Saturday, May 25, 2013

No art, but a colorful day out and about

I can't even begin to get motivated to make art.  I finished my WOYWW ATCs and my ARC entry, and now I'm in limbo.  It's not a fun place to be unless you decide to talk your neighbor into leaving her house.

And leave she did!  I first talked her into going to Thai Binh, a Thai market in a shopping center near our neighborhood.

I could hardly wait to get inside and start taking photos.  What fun to see all that color.  It was quite inspirational, in an Asian sort of way.

Fruit, rice, and hanging lanterns made for a colorful shot.

Panning right showed more of the same.  Every inch of this market was used.

Jack fruit in front (right) and other oddities were sold by the pound.

One of the things I came for was spring roll sauce.  I'm a sauce junkie and love the brand I buy.

I can never pass up the opportunity to take photos of all these fans.  I wonder if anyone ever buys them.

The other thing I came for was cream crackers.  These crackers are hard to describe, but they are flaky, with the texture of a Ritz, and are creamy as the name implies, not salty.  They are to die for.

Of course, I couldn't leave this store before I took a photo of all the tea choices.  Thankfully, I have more tea than I'll drink in my lifetime, so I wasn't even tempted.

I tried to get photos of the art,

but there was too much glare from the overhead fluorescent lights.  I managed to get lots of pictures of rice, though!

On our way out, we saw this box of something live.  At first, I thought they were lobsters, but then I wasn't sure.  They were trying to escape the box, though.

Next, Sally suggested we go to Merle's, a sports bar and restaurant located downtown.  Not much of a glamor shot, but I decided what you saw was what you got.  Thankfully my overall opinion of my first time at this place was not contingent on the outside view.

Like with most places that have TVs, this place was very dimly lit.  I somehow managed this view above our table, only because I am so in love with Route 66.

Sally, on the other hand was quite fuzzy.

Although I got no photos, Sally got a Ruben sandwich, chips, and a pickle, while I got a huge heated veggie and three cheese sandwich, a garden salad, and a pickle.  Ate it all.  Loved it, too.   

More adventures coming up.  Have a super weekend and be sure to visit Sunday when I interview a surprise guest artist.

12 thoughtful remarks:

Corrine at said...

What a fantastic market, I so enjoyed all the colors paper lanterns and fans hanging from the ceiling....xox

Divers and Sundry said...

oh, what a beautiful shop! so light and bright! i would find it hard to leave, and hard to leave without buying pretties.

Dandelion and Daisy said...

Very exotic market, it's like a mini trip to Thailand where the food is not sold in such a pristine environment! Have a great weekend.

Monica said...

the creatures looked like crawfish but i suspect where probably a scorpion of some sort

see you there! said...

I like going to the local Asian markets. So many things I buy there and so many I have yet to try. The produce is always so fresh and they have a good selection. I would love to have been along on your trip.


voodoo vixen said...

Can I come and visit? I love that supermarket! The fan shot is fab... you must be inspired to make something oriental now!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

The Asian market looks as big as our local supermarket--although much more colorful. Wish we had something similar near us! We do, however, have plenty of dark, not so appealing on the outside eateries!

Halle said...

WOW!! What a cool market!! We are to far out of the city to have anything like that. I'd love to visit a market such as that sometime. Lucky girl.
I think those things were crawfish or crawdads depending on what part of the country you were raised in. We say crawdads here in MN although we don't have many around.

Rita said...

What a nice, clean, bright grocery store. :)
Looks like you two had a great day--art or no art. ;)

Lisa Graham said...

This market is very close to us and just a block from my mom's house. It's fun to go in there. I think the live critters are crawdads. I love it when you go places in Wichita. So many times you go to places I have not been. I should start keeping a list of the places so that I can visit them too! Have a great weekend my local bloggy friend.

~*~Patty S said...

That looks like a great colorful place to shop ...
I have always wondered what Jack Fruit tastes like and wonder if those are crayfish that were trying to climb out of the box? nice and fresh ;)

another fun outing for you two!

~*~Patty S said...

That looks like a great colorful place to shop ...
I have always wondered what Jack Fruit tastes like and wonder if those are crayfish that were trying to climb out of the box? nice and fresh ;)

another fun outing for you two!