Thursday, February 2, 2012

A fun day out, but not so much so when I got home

Yesterday I went grocery shopping. It was a gorgeous day. I believe our high temp was 68 F (about 21 C). I dug out my shorts and a sleeveless top (as an aside, I don't like short sleeves. I go directly from sleeveless to long sleeves) and headed out to do my shopping.

While out, I was struck by how many cars in the parking lot had broken tail lights. Two examples show how people deal with the problem, a real ticket magnet in Kansas.

After shopping and putting my groceries away, I decided it might be the last nice day for awhile, since the weather is supposed to turn cold, with rain and possible snow tonight (Feb. 2). So I headed to the local neighborhood park I helped design back in the late 1990s, before I got into altered art.

However, as I was trying to upload my photos, I got the "new and improved" blogger. Because I like to keep my photos off site, and because it saves space I need for this blog, I saved everything, then tried to upload them.

Instead, I got the message you see below:

I had barely started typing in the URL when I got the message. In case you can't read it, it reads: "Make sure the image is public. If it is protected by a password, or on an internal network, we will not be able to read it."

I centered the image on the page, as I have done since I learned it was the best way to show your photos. Then I decided to see how it looked in Preview, which is now found in the top line of the page. What I found was my image

was no longer centered on the page. How could that happen, when I had clearly chosen "centered?" I guess we shall see how it looks once it is published, but I'm betting my images will no longer be centered. And of course, I can no longer store my images off site to save blog space.

Yep, I'm on a rant!!!!! Blogger also changed my font!

To make matters worse, Blogger (actually GOOGLE, who owns Blogger and has for some time, now) wants to make SURE they can get to my photos. No more keeping them someplace they don't have access to. All my files are public, even the ones I chose to keep from public view, like my restricted access Altered Book class I taught in 2009! Google found out I (and I'm sure a few other folks) was using an off site storage source and decided they wanted unprecedented access to my computer and my images! Am I mad?? YES. You bet!

So now my doubts have set in. First, for the class I will be teaching, and for the future of this blog. Once my storage has run out, I will have to BUY space, or move on. I am impressed with people who have chosen to use other blog sites, but blogger has been so easy to access, it is hard to move. And like many people, I don't want to spend time learning a new program.

Although I am still on my high horse, I decided to show the rest of my photos, and my thoughts as I took my walk. Of course, I had to change the way I uploaded the photos, using a very low resolution, which took away some of the beauty of the park.

As I mentioned earlier, it was a beautiful day, and I was enjoying the fading light as the sun began to set .

As I approached the playground area (there is also a ball diamond and concrete chess tables set up on the other end of this over 7 acre park), my thoughts turned to the class I will be teaching.

I headed for the "big girl (and boy) swings, and sat for awhile, enjoying the last of the sun, and contemplating this upcoming class. I knew there would be some awesome artists who would be checking in to check out the lessons. I "know" through my blog contact with them, there are painters, artists who journal daily, those who sketch,

and those who make mixed media and collage far better than anything I could ever create. After swinging for awhile, I decided to check out the rest of the play area.

I contemplated sitting on the bench, but was turned off by the way gangs had spray painted the beautiful tree and bench. Why do people want to deface anything so lovely, well put together, and meant for community enjoyment?

As I headed around one of the interlocking circular sidewalks, I was struck by more and more self doubt.

Passing by the "little people swings, the jungle bars (saved and moved from before the park was upgraded and changed), the rocker, and the slide (purchased by the Neighborhood Association through "sweat equity), I headed for one of three picnic areas (the other two are located on the other side of the ball diamond). Once again, I sat and contemplated things like, would anyone actually show up to take this class, would anyone post their work, would I be able to get "Mr. Linky" to work, and a dozen other questions and fears I suddenly faced

Of course, as I was leaving, I realized one of the benches was missing. How had that happened, I asked myself.

Then I was pulled out of my self doubts and saw that others were now in the park, walking the bike path.

And suddenly I was no longer alone, and no longer overwhelmed. The sun was setting, but I was feeling much better. It's good to have self-doubt, but do it when no one is looking. I went home a very happy person, at least until blogger started messing with my life!

