Sunday, October 28, 2012

(Some of) Elizabeth's STUDENTS homework and two of my ABs

This is wrong.  It is ALL wrong.  It started with me saying I had planned to show my students' homework, but has morphed into me complaining there is something wrong with Blogger, or maybe it is just MY Blogger.  I started this post last Monday, then my computer went down on Tuesday morning.  When I came back online yesterday, there was no search box at the top of my blog, and I couldn't find search boxes on any of the blogs I wanted to take photos from.  So what you see below is what I had on Monday.  I apologize because I wanted to get SO many photos, but my Linky links are gone, too.  I even created a "google approved" blogger search tool (see my left sidebar), but it won't load.  

But that was just the beginning.  One of the first things I noticed was my Followers were no longer showing.  I knew that was supposed to happen at some point, but I didn't think Blogger would remove all the photos, too.  Even the Linky blog followers are no longer showing, which should NOT have been affected by Blogger.  On the right sidebar, my clocks are gone, and my weather and Euro rates are missing.  

Of course, all those added fru-frus were of little importance to what was also happening. Now I can no longer load some of the blogs I visit, and those that WILL load, I can't leave comments on (that includes you, Dawn, with a message to you I can't seem to be able to leave).  Like a few months ago, the embedded comments have no comment box to leave a message, and this time, the pop-up boxes don't pop up.  This problem is ONLY ON BLOGGER, because I can leave comments on sites that are not under the Blogger/Google umbrella.  Am I alone?  Is this just affecting ME, or are you having trouble with your Blogger blog, too?

My usual sunny disposition and normally positive attitude have been tested to the limit and thrown for a loop.  I'm not sure what the problem is, but I am more than a little distressed about this problem Blogger has created for me and possibly others.  However, I am determined to keep my head above water, and show at least what LITTLE I was able to get prior to my computer and Blogger going haywire at the exact same time.

So here is what I had so far:

We started this AB journey way back in February of this year.  We talked about what makes a good altered book and what to avoid.  We learned there is only ONE rule in ABs and that is you MUST use a book with sewn pages.  Anything else and your book will soon fall apart.

After deciding on our theme, and deciding what supplies and glue we needed, we learned to remove pages from our books.  I showed two ways and the choice was the student's.  We also sectioned off pages to create a niche.

Here Annette (Voodoo Vixen) shows the book she chose and the pages she removed and sectioned.

Fairy Thoughts learned after she started removing pages, she had a First Edition.  She seemed to take it all in stride, although it bothered me this happened.

Debbie cut out about a third of her book, then sectioned off at least half for her niche.

Tuire also removed about one third of her book pages while saving a large section for her niche.

Our next task was to create a niche.

Helen had all the requisite tools to create hers.

Sandee not only waved hi from the hills, her mermaid also waved from her spot on Sandee's decorated niche.  And look at those primary colors she used!

Since BJ's niche was in the back of her book, she chose to decorate it with a winter scene.

Annette (Voodoo Vixen) had her niche finished early, even though it was a very deep one. I feel bad that she had to pack her unfinished AB due to her move to not just a different home, but a different country!

And even before it was covered, the cuts on Tuire's niche were perfect.

And sadly, that is as far as I got.  However, I do have a big surprise for you.  Before my internet problems, I scanned two of my books and scheduled posts to show the pages. They are now posted.  They are every page from:

my TIME altered book, which is here (the link opens in a new window)

and my  Money altered book, which you will find here (it also opens in a new window).

There are many, many techniques in these two books, and several that were not covered in the classes are explained.  However, if you are not a fan of magazine images (and some of you said that in your comments), you might be disappointed.  Also, all the embellishments were created using whatever I had on hand. 

Speaking of whatever I had on hand, some of you have indicated in your comments that you think I have a lot of supplies that many of you do not.  That is simply not the case.  I want to clear up that misconception.  In fact, I'm always looking for inexpensive alternatives to costly art supplies.  One example is to use Bingo dabbers instead of those pricey Tim Holtz dabbers.  My craft budget is sorely limited to what I can find at my Household Hazardous Waste Swap and Shop (free), at my favorite thrift store, in my neighbor's dumpster, at garage sales, or on the clearance table at Michael's or JoAnn's.  

