Friday, May 18, 2012

Inspiration Avenue: Heart

Hettiene issued the Inspiration Avenue challenge this week and told us how hands and heart went so well together. We were challenged to make art from the heart. On that note, I started this challenge on Tuesday and got all the elements together I planned to use.

My camera is so bad, you can't even see how I filled the holes in "her heart" with glitter glue. As I was cleaning up the excess glitter glue, I noticed I was also removing the oil pastel "shadow" I put on the heart. I thought I could fix it later. Then, instead of just gluing everything down like I normally do, I actually did a dry run and found the word "LOVE" didn't even fit on the block, no matter how much I manipulated it. Then I ran out of time, because my friend arrived and I have been gone ever since. So, this is my entry this week, which I must call a "work in progress." When I finish it, I'll show it, but it won't have those glittery LOVE letters! The sentiment reads: "Love healed the holes in her heart."

I know several asked about my friend who is visiting. This is my friend Ed, who I went to grad school with. He was actually a year behind me, but we became steadfast friends and stay in touch, even though we haven't seen each other in at least ten years. Although there is a big age difference and there is no romantic connection, he and I have sat up two nights in a row reminiscing over our days in grad school, the teachers we loved, the ones we disliked, the ones we tolerated, our dissertations, other classmates, classes we taught, and other stories from years gone by and our time at Wichita State University. It's been a lot of fun and he plans to stay through the weekend. Also, my friend Scott, who remembered Ed, dropped by two nights in a row to eat dinner with us.

Sorry if my visits have been spotty this week. I hope to visit everyone when I have a bit more time on the computer.


16 thoughtful remarks:

...the yorkshire fox... said...

...hey Elizabeth fabby workings! eye's nearly fell out when I saw that awesome heart, loVe the shabby look you've wonderful to have stayed in touch all those years, friends are the strings that bind our hearts with loVe...have a wonderful weekend...Mel :)

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I like the quote and idea of your heart piece--can't wait to see how you finish it. Little things like this usually frustrate me, and I would either have scrapped the project or done something more drastic like cut the letters! Yet I have so much patience with beads!

Glad you are enjoying your friend's visit!

Margaret said...

Love your heart and the sentiment! just what else are you going to do to it??
What a great catch up you've had, fun to look back especially with a great mate.
And I loved your tea post which I missed this week, you have a great selection of accessories!


see you there! said...

You've made a good Heart Start. Besides the whole post is about "hearts" since you obviously hold friends in your heart and keep up with them over the years.


Claire said...

i think it's just lovely as it is - love can be a tad rough around the edges sometimes :)

artangel said...

That's a pretty heart and a lovely quote! And I don't see why you couldn't have the letters going over the edge of the canvas, there's no law saying everything has to fit inside a rectangle ;)

sandee said...

waving hi to Ed!! Well looking forward to your finished piece, I am actually entering this tomorrow, will be my first time over there, hope they like me ;) Ya know, you didn't say anything about my color wheel...too outside the box for your taste? lol It's OK, if you don't like it ((hugs)) Hope you have a great week end with your friend, waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Lou Anne said...

I enjoyed reading your comments about my work. My sacred heart was a digital collage, to answer your inquiry. Your heart is lovely as is, in my opinion. How wonderful that you got to be with old friends.

...the yorkshire fox... said...

...good morning Elizabeth...thankyou for your encouragement I have entered into the challenge for Inspiration Avenue, so kind of you to suggest it...also the 'texture fade' is just like an embossing folder, where you place paper or card inside the folder and run through your big shot machine & it gives a raised pattern on your Tag etc & you can then highlight the raised area with ink's cool stuff and a super invention, don't worry i'm still learning about these new things myself after partaking in Tim Holtz on line Chemistry Class I've learnt things about inks and paper I never imagined, it definately gives you more confidence to 'give things a go'...wishing you a super weekend Elizabeth & please give Bluebeard a little chin rub from me...Mel :)

NatashaMay said...

Hello Ed! :) And a wonderful canvas. :)

Rachel K said...

I rather like the words spilling off the edges; kind of implies that love can't be contained.


WrightStuff said...

Sometimes the ones we come back to end up being utterly fabulous - and it's just fine and dandy already. Glitter is surely an excellent material for filling holes in one's heart. I know if I sprinkle it on myself I get a lift!

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Hettienne said...

thank you for a great post and a beautiful share! I missed your blogs while I have been away, love Hettienne

gma said...

Love how you filled the holes in the heart with glitter and glue! Glitter works wonders with almost everything. Bet you got some on you too.

IMGIRL said...

I love your sharing post and your heart art., I rather like the letters clinging to the edges!!!

Stay Inspired!!