Sunday, July 29, 2012

Out of time, out of glue

I want to begin by thanking everyone for your very kind and generous comments about my neighbor's tree yesterday. I also wanted to explain a bit about the house next door. However, you might want to see this post before reading further.

In response to your comments, first, as you can see from this photo, this was NOT a diseased tree, any more than mine is. Second, there is no root problem, because, although the water comes into our houses from the street, and the landlord put in a new water line last year, the sewer runs out the back, which sometimes DOES cause problems in my neighborhood, but since both the neighbor and I don't have trees in our back yards, that is also not a concern. And both trees are far enough from our houses, there is no problem with cracks to either foundation.

This is a rental, one where the landlord or renter didn't even bother mowing the yard all summer until last week. I can safely say, there will be no new tree planted, no careful consideration to new planting, and not even any landscaping, since whoever "mowed" the yard, also mowed down a very old rose bush that was located on the property line. They also "mowed" down the peonies, but I believe they will come back next year, as, hopefully will the irises that were all delineating the property line. I hope I covered all your concerns about the tree, and those of you who feared the worse, so do I. And it may be that the neighbors/landlord aren't even going to remove the base of the tree. I'll keep everyone updated as the rest of this story unfolds.

Unfortunately, the property isn't wide enough to support two trees on my property, as some of you suggested. I DO have some ornamental bushes, small evergreens, and a couple of ornamental pines around my house, but nothing that will ever compare to the tree the landlord removed next door.

BTW, years ago I told a friend that if anything ever happened to my tree and it had to be removed, I would want Gino Salerno, the world famous artist from Wichita who makes tree art, to create a sculpture out of the trunk, which I would leave in place.

However, I am here to make art, not rant, so I was off to insert a zipper into an altered book.

I was under a time constraint (sorry, I don't work as fast as some people and didn't even have time to prepare a Silent Sunday post), but I was prepared to create a zipper in my Houses Techniques AB. I had gathered all the background papers, the papers for the house, the zipper, and the tape. Or at least I thought I had the tape I needed.

I bought this tape at one of the craft stores here in town. I don't remember if it was Michael's or JoAnn's. I do know it was awhile back, since I wouldn't make a trip to either of these places in a hot car in this heat with no AC.

I realize this is a lousy photo, but this is the true width of the tape (between the two black marks I made). When I went to use it to hold down the zipper, this tape would barely hold two pages together, much less a zipper. So it's back to the drawing board. Or maybe I should say, it's back to looking for tape that will actually do the job. Sorry if you thought you were coming to see a completed zipper, because I would rather not make it, than have it fall apart after the first turn of the page, or zip of the zipper.

On a brighter note, I am sharing this DUD of a post with CED. Have a fun week, everyone.


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Helen said...

Sorry you're having a difficult few days - it is such a shame about the tree in your next door garden, it does seem a crazy thing to do for no reason. Take care.

TwinkleToes2day said...

It seems so senseless to take down a healthy tree, but then 'man' has been doing that for millennia huh...
Such a pain about your tape! It's awful getting set to do something then finding a piece missing or the wrong thing in place, grrr.....I feel your 'pain' :0)

Anonymous said...

The tree destruction as you describe in yesterday's post WILL come back to haunt them in the form of higher heating and cooling bills, duh??? Trees that threaten houses or roofs have to come out I'm with you on not tying myself to the trees to save them, but then again, if you're too lazy to mow the lawn for your tenants and you have the kind of tenants who are too lazy to mow either, than destroying the tree means nothing in their world and nature's karma will prevail. Hope your studio doesn't suffer the effects too badly, maybe you can find a bush somewhere that will fill the bill to shade that side of your house. Check with the town, sometimes they have plants to give away for beautification purposes or maybe someone on craigslist wants to get rid of some shrubs. I have seen it here.... good luck trying to find a just right tape for your zipper project. What if you layered over the thin tape at the outside edges to create a more secure hold with either collage or stitched down fabric? Just a thought. Love your tutorials and your energy. xox

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I have an idea to try carpet tape on my zipper page which I have not started yet. I'm going to do a dry run on a page I removed from my book with another zipper just to see if it is strong enough. Still trying to come up with the destination and a wow factor for when it is unzipped! Happy Sunday!

~*~Patty S said...

Love the zipper in book pages...thanks so much for sharing E.

Still shaking my head at how some people just don't get it and are so out of touch with nature

Wishing you a Happy Sunday!

Monica said...

In England people plant hedges to cut out unsightely neighbors yards. They need trimming about twice a year. My DH had to build a 10x4 ft bed so we could plant shrubs to shut of the neighbors we had then. They were just a combo of trees that were inexpensive and fast growing and sort of handle the winters. maybe you should have an art journal handy so when ever you catch sight of their yard and feel the anger and sadness well up you can express it.

voodoo vixen said...

How sad... a huge chunk of history chopped down so unceremoniously!! I bet they did it to make the yard look bigger... which is silly in the temps you get in the summer, the shade would have been welcome by anyone!!
Have you tried the red plastic backed double sided tape? It is far superior sticking to the white ones... I use the white for paper to paper or chipboard but always use the red plastic stuff if it is going to anything else.

sandee said...

I'd go snitch a pice of the tree if I were you. I did this one time in a neighborhood I lived in where they cut down a large tree. I rolled the cut piece all the way home, thank goodness not too far, and used it in my backyard as a table. I loved it! It was a perfect flat cut so propped up the backside with some rocks to make it even and flat on top! Natural yard art! sending you a hug from the hills of North Carolina :)

gina said...

Sorry to read that things have been going wrong lately.....very sad about the tree. Trees add so much beauty (and oxygen) to our neighborhoods, people shouldn't be allowed to cut them down willy nilly! Your story reminds me of the difficult time we had with our neighbors, who decided that the property line was wrong and removed a fence, and cut down one of our trees, which they claimed was on their property! It was a horrible time for me and I couldn't speak to them ever again. So glad most people aren't like that. Hope your week goes well!

see you there! said...

Haven't been on the computer much so catching up. So sad to see that tree, you have to just wonder about people sometimes. Probably didn't want to rake leaves before they didn't mow the lawn. Stupid neighbors!

Looking forward to seeing the zipper once you get the right materials.

Hope today brings you a happy surprise instead of a miserable one.


Clare with paint in her hair said...

Heartbreaking to see a tree being cut with no thought or consideration, from the sounds of it mowing down all the other plants too they didn't give a snot or care for anything their. How quick they forget that tree = the air they breathe.

Anonymous said...

I agree, it is heartbreaking to see a whole place of nature get cut and torn apart. I mean really? do they not know anything about nature and how beautiful it is, or what?

ciao bella
your newest follower
Sensible Sarah

BJ said...

Know what you mean about trees. Do you have preservation orders on trees there? We do and we get letters if anyone wants to even trim a protected tree. We have a line of Lyme trees down our road, some in private gardens and some on council land. The private ones get annual trimming back to just a trunk, the council ones had their trim this year but they don't get it every year but it has made such a difference this year. A couple of fir trees were taken down a while back but they were seriously crowding the houses and again it has made such an improvement to the road. The removal of your neighbours tree did seem quite pointless though.

On a happier note (I haven't linked yet as not due 'till next week)but I did a zip page. Played with it loads - LOL - BJ