Thursday, April 4, 2013

Revamping a few unloved pages

Do you have scrapbook paper or book pages you don't like?  As a mixed media artist, you have the ability to change those pages.

Now I suspect most of you would not throw this scrapbook paper in the trash, but these colors are not exactly my favorite.  And I'm sure you have equally boring or unloved paper that you would like to revamp.  So today we are going to take those pages from boring to bold, or at least I hope to.  My supply list is small at the moment. All you need to begin this project are some unloved papers, tacky glue, and patience to begin.

I began by drawing a few doodles (and I'm NOT a doodler) using glue.

I thought this paper looked like bark, so I made some wood-like squiggles.  You always have to use your imagination around me, because I'm no good at drawing.

My friend Kathy gives me this paper.  She explains it's in her scrapbook papers she buys.  I'm not a scrapbooker, so I have no idea, but apparently when you buy packs of paper, this is the back sheet.  I know she has a lot of them, and she always gives them to me, because she doesn't want to deal with them, but she also doesn't want them landing in her trash bin.  Nothing too inventive here, just a few circles I drew with glue.

I thought it would be fun to alter a page from a dictionary, so here you see I've tried to make a few flowers.  Flowers and hearts are about the only things I can draw.

Now let the glue dry until it is clear.  I suggest overnight.

I tried using some of my mica sprays I made on Day 1, along with some distress ink that has a dabber, but every color ran into the next area.  Talk about disappointed!!!  This was NOT turning out the way I'd hoped.

Next, I tried using the same distress ink again, but once again it just pooled on the page.

You can see the mess I have, even after the ink has dried. 

That's when I decided to rethink this technique.  I decided to paint the ink on the pages, rather than misting it on.

Of course, I had to tip the bottle of pink over onto my table, as you can see by the dark puddle  in front of the pink spray.  Waste not, want not, I decided, so I grabbed the page with circles and managed to clean up as much as possible using my brush.

Then I used the rest of the circle page as a mop.  Any ink that pooled on the dictionary page went onto the circle page.  I had just enough ink to cover the entire circle page.  I'm not sure you can see the resist on either of these pages, but I can see it.  Sadly, the resist didn't act as a barrier for the ink on the dictionary page, and it continued to spread. 

Today, Day 4 of my quest to go green, I showed how to revamp a few pages you may not have loved.  I'm sure these will find their way into mixed media art later.  It never hurts to have a few altered pages made ahead of time for when the spirit moves you.  And remember, not all projects work out as you hope.  But don't be afraid to experiment because that will make you a better artist and an honest blogger.

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Monica said...

My paper stash is low though getting larger and I scan all those bought pages of paper. Changing them with paint is another option and you can use paper as a paint by making up pages from scrap.

see you there! said...

If I figured this out right the glue was supposed to be a resist, right? It seems like it dissolved when the wet medium was applied. Try the technique with rubber cement - then when everything is dry you can just rub/peel the rubber cement off.

Oh heck, I'm sure you knew this. Who am I talking to? Hahaha.


Halle said...

Totally love the dictionary page!

Caterina Giglio said...

oh i totally agree, tying out new things in the studio is wonderful, experimentation is our true work... x

Anonymous said...

Great experimentation Elizabeth and it's always good to use it up - I am trying to either do that or give it away. Always an inspiration to visit you! xox

Jo Murray said...

The great thing about mixed media is that nothing is wasted... AND you can turn accidents into art.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I think I'll give this one a try using a glaze...maybe that will have enough body to not run into the other spots. We'll see!

Marilyn Rock said...


~*~Patty S said...

Are you by chance the person that coined the phrase "flopportunity" ?

This project may fall under that category ;)

shame about spilling your ink but look at all of those pretty papers!

I am trying to "resist" getting out my glue LOL

Dianne said...

I had a similar problem when I tried this technique. the glue gets too wet and softens. I guess with glue as a resist you need to work quickly and sparingly with the wet paint or ink! I think your end results show a lot of possibilities for further experimentation! I actually really like the circle page that you used the leftover ink on! have fun...