Thursday, November 1, 2012

Reliving Halloween

Today is Day 2 of AEDM, although it's posted on November 1.  Here's the deal.  Leah, of Creative Every Day lives somewhere on the east coast.  If unlike me, you can see the clocks (I wrote about here) on my right sidebar, her time zone is "Washington."   She posts each morning at midnight her time, which means if I want to participate, I need to post before 11 pm the evening before (just like I must post early with WOYWW). So for the remainder of this month, I will be posting at night, rather than the following morning as I normally do.  As with yesterday (and the past week), I still can't leave comments on any Blogger embedded comment box.

Yesterday I visited a shop in my neighborhood that collected clothing for Breast Cancer survivors.  Since it was the last day to bring these in, I knew I had to visit, or forget it.  I went through my things and found a few of my own clothes, and several my friend Sally has given me.  Granted, Sally weighs about 2 1/2 times more than me, but I use some of her old clothes in my art.  Rather than tear good clothing up (and Sally has some very nice clothing) to make art, I decided to bag everything up and take it to Connie's.

This is a great shop, and I love all the Halloween goodies she had on display.  I'll let you see all this eye candy unobstructed by my chatter.

I can't believe I didn't take a photo of the basket (barely showing) on the end of the table set up to add clothes for the drive.  I had not added my bag when I took this photo.

Again, you can barely see the green container the store manager told me they emptied every day.  What an awesome turnout they must have had.

Speaking of turnout, this is all that was left of nearly 100 Tootsie Pops

I blogged about on Tuesday and started with when the night began.  I had never seen so many children, but it was fitting, since I stepped outside around 7ish, during one of the lulls, and saw only one other light on in the neighborhood for as far as I could see.  After the first batch of children arrived, I remembered why I didn't pass out candy anymore.  It's been a long time and when I did give out candy in the past, it was usually those mini candy bars.  The kids would grab three or four before I could stop them.  The children who came this year were polite and only took one each, although originally I was telling them to take two of their choice.  What a difference this year.  Maybe it was the stems that did the trick, or maybe they were just more polite children.  I know I'll be doing this again next year, because I sure had fun seeing all the costumes and watching the children's faces light up.  One little girl tried to give me a piece of candy from her bag.  Her mother and I both laughed!

How did you spend YOUR Halloween?  Giving is so much fun (and very rewarding), whether it's candy to small children or clothes to cancer survivors. 

9 thoughtful remarks:

Dianne said...

what a fun looking shop! way cool stuff...and so glad you had a nice bunch of kids for trick-or-treat! good to hear that maybe manners are coming back 'in style!'

Marie Young (Young Creative) said...

Her displays are amazing! Halloween colors look especially great against the bright green. I could spend hours in that store.

Monica said...

Good trip. I hate cutting up clothes and do have a huge stash from sewing day though never just what I want

Mar said...

thanks for taking me to this shop! everyone is turning out well for the cause
i didn't get any children this year
i tried to hand out from the store even!
the mothers would tell the children to not try there
meaning me
i guess she didn't think where i am not a for childrens kind of store i wouldn't participate in candy
when the grandchildren came
i gave them the bucket of candy
so i would not eat it!

thanks for following me on my photo challenge
i enjoy seeing you visit!!

voodoo vixen said...

I love the look of the shop and all the Halloween goodies on display. Glad you managed to get your old clothes down there for the drive, did mine when I got home and emptied the warbrobes... figured if I hadn't worn them in two years I probably wouldn't ever!! LOL
I only got 3 little kids trick or treating.. its not big in our little village and it was raining... :(

JoZart said...

What fabulous Halloween displays in the shop and it's so good that it's all for such a good cause.
I've enjoyed a quick browse through a few of your posts whilst I'm waiting for Donna to arrive and the mayhem to begin. We'll have dinner then craft till we drop. Tomorrow we are going to victoria Stampers workshop... fun weekend and productive too.
Hope you and your family are all safe and sound and not having any overflow from the East coast super storm. I know you aren't near but it might be causing bad weather through the country etc, and you may well have family members in the area so stay safe, warm and well.
Love Jo x

~*~Patty S said...

Looks and sounds like a fun time E!

I am thinking kids seeing chocolate may have felt more grabby...I know I would LOL (says me a chocolate lover!)
and perhaps they were just more polite...I like the sounds of that too!

We went to the movies instead of waiting two hours for what had been just a trickle of kids in years past...not many people have their lights on and some yards have hills to climb so I think the enterprising kids stick to the main road with more candy ops ;)

Happy November (still wondering HOW it can be here already!)

Marilyn Rock said...

That shop looks like so much fun! I'm happy your Halloween was so much fun and loved all that you shared about it. Thank you.

My Halloween was very quiet; I live on a street with no sidewalks or lighting so as long as I've lived, here, I haven't had one trick-or-treater.

I did have fun visiting my grand daughter, Sophia, in her Minnie Mouse costume :) Today I met my new grand daughter Olivia. She was born, this morning, at 8:16. I will be sharing pictures of her on my Blog in future. xxoo

Corrine at said...

Cute shop, I love that raven Witch hazel...what fun displays. Glad your Hallowwen was delightful. We are down a dirt road so don't get visitors. xox