Friday, April 19, 2013

Quiltlets for Day 19

Some of you may remember this from my Artful Readers Club entry for March.  By the way, if you haven't already, please leave nothing more than a comment on THIS POST (takes you to a new screen) if you want to win the book "Layered, Tattered, and Stitched" by Ruth Rae.

While making the cover, I confessed to the ARC readers it was my second one, because I had not measured properly the first time.  I had a leftover cover that was, as I put it, "big enough for an elephant to live in, so I had to save it for a different project."  Well, today is the day for that project.  I reworked the cover into two quiltlets and still had a large strip left over.

For the first one, I once again used tyvek, this time colored and stamped.  I also used a piece of leftover felt I had dyed during the time I made the second book cover.  To that, I added lace and

a hidden message.  Also, if you recall, I have no feed dogs on my machine, so this was a bit of a challenge, both with the hearts and the word "Love."

I was unable to scan the second quiltlet because of all the dimensional pieces I attached.  I not only recycled the quiltlet, I recycled an old paint brush, which I hated to give up, since it had been a favorite,

a definitely dead tube of E-6000, a pencil that had seen better days,

and a cute little "paint pallet" that had once been a jewelry item.   

I know my camera SUCKS, but I hope you can tell I printed the words "Tools of the Trade" on my computer after

I was unable to get a good stamped image on felt.  And before you laugh, that is supposed to be a paint pallet.  Have I not mentioned on more than one occasion I can't draw???   As before, the stamp is supposed to read "Handmade by Bleubeard and E."  The backs may not look the best, but I'm quite pleased with both the fronts.

For Day 19, I recycled fabric and felt from a failed project, tyvek, an old paintbrush, an empty tube of E-6000, a broken piece of jewelry, and a pencil. 

7 thoughtful remarks:

elle said...

tools of the trade is pretty cool, Elizabeth!

Karen said...

Your very clever, i really enjoy reading your blog and seeing all the things you try, very cool :)

Anonymous said...

Great quilt lets, love the used E6000 tube and brushes and palette.....But the pink heart is the best!!! xox

Halle said...

Awesome job on these. I love the flip-up LOVE...with the extra message.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Fun quiltlet!

Dianne said...

not sure if I could even sew this without feed dogs on the machine...well done you! they are lovely!

~*~Patty S said...

Love Conquers All says it all dear Elizabeth ... you make me want to play with Tyvek and paints and stamping and more!
Wishing you a peaceful and lovely pre birthday weekend!