Saturday, July 7, 2012

An update from the garden

I shot a few photos before I left with my friends to go to the lake. The "Lake" is actually a private pond built by my friends Jan and Jim. They have a beautiful house in the country on a large plot of land, to which they dug a large (nearly six acre) pond late last year. Originally a few of us from grad school had planned to get together over Memorial Day, but one of Jim's children got sick and had to be hospitalized, which put a damper on the get-together.

I tell you all this because I forgot my camera when I went to their home. I packed extra batteries, as well as my charger, but for some reason, the camera didn't make it into my "go bag." So all I have are memories of this wonderful vacation, where we saw a gorgeous moon, shot fireworks over the "lake," swam, and cooled off in the air conditioned house, all the while being fed primarily vegetarian meals that would make your mouth water.

Right before I left, I took photos of my veggie garden, just in case my neighbor didn't water the plants.

Look at those eggplant plants.

They were starting to get big and have a few flowers on them.

Some of the herbs (in the pots) didn't recover from the hail storm a month ago, while others had taken off.

Here is what I returned to. Of course, I had to cut the grass and edge the driveway, but

you can see my herbs are thriving, as is the cantaloupe vine with its pretty yellow flowers.

Did you notice I even swept the drive and got rid of the weeds growing in the cracks?

I couldn't believe how much the tomato plants had grown, although there are still only little yellow flowers and no fruit in sight.

The eggplant has taken over the garden and a few

of the herbs are starting to pop out of the soil (in the pots, that is).

Even the tomato I thought was dead is coming back, although it is being overwhelmed by the cantaloupe vine.

All in all, I would say

the garden is thriving and my neighbor did a great job of keeping it healthy for four days. I expect a harvest any day now!

On the other hand, my front garden looks dead. All the heat and no water has turned it into crispy foliage. Except for that single rose, my fourth bloom of the year, this part of the garden is not thriving. I don't water the front garden. My philosophy is, if it grows, fine, if not, it wasn't meant to be there.

Yes, I've removed the American flags. It's now time to return to business as usual, or as usual as one can get in this 100 plus degree weather.

How is your garden doing? Are you like much of the country and experiencing this intense heat, too, or are you like some of my friends on the west coast who are hoping for warmer weather?

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9 thoughtful remarks:

Diana said...

We are in the 100+ club also, here in Memphis. Like yours, my front yard is toast -- literally. My vegetable garden is struggling. I just blogged about the heat here and my efforts to erect some protection from the sun over my veggie garden. I guess the only way we will get a break from the heat will be if some big storms come and make it across the Mississippi. Or if a hurricane comes up the river from the Gulf (which sometimes happens).

Halle said...

Your garden is thriving despite the heat and hail. Good for you! We finally have a bit of relief from the heat and humidity. Feels so good to have the windows open, letting all the fresh air in. I can even smell someone close by baking something yummy. Not sure what but it smells divine!!
Sure wish you had a few photos from your vacation...but oh least you got away and have the memories!!!

Michelle said...

How lucky you are with your vegetable garden. My veggie garden went kaput, due to the heat. I'm thinking of restarting the seeds and aiming for an early fall crop. I like your idea of using large planters. Hope your garden continues to grow! ~Michelle

Rita said...

Your garden is looking great! Especially considering the heat. Really thriving! :)

~*~Patty S said...

Nice neighbor to look after your garden so nicely for you, bet they had to water at least once a day if not twice...container plants dry out so quickly

I am now hungry for eggplant...thank you very much :)

We may get a respite from our triple digit heat wave on Monday...fingers crossed!

Stay cool E!

Magpie said...

My neighbor watered my garden when I went away in June, and now I am returning the favor for her. Between her yard and mine, I am scurrying around with the hose and watering can a lot! Everything is looking good though...I think the plants actually like this heat (we're talking 90s here, not 100s) as long as they don't dry out.

Love your container garden. It looks to be thriving. I have put tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers in pots this year. Let me tell you, cucumbers need a lot of water! They are always crying out "water me!"

kimmie said...

You have all the makings for eggplant parmagiana .... eggplant, tomatoes, herbs .... and cantaloupe for dessert .... yum!!!

Virginia said...

Fabulous garden, if you'd like some water Yorkshire seems to be having some extra at the minute and doesn't understand the words dry and crisp you mentioned for your front garden LOL! Hope all your plants continue to thrive!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

We aren't getting much rain here in NY either. We water every night and the plants are hanging in there.