Friday, June 29, 2012

Inspiration Avenue and Artists Play Room come together

I have never combined prompts before, nor entered the same art piece in more than one challenge. But for some reason, these two prompts came together so flawlessly, I couldn't help myself.

Maggie, our favorite Magpie at Inspiration Avenue, suggested we probably all knew how to art journal. Well I admit it, Maggie. I don't journal. It's one of those paper crafts I don't do. Why? Because my life is an open book on my blog, and I have none of the fears and feelings of angst I read about when I visit many blogs devoted to journaling. Since I'm a pretty positive person who is comfortable "in my own skin," I leave journaling to people who need that self assurance. I use my blog as my "journal." It may sound cliche, but that's one of the reasons (OK, the MAIN reason) I started my blog. I wanted the daily record of what I did without the demands of having to write it down on paper using a pen, pencil, crayon, or bloody paw.

But for some reason, I can't seem to let Maggie down. I always answer her IA challenges, no matter how hard they are, or how far off track they send me.

Then I was reading Jenn's blog, Just Add Water, Silly,
where this week's challenge for the Artist's Play Room is "In the Garden." Now you see how both these prompts came together to make a single spread in one of my altered books.

What I used:
The book: my techniques AB I bring to altered book class with me.
The paint colors: pink, yellow, gold, orange.
The pen (Sharpie) colors: green X 2, purple, turquoise.
The flowers: real pressed from my garden and others crudely drawn.
Magazine image fussy cut.
The sentiment: my own creation. After all, I love anything positive!!

The left side,

and the right side. I think I've mentioned before I can't draw. This should affirm that and attest to my inability to draw even simple "flowers." I'll probably stick with collage and altered images in my altered books from now on, but this was a fun exercise, ladies.

And while you're here and I have your attention, please feel free to enter my blogoversary HERE. There are no commitments or obligations, just a comment is all I'm asking for.


23 thoughtful remarks:

KatzElbows said...

What a fun, joyful page. I think art journals don't have to be the ones you describe; mine is simply a book I play and experiment in without the pressure of making a finished product. Anyway, regardless, this is a beautiful spread and your love of gardens shines through.

see you there! said...

I like the use of both real and drawn flowers. I don't keep an art journal either and like you I hate to miss the IA challenge. You have inspired me so maybe I'll experiment with a page or two in my sketchbook. You met both challenges so well.


Dianne said...

Dear know I love this color combination. So cheery and bright...the flowers are perfect,(hand-drawn and all) and the sentiment is wonderful...that little girl could be the one who drew the flowers. Who knows? have a lovely weekend!

Dawn said...

What a gorgeous, cheerful and positive spread, the colours work beautifully. I love that you have used flowers from your garden, fabulous touch my lovely.
Hugs x x x x

Halle said...

Love the colors and the joyful image of the girl. Too sweet. I don't think your flowers are bad. You're very hard on yourself.

Monica said...

Love what you said. I tried art journaling and even a class and bought the book. Felt like i was drowning in a quagmire of self doubt and insecurity from the teacher/author at best. other times it was a tsunami of suspicion and fear roaring around as we learnt how to hide what we wrote from spying eyes.

Carol said...

Very fun page!!! You do have basic art skills that could become very good with practice The Mona Lisa wasn't da Vinci's first painting :0)

Kathleeen said...

I was told about your blog from a lady who is in your AB class. I had to check it out and found your giveaway and now this entry about art journaling. I agree that journals seem to suck you into them. Depending on the instructor, or the class you are taking, or the videos you are watching on YouTube, you can become exposed to some pretty negative feelings. I watched a video (wont mention by whom) that was trying to be positive, but ended up making me feel like everything I did or had done in life was my fault. I wanted a positive experience and I knew there were people out there who felt that way. That didn't happen with me, though. I'm just glad I stopped trying to be the good girl or the right girl and be myself instead. You wrote some brave words that I admire.

Anonymous said...

I love this. The image of the little girl with her arms out is fantastic. xox

Jo Murray said...

Bright and beautiful... a great start to my day.

Jennifer McLean said...

beautifully said and your altered pages are wonderful. I'm not really sure why I don't journal, maybe for the same reason you don't, I'm an open book on my blog so why would I repeat in a journal?? I think I'll journal my way, with art! I don't have to add words, I'm thinking a botanical or nature journal, all I see in a book. Thanks for joining this week Elizabeth, I always love seeing your work.

Alice said...

it's too bad you don't art journal - cause this is pretty! and pretty awesome!

Rita said...

Hey! It's bright, it's flowers, it's collage, it's art journaling, it's garden-y! Super! :):)

TwinkleToes2day said...

Great idea to combine the two :) I love how you used the pressed flowers - inspiration for me as I recently started to play about with flowers and pressing and printing. Also, I can't draw either so you have given me confidence not to worry about it, I LOVE your childish flowers - I hope mine are as good ;)

Gloria said...

How much fun to try several different media natural and man made materials together in a joyous couple of floral pages. Good garden and journal page entries.

Magpie said...

What a wonderful art journal spread!

Hmmm...interesting, I never think of putting down angst and self doubts on an art journal page. I guess I know some people do though. I do work in an art journal, and I use it to create images of stuff I'm thinking about, things I've seen, etc. I might add a quote or something, but that's about it.

But, see! You've created pages with the same intent! And I love it! It sends a positive and sunny message to all who see it. The little girl at the bottom adds the perfect touch.

I know you always enter my IA challenges, and THANK YOU so much for that! I'm so happy you gave art journaling a try. You should do more, just leave out the angst LOL!

Terrie Purkey said...

Like you, I'm a positive person w/ no deep dark secrets or memories to "deal" with. But I do enjoy art journaling....I use it to practice techniques or try something new, I use it to play with my lettering or capture a quote. Much like you use your altered books. (I'm still working in mine btw) Whatever you call the place, the idea is same....a place to create without judgment. I like how your ABs are themed and I have art journals that are lightly themed as well. Maybe I'll start adding more and more ABs to my shelf to keep my journals company!

Diane ~ said...

Ah so you don't do an art journal either. i guess i prefer putting my feelings, thoughts & urges into the art itself. Like you, i did this one challenge for Maggie & i'm glad i did too. I think your pages are charming and i love how you added real flowers and the photo of the girl! charming and delightful!!

Claire said...

your pages are so free and playful!! the real spirit of art journalling :)

Serena Lewis said...

A lovely, playful page!

IMGIRL said...

I love this my friend! BRAVO! You have a calling..:)

Lou Anne said...

What a wonderful page! I don't do art journals either, yet. I guess tomorrow is a new day. Thank you for sharing your work.

Kat W said...

Your pages are a gorgeous celebration of joy! Beautiful colours & cheerful images. I like the mix of dried & Sharpie flowers on the vibrant background.

Like a couple of people have said in their comments I too have an art journal to experiment in & have fun without expectations & don't use it for sad introspection. Although I do include positive meanderings about friendship, inspiration and such like. I do use a purely written journal when I need a good written moan or a way of untangling my thoughts though. LOL. :-) But more and more I've been abandoning this in favour of creating art and keeping a 'joy' journal. Focusing on the positive seems to be of more benefit to me at this time than dwelling on problems.

Wow, I'm clogging up your comments section again!

Thanks for sharing your joy filled pages!

Kat :-)