I have been known to buy a few new items, though.  When I must buy something new, I reach for coupons and never EVER pay full price for anything. 

I have also been gifted with many art supplies over the years, not the least of which comes from my friend Kathy, who tires of scrapbook paper and other items and passes them on to me.  That's how I got all the color washes you will see in my MONEY AB.  Even though she lives in a different city, she still shares her die cut machine and other tools and toys.

Additionally, I have three friends who save their junk mail, old postage stamps, ribbon, buttons, thread, and items they would normally send to the trash.  My friend and neighbor Sally has gifted me with many paper products, as well as used sheets and other fabric.

Don't ever be afraid to ask friends and family for items from their junk drawer.  After all, everyone I know has at least one!

I hope that has laid your concerns over supplies to rest.    When I first started this class, I told you to use what you had on hand.  Don't try to replicate what I make, because that stifles creativity.  I'm not that guy or gal who is trying to sell you anything.  I never recommend or require you use a certain product.  I show the supplies and process(es) I use, then expect you to modify it/them to fit what tools and supplies you have on hand.

And finally, other than BJ (and possibly Debbie) whose book is full, and chomping at the bit to finish her AB, I would ask each of you who has contributed even ONE lesson after Lesson 3, please leave me a comment, providing you are able to do so, and I will visit IF and when Blogger decides to cooperate, and try to find your lesson(s) you participated in.  If enough people leave a comment (again, providing I am the only person who can't leave comments) letting me know which lesson(s) they participated in, I will add an extra week, which will give you time to work on more pages (sorry BJ) and give me the chance to show your work.  It would be a shame if I missed anyone, such as Elle and Dawn, who I know have kept up with their ABs, although I show none of their work above.  It would also be a shame to not share all the beauty and creativity so many of you have shown.

I would like to thank each of you for your participation, whether it was just reading these lessons, leaving a comment, or completing a homework assignment (or all).  You have made me proud.  I hope each of you can take something positive away from this class, because it's been fun seeing what each of you has created and how your books have grown.  Thank you again.

Now, please visit either my MONEY AB, or my Time AB, or both.

20 thoughtful remarks:

Corrine at said...

Sorry blogger is giving you fits. Your AB progress was so fun to follow along and see what new lessons were coming from your studio. Hope it works out with the computer woes....xox

Helen said...

Whilst my participation in your lessons fell by the wayside a lot of lessons ago, I have still been reading them and one day will finish an AB so thank you for the time and effort - huge effort - you have gone to, to run this online course. I am sorry you are still having blogger problems though. I don't seem to be....

Susan said...

Hi Elizabeth,
I'm still reading your blog a couple of times a week, but my work on my AB is slow slow slow. I'm still working on the folded pages. But progress is there and I will be blogging about it this week.
I hope the blogger problems are solved soon.

Love Susan

MadBirdDesignsUK said...

Try using a different browser from your normal one. If you use google crome go to firefox or safari. All these computer problems are just a big pain in the butt, sorry you are having so much trouble. Joan

Dawn said...

OMG Elizabeth, you poor love, how frustrating and downright bloody annoying for you sweetie. To be honest the only problems I have had with blogger is when my internet connection is very poor and the comment boxes will not load but I can imagine how peed off I would be if it ever played up any more!! I am hoping to post a few more pages soon, I've been playing and having lots of fun, tee hee you may even get to see my niche!!
If there is anyway you could e-mail me it would be great to hear from you my lovely (, fingers crossed your PC sorts itself out soon, have missed you this last few days x x x x

Halle said...

Computer issues are a pain. Glad you were able to show some of your students photos nonetheless.

Dianne said...

So sorry do seem to have more than your share of computer woes! but an excellent post nevertheless, and maybe breaking it all up in several shorter posts is not a bad thing. This is very well done, shows beautiful work, and is very inspiring! (well done to E's students--brilliant work!) Hope some of the suggestions (for getting around your computer problems) from your blogging buddies will help. sadly, I am completely un-helpful in that regard. maybe time to call in your computer friend to figure things out? now I'm off to look at your additional pages with TIME and MONEY ABs. thank you for your efforts to motivate us to create!

