Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A poinsettia with tea

Can you believe this is the same dining room table I showed two Tuesdays ago?

So what happened to the tree with the angel on top?

I moved it to the sewing machine in my front window.  In years past, it has graced the table you see on the left.  But of course, I wanted to change things a bit this year.

Little did I know the last of my dear out of town Thanksgiving holiday guests would shower me with this gorgeous beauty.  I could barely believe it when I saw it.  I was delighted beyond belief. And after two weeks, it has only lost two leaves!

As for my drink of the day, I am enjoying some extra rich egg nog, to which I've added some freshly ground nutmeg (possibly not as ground as it should have been).  Tip: buy a no-frills coffee grinder and dedicate it to grinding your whole spices.  They taste so much fresher and are less expensive, too.

Egg nog is my pure indulgence.  It's probably a good thing you can only get it between Thanksgiving and the new year, or I would gain even more weight than I normally do over the holidays.

Please join my tea Tuesday friends as we celebrate a host of different drinks today!

18 thoughtful remarks:

elle said...

Eggnog is indeed a delicious treat!

Caterina Giglio said...

your poinsettia looks so pretty there, and so festive on tea day, so nice to have thoughtful guests during the holidays... you so deserve it! xx

Susan said...

Hi Elizabeth,

I've never had eggnog. I don't think I can buy it around here.
More important: You've won my give-away. So can you send me your postadress?? I know you have problems with email but maybe you could make a google mail account (gmail.com) it works fine for me:)

Love Susan

Stephanie Corder said...

Beautiful Christmas decor! I need to blog mine too.....soon ;)
I love egg nog too, in fact, I designed a new whoopee pie around it!

~*~Patty S said...

Pretty Poinsettia E in your lovely room!!! Years ago I had one that stayed until Easter which was too long in my view LOL

Enjoy this time of eggnog and treats...time passes so quickly!

I agree with what you said about giving street musicians $ we do that whenever we can too AND I never pass up children selling lemonade either :)
In the bird ornament swap you commented on at my Magpie's Nest, each bird was wrapped and put in a brown bag. Numbers were randomly chosen and that is how you knew when it was your turn to pick a bag :) = Fun and those gals are so creative!
Happy T to ya ...can you believe in two more Tuesdays it will be Christmas Day = WHAT!!!

Monica said...

That is a lovely gift and the red ones are so joyful.

Susan said...

Hi again,

I think I've managed to get my email in the blog. under the content about me. If you go there, there should be an option to email me on the left side of the screen.
Did the dog waggle (like a really drunk person would) or is there no alcohol in eggnug? I might make it the second day of Christmas when my parents in law (it that how you write it?) come to visit us. Love Susan

kimmie said...

Your poinsettia is beautiful .... You must be doing something right!!

We drink lots of eggnog this time of year too. I have yet to find a good homemade recipe though - I think I would save some money if I made it myself!

Julia Dunnit said...

Doesnt that red beauty set off the beauty of your patinad tableso beautifully. I can't comment on the egg nog, just thinking of it makes me unsteady...it's a texture thing, can't swallow it!!! I like the new location for the tree, a welcome in the window.

Dianne said...

beautiful poinsettia! hope your week is warm and cozy...

Halle said...

I was wondering if that was eggnog! I LOVE eggnog!!! So does Little J. It's our special treat at Christmas.

*jean* said...

beautiful poinsettia! always makes me think of my dear mother...she always has one in the house for the holidays...xo

Rita said...

What a beautiful poinsettia!! Lovely gift.
Eggnog! Is it time for eggnog? You betcha! Enjoy!! :)

Marilyn Rock said...

A beautiful setting indeed! I hope your holidays are filled with good health, peace, and joy!

Love ya - Marilyn

Corrine at sparkledaysstudio.com said...

Pointsettia is gorgeous. Nothing says Christmas like this flower. Thoughtful guest. The house is looking quite festive and lovely. Enjoy your Nog! xox

Susan said...

Ahhhh I haven't read your comment propperly. The dog almost got the eggnug. So you were in time to save him from a lot of embarresment :).

Love Susan

see you there! said...

Your poinsettia is gorgeous. What a thoughtful gift from you guest. Your tree looks quite happy on the sewing machine so it wall worked out well.


505whimsygirl said...

Hi Elizabeth,

Love eggnog! Your glass is beautiful too (and the coaster). I love the display you have on your wall -- different baskets? At first I thought one of them was a snowshoe!

The pointsettia is beautiful!