort of person it is a pleasure to treat with odd stuff on occasion. Could do with a nice cup of tea now... wish I was there sharing it with you!!

Divers and Sundry said...

i love the shape of that cup. what a treat that gift is!