Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Remembering on Tea Tuesday

Some of you may remember I took care of my friend Sally's sick cat while she was away.

You may have even seen where I documented it on my monthly calendar.  The reason I show this is because I am remembering Sally's cat, Kathy Lee, who was several years younger than Bleubeard.  I think she was about six or seven.  Kathy Lee had been sick for a long time.  The vet couldn't figure out what was wrong with her, so threw lots of expensive tests and medicines at her.

Nothing helped, so Sally decided it was time to say good-bye to Kathy Lee.  The vet took care of the shot while Sally held her.  Then the vet removed her and they cremated her.  Today Sally and I went to pick up the box of ashes that was all that was left of Kathy Lee.  I went with Sally because this was a very traumatic experience for her.  After we returned home, we sat at Sally's and remembered funny, joyous, and quirky things about this beloved family member.

Those of you who are frequent visitors to my blog may remember what my garden looked like last year.  I can only hope for as bountiful an herb harvest this year.

I remembered I had put out the word to all my friends for any pots they might have.  When I got home, I found all these black pots on my doorstep.  I quickly took them to the garden, then went inside to make some hot chocolate.  I knew I needed to clean up the area where the pots had sat for two previous years, but I wasn't expecting the overwhelming heat.  From early morning when I returned to Sally's it had gotten quite hot.  I was shocked, but had already planned to have hot chocolate today.  Maybe you can see the Christmas tree mug on the fence.

OK, is this a better photo?

Maybe now?

Looks like I now only need soil and more cardboard or newspapers to finish this herb garden I hope flourishes as well as the one I remember from last year.

What did you remember today?  Did you remember to drink something fun?  If so, I hope you'll leave a link, so all my Tea Tuesday friends and I can drop by for a visit.

8 thoughtful remarks:

Yvonne said...

Love herb gardens and I'm sure you will have good luck this year. I'm not drinking as much tea these days, have sort of switched to coffee, which I never drank much of before. But I still enjoy everyones tea day posts.

Halle said...

I love having fresh herbs. They can make a bland, boring recipe sing.
I'm enjoying a beer in my 98° heat. Remembering the sleet...oh yeah...that was just 3 days ago. GRRRR. MN weather isn't for the feint of heart.

Rita said...

I hope your herbs grow as well this year for you. We went from too chilly to crack a window to 93 degrees yesterday and 85 today! Awk!! too hot for this northern girl. :)

So sorry about the beloved kitty.

Divers and Sundry said...

i'm sorry about your friend's cat. it's such a shame when there's just nothing else to be done.

i love your potted herbs. i have some small plans in that direction but haven't gotten to it yet.

your tree mug is great any time of the year. i had coffee: http://divers-and-sundry.blogspot.com/2013/05/coffee-with-peet.html

voodoo vixen said...

I am so glad that Sally had company for the dreaded one way journey for her furbaby, it is so sad to lose them but lovely that you could both sit and remember the good times.
Hope your herb flourishes for you, you have enough pots now! ;)

~*~Patty S said...

So nice you could be there for Sally at such a sad and traumatic time...you are a good friend and remembering good times is a good thing!

Herbs are one of my favorite things too...too bad we don't live closer or I could share some of my Lemon Thyme which is taking up a little too much real estate in my herb box so I had to pull some clumps out.
Marjoram is one of my favorite herbs...
Looking forward to seeing your garden grow E!
p.s. we are having a hot flash here in VA too...yesterday you needed a jacket today flipflops (if I wore them)

Kim Andersen said...

I'm so sorry about Sally's cat. That can be a very traumatic experience .... it's good that she has a friend like you to help her through it. Your hot chocoalate looks yummy - it's also good with ice and whirred in a blender on a hot day - maybe next time :)

Dianne said...

made me smile to see your cup with Christmas trees on it. I use my 'snowman mug' and my 'Santa mug' year-round! good luck with your herbs...hope they are bountiful!