Thursday, March 21, 2013

Does anyone see a theme here?

My neighbor Sally and I made a pact to eat out at least twice each month.  This gets both of us out of the house, takes us to various neighborhoods we might not normally visit, and forces both of us to be social in ways we can't be on our computers.  We have set this twice to three times a month limit because Sally's disposable income is a LOT MORE DISPOSABLE than mine.  Some of you may recall I was unable to post during most of January and February, so here are a few scenes of what you missed while we were out and about.

 Back in late January or early February, we went to Margarita's which is located downtown in my city.  Lots of people go here, especially on Saturday, the day of the week we went.

I remembered to take a photo of the entrance and

 a photo of this very dark establishment as we were seated.

However, I nearly forgot to take a photo of what I ate.  The dish I love is Chile Rellenos.  One of these days I'll make some, but they take forever to make, require lots of patience, and involve many steps.  So for now, I prefer to enjoy them in a restaurant.

Sally had a combo plate that wouldn't fit on a single platter.  Here she's got three still filled with lots of food when I got around to taking the photo.

Mid-February, Sally and I visited another Mexican Restaurant, this one called La Chinita.  It is in the north central part of town.

Not only did I forget to get a photo of the outside of this free standing restaurant (not part of a strip mall), I also nearly forgot to take photos of the Chiles before I had consumed everything.

Sally had a combo platter and was nearly finished by the time I remembered to take photos.  Sadly, everyone eats a LOT faster than I.

But eventually, I turned the full plate into nothing more than two chile stems.

As we paid, I took a photo of one of the murals.  Guess that said it all!!

Then this last Tuesday, Sally and I went to a restaurant on the west central side of town.  It was in a strip mall.

Sally waited patiently while I took a couple of photos, being ever so careful as to keep my image out of the reflections from all that glass.

Once again, I knew exactly what I wanted, while Sally chose between/among several combination platters.

These were the best looking Chiles I have gotten, but they didn't remove any of the seeds from the chiles, and that is a no-no in my estimation.  They also explained they normally add some nasty (my word, not theirs) red mole sauce, which I asked to be left off.

I thought Sally's plate looked rather all jumbled together even before she started eating and was glad I turned down that red sauce that was on something of Sally's.

However, I thought the art work on the walls was unique.  There were several ink drawings, but I only got a photo of this one.

So, does anyone see a theme to this post?  If you are thinking Mexican restaurants, you are right!!  Do you have a favorite Mexican meal or restaurant?

11 thoughtful remarks:

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Hey I am with you two. Mexican and Margaritas? How can you go wrong. LOL

sandee said...

I see a Mexican theme going on! Looks so yummy and now I am hungry!! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

Rebeca Trevino said...

sounds like 2 spicy girls . . . what fun! mexican food and margaritas: the answer to everything.

good job girls!

Halle said...

We have an authentic Mexican restaurant in town. It's a favorite of ours as well. We usually get takeout though. :)

Divers and Sundry said...

ooo mexican! now i'm hungry lol. we have several authentic mexican places and some not-so-authentic (but since i don't really know the difference, they all taste good to me).

~*~Patty S said...

You have a lot of cool places to choose from in your are E...

I enjoy corn tamales but am not much of a spicy food fan so lots of sauces do not interest me either

I do like guacamole :)

have a nice weekend!

Dianne said...

I was salivating when I saw all the yummy Mexican food! good times and good food...sorry I haven't visited in a while. was in the hospital overnight for severe vertigo. feeling better now and taking it easy. missed visiting my blogging buddies!

voodoo vixen said...

You look like you had some fun in all those Mexican restaurants E!! Don't think we have Mexican restaurants in Scotland... can't imagine why!! LOL
I arrived in Brisbane this morning!! Yay! Now in warm sunshine and awake in the middle of the night... LOL

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I haven't been to a Mexican restaurant except (gulp) Taco Bell in ages. Mexican food always tastes better than it looks to me, LOL! Tonight we are doing Greek at a local restaurant.

Julia Dunnit said...

Mexican restaurants are in abundance over here....but I love Mexican really I do. Having said that, I've never seen your chilli dish before..are they battered and fried? Wow, yum. I expect you can eat around the world really...I think I'd be pushed to choose my favourite 'foreign' food..and then, well, as a non veggie, a plain old steak is pretty high up there for me too! Love that youre getting out and about., it must be fun planning your next treat trip!

Anonymous said...

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