Thursday, May 17, 2012

Herb Day at the Farmer's Market

On Saturday May 5, my friend Sally and I headed to the annual Herb Show at the Farmer's Market.

There were tons of herbs, flowers, and plants for sale, as well as huge numbers of people and

all kinds of food, which is what Sally (in red blouse above) bought.

I, on the other hand, bought three herbs I wasn't sure I could grow from seed. Note here how much sage I have cut from my plant.

Here were my herbs I purchased ready to plant because I now had plenty of potting soil, which I knew I was going to need for these remaining pots. I spent part of the day struggling with those big bags of soil and getting as much soil on the garden as I did in the pots. OK, that's a bit of a fabrication, but it seemed that way when I was cleaning up.

BTW, a neighbor was throwing this cart away and I asked if I could have it. It's been invaluable in my garden ever since.

On Mother's Day I went looking for Bleubeard's previous litter box. It simply wasn't big enough for the big guy! Now I know people think I save EVERYTHING, and I know it seems that way, but that is not necessarily the case.

You see, I read the back of the package where it suggested getting a flat container so your

cat could sit in the container once the grass was 3 inches high. I know you can't read it, but it reads "Cats go crazy" and it's cat grass. I can't imagine Bleubeard putting on a bib, but he might pick up a knife!

And this should be worthy of a good laugh. That's the moon shot I got when it was full a week or so ago. Gotta LOVE my camera. Can't read anything close and can't see anything at a distance. At least I bet you smiled!


9 thoughtful remarks:

Corrine at said...

Great moon shot, were you shooting from inside of it, my kind of photo. I did smile and smile...Good luck with your herbs and your cat grass, never heard of that one, share with us if Bluebeard likes it. xox

ooglebloops said...

Herb day - I'm jealous!! I am still on the look out for a local source of patchouli and eucalyptus. No luck so far......My sage is in full bloom, will have to post about it soon!! Have fun planting!!!

Dianne said...

hmmm...I think I need to look for some potted sage...I love that stuff. looks like another busy day for you and fun too. maybe you could photoshop a bigger looking moon into the last pic? it did indeed make me smile. probably exactly the type of photo I would have taken! hugs...

Terrie Purkey said...

I am so NOT a gardener....well I plant a couple petunias each spring, but that's about it. I certainly admire other people's gardens though and yours looks like it gives you and Bleubeard lots of pleasure. Your desk views look inviting as always....decided this is one weekly thing I have to give up. There are SO many participants and it takes so much time to respond to comments...sigh. I'll enjoy seeing what you're up to each week though.

sandee said...

Bluebeard is gonna love his big tub of grass! Lucky kitty! I did smile at your moon shot, wait for another super moon and then try again! I was amazed at the shot I got! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Wow! That's some moon shot! It did make me smile!
I'm trying to grow a few things from seeds, but it is slow here in NY with the crazy weather we have been having! The cucumbers are doing best & hopefully they will go in the ground this weekend.

Thanks for the nice comments on my AB. We love to travel, and these are all places that we have visited. I wish I had known you during your 7 Continents Swap, too! Oh, by the way...I've lost entire posts for no reason without our power going out! Hope you are enjoying your company.

nelda said...

I am growing cat grass for my kitty and she doesn't care for it at all. Instead she prefers to eat my lemon grass. Go figure! How does that saying go? can lead a cat to water, but you can't make anything..?!?

Halle said...

I saw cat grass at the greenhouse when I bought my flowers. Good luck with it. I'm sure Bleubeard will enjoy it.

Julia Dunnit said...

Aha, loving the Wichita at night shot! Another big venue and an nice way to stroll out and pick up some herbs.