Rebeca Trevino said...

great post! sorry about your computer / blogger problems, i have not had any similar issues, but i have been away from the computer for a few days. your students work was terrific.

BUT i love love love your MONEY BOOK! what fun i had going through it page by page. so creative! so much work! such fun!

i only had enough time to go through one, i am off to the flea market to search for more 'obtainium' art supplies, but i will be back later this evening to check out "TIME" i know it won't disappoint.
E- you are amazing!

. . . later

voodoo vixen said...

Blogger appears to be playing quite nicely at the moment (which is bound to change now that i have actually said it)!! I can imagine your frustration at not being able to do the post the way you wish. Seeing pics of my niche has made me want to go hunting in the last batch of boxes... because my AB is in there somewhere!!

voodoo vixen said...

Oh I forgot... your clocks are still there and so is the search thingy... so not sure why you can't see them!

voodoo vixen said...

and the linky bits are under the classes... so maybe it is a sign of your pc probs and not anything to do with blogger? LOL

sandee said...

I hate to say this Elizabeth, but I think it's the computer, not blogger, 'cause your blog looks fine, including the side bars...which browser are you using? Maybe changing browsers would help? Not a computer geek, so I'm just suggesting. You can find all my AB pages under the tab that runs across the top of my page :) I enjoyed all the AB lessons before I had my melt down, lol One day I will finish it up! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I will echo the above posters and say that your blog looks good (i.e. the same) to me. The clocks & money exchange, the lessons, & followers are all there. Sometimes when I go to older posts the linky tool is there, but not the individual links for the blogs that linked up. I click on the linky tool & it brings me to a page with the links--hope that makes sense.

I enjoyed this post and will be heading over to enjoy both of your scanned ABs! It seems I have a few more pages than I thought, but since the book is so so fat already, I may just remove some more of them.

Rita said...

I've just been a reader and not a participant in the classes, but I love your blog. I am so sorry you have had all this trouble with blogger/google. I haven't had as much yet. But have noticed that on occasion none of my reading list shows up of all the blogs I follow and it says I have none. I've been having people's blog posts show up days later and I miss them because of that. Sometimes my comments won't post and nothing happens at all when I try to publish a comment. I have to copy my comment, go out of the blog and back in and paste it in again to try again and most of the time that works. If it doesn't work the second attempt--I move on.

I really wonder what is going to happen with blogger? I foresee a lot of problems in my future and having to figure out new ways to use blogland. :( :(

elle said...

Yes, you are looking good, Elizabeth. You have gone above a beyond any expectations I've had for this class and I did do just about everything and certainly everything I wanted to do. I need to now go through and get everything to play nicely together and tie it all together and do the cover. It's been wonderful and I am so very grateful for all you have done. Thanks. Seeing all the other work has been so helpful and inspiring as well. Bless you!

Carolyn Dube said...

Blogger needs a time out for behaving this way! You share your creativity so generously and the pieces to day you are sharing are fabulous!

see you there! said...

Elizabeth, it sounds like a blog mess and very frustrating. I just wanted to let you know I can leave a message here. I also want to say how much I enjoyed the AB tutorials, even though I didn't participate and make an AB. All the things you discussed can be used in mixed media works too.

Thank you so much!


BJ said...

Oh can I still comment even if I am champing at the bit to get my cover done - LOL. No honestly I have enough other things to keep me busy and will await the last installment patiently. Hope you don't mind, but with all your computer problems, I have passed on your addy to Dawn. I knew she was asking for it and hope you don't mind. I posted you a little thank you parcel today but it could take a week to get there - who knows, best keep a look out. Thanks again for the course. - BJ

~*~Patty S said...

so frustrating when things aren't working like they should...hope it is all better very soon E

Thank you for your good wishes as we ride out Hurricane Sandy here in Northern Virginia

Thank you for sharing so much great altered book remains one of my favorite mixed media things!

elle said...

oh, bother. I needn't have done the cover just yet! lol It is always good to rererad the directions. sorry. But I forgot all about my niche so maybe I could go back and finish it as it is in a different book. Instead of the cover, ya know? ;^)