Friday, April 6, 2012

Inspiration Avenue: Homage to Frida

This week's Inspiration Avenue Challenge came from the beautiful Priti.Lisa. Lisa has such a strong presence in my life, whether she realizes it or not. Her art always THRILLS me. I suspect it thrills Bleubeard, too. Check out her blog (called Priti Studio), and you will agree.

Lisa's challenge was Frida Kahlo. Now I admit. I'm NOT a fan of Frida. I never have been. I never caught the bug. But I asked myself, would I ignore Lisa's challenge just because I didn't care for the subject matter? Of course not. So I attempted to make a mixed media piece that would not only represent Frida, but would be something that looked a bit like Lisa. After all, imitation is the greatest form of flattery (although I could NEVER make anything Frida that would compare to Lisa's art).

The first thing I did was find an image on the internet (and NO, I didn't "GOOGLE" it). Then I took a bunch of paint, gesso, sheet music, wrapping paper, and one hand made and two other rubber stamps, and

created this mixed media piece, I hoped looked like something Lisa might make. It measures 12" X 12" and the substrate is heavy cardstock.

We all know I have a really LOUSY camera, so I'm not sure why I wanted to take this side shot, since this piece is not really dimensional. However, you can see I don't stamp too well, especially when I'm trying to stamp on wet paint (accidentally, I might add), or when I'm stamping on more than one surface.

Isn't it amazing what putting this on the scanner can do for the color and crispness? Unfortunately, the India Ink around the heart was not yet dry, so everything smeared, including onto my scanner.

Now if you like Frida, please join Lisa's challenge this week at Inspiration Avenue. You have until Easter Sunday at noon Eastern Time (see my right sidebar for that time). And have a lovely Easter, too.

18 thoughtful remarks:

see you there! said...

Great piece. I can see Lisa's inspiration coming through in your work but the whole is definately your style.


Stephanie Mealor Corder said...

Well you might not be a fan of Frida, but I'm totally a fan of yours! You did a great job with this; I love all the layers of color and texture and how you managed to celebrate a subject that you're not especially fond of. A sign of a true artist!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I think you created a lovely tribute to this complex artist. I have to echo Stephanie--the sign of a true artist--creating for the joy of creating despite not loving the subject matter! (I'm not a big fan either & took the "cowardly" way out--it will be up on my blog soon.)

Halle said...

I'm not a Frida fan but I love what YOU'VE done!!

IMGIRL said...

Are you kidding me? This is fantastic! Some of the best art is the art that takes it own form, the ones that didn't turn out like you "planned", the ones with errors and mistakes. No one would really know that but you. There is beauty in imperfection and yours is imperfectly BEAUTIFUL!!! and I truly mean that in a fabulous way! I really love your submission!


elle said...

This looks very good, Elizabeth. I need to remeber India ink!

Doone said...

I bought a book about Frida ( and incidently her art) and I still don't understand why people rave about her art,

I can understand that she is an impressive person,

But I'm not so sure her art is that great...

I may just do this challenge to see if I'm being too negative...


Lori Saul said...

Hi Elizabeth,

This is such a wonderful work and truly captures the essence and "style" of Frida's amazing journal work.

Beautifully done indeed!

~*~Patty S said...

Love the passion you captured in your Frida Homage...I am a huge 'Frida Fan'...excellente Elizabeth!!!
Thank you for getting me to dig deeper to find out Alicia's Tallest Handmade Book in the World Project deadline...I found her
update post here
hope that link works
you have until 27 April to send it in...I will add that to my bbb post too :)

voodoo vixen said...

I haven't a clue who Frida is... so will have to go and investigate further!! I love your piece though, the reds and yellows are lovely and I like the way your stamping turned out!!

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

You were up to the challenge, Elizabeth! It's always good to take one on! Just to expand your creative heart! I'm not too fond of Frida myself and sometimes wonder why she has so many fans! But she has inspired many a fabulous project! So I'm all for it! Patsy from

peggy gatto said...

you did a beautiful and explosive creation, love it!!!

priti.lisa said...

This artwork is defiantly YOU, Elizabeth! I am so glad you joined the challenge.
I don't think you have to love Frida's art to be influenced by her strength.
Your love of a challenge, your spirit and your talent really shines through in this piece.
Aren't you glad you went for it? I am.
PS: thank you for all of the kind made me want to very nice.

Magpie said...

Elizabeth, you did a wonderful job with Frida, whether you're a fan or not! This may be my favorite photo of her. She looks young, and serious, and maybe it was before all of her pain impacted her life and art so much. I love the strong red and yellow. It surrounds her completely and reminds me of her passion and pain. I think she would approve of this mixed media piece!!

Kat W said...

This is a great piece for the Frida challenge - full of creative passion using an effective mix of images and colour. A celebration of elements that reflect the essence of Lisa, Frida and especially you! Fab :-)
Kat Xx

Anne said...

Love the dark, blood red feeling of passion in this collage. <3

gma said...

Oh I love this. The passion is so evident in this. You rocked this!!!

kirstin mcculloch said...

This is awesome! I love how much you put into the piece although your were not a fan of your subject matter! It's always so hard to be inspired when your not inspired by the prompt, but I think you are an inspiration on how to over come that, and look for another way to become inspired. Nice one!