I would like to know if anyone else is having this much trouble with their blogs, and how you feel about this! BTW, if my blogger account has been sabotaged and/or deleted, we will all know why! It's because of my big mouth. After all, I try to tell it like I see it.

UPDATE: I just found the icon that takes me back to the ORIGINAL Blogger interface. I'm thrilled. Now I can go back to creating the pages I want, although I still can't use my off site storage area anymore.

17 thoughtful remarks:

Stephanie Mealor Corder said...

Beautiful weather AND images (even at a lowered resolution!) I'm not sure what the new blogger means, the blogger I use always saves a copy of my images to picasa. Is that the same thing? I still have the option to upload from my computer, BUT it still saves a copy to Picasa.....I AM getting close to having to pay for space....OK, I'm just not going to worry about Blogger and enjoy this beautiful weather!

Dandelion and Daisy said...

It is sunny in Oregon, too, only in the fifties however. Interesting, what we have in common E, I helped develop a neighborhood park, too. "Mine" is a nature park where I organized volunteers to remove the non-native vegatation and replanted with native. Fun work!

As for Blogger, I've been building my blogs in Windows Live Writer for over a year. I still publish in Blogger. I've been having some problems sizing my photos with Live Writer, of late, but I haven't looked into it so I guess it doesn't bother me that much. How does "Cloud" storage affect the whole paying for storage thing? I guess you pay for Cloud storage at some point but it sounds like you can store a lot (my technical term for megabytes!!!!). Good luck with that frustration.

As for your class, if that is the same class you shared with'll ace it lady! Loads of people, including me, will be following along.

Enjoy the weather......for tomorrow it may snow!

PetraB said...

What wonderful weather ... here in England it is cold but very sunny and I enjoy every minute of it because I have a couple of days off and can go outside instead of having to sit in the office ... yippeeehhh!
I tried the new blogger a while ago and decided I will only join the new one if I have to ... or I might not. My daughter hinted that there is another 'blogger' which is free and apparently quite good and easy to use, it is called: tumblr. I will have a look at this option.
But I feel like you, I don't like being forced into something I don't have any control of ... but it seems that this is the way it goes today :-(
Enjoy the sunshine and I am looking forward to your class!

Jacqueline said...

what wonderful photos despite the lower resolution! The weather looks lovely too. It's absolutely freezing in Scotland at the moment!

So sorry you are having problems with blogger , especially your 'workshops'! No wonder you're angry! I don't use blogger or Picasso for photos , i use Photobucket. You have the option of a privacy setting but you still have a similar problem in the end to blogger with the technicalities. Maybe worth checking out?.

Oh and its nice to know that i'm not the only one who has self doubts! Thanks for making me feel better :)

take care

Jackie x

elle said...

I'm looking forward to your class. I haven't had any problems with the new blogger and I just upload from my computer photo file. I doubt I'll buy anything but surely I won't run out of room any time soon. ??? Anyway, shirtsleeves in January should make just about anyone happy. We got warm and lots of hoarfrost but I'm wearing my jacket. Bless you, Elizabeth

see you there! said...

Google/Blogger is annoying from time to time isn't it? Someone posted about being able to opt out of some of their new stuff - I am sure I saved the info somewhere but haven't tried it. I'm afraid of what will happen if I try opting out... one never knows.


voodoo vixen said...

Well, I am going to be there... no matter what time it starts, and I know lots of others will too... so no more self doubts on that issue. I don't load my photos off site and am not known for keeping things short and sweet and haven't filled my blog allowance up yet... but if it comes down to it, I guess looking at alternatives is always a choice!!
Love the pics of your park... beautiful winter scenes... and I have no idea why a few sad people like to despoil things for the rest of us, it is a shame.

Anonymous said...

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Monica said...

No problem with blogger but real hang ups with Windows Live where I have email from groups etc.

Marilyn Rock said...

Your photos are great and I agree - why do people choose to deface things that have such profound meaning to others? Maddening!

Sorry about your Blogger woes. I took the woes for so long and just could not take it any more. I had to switch and went with Typepad. So far, I'm happy, but they don't go without glitches, too. I guess everything does but it's very frustrating for all of us who want to share with others, accomplish things and do what we do and enjoy.

xxoo Marilyn

Jacqueline said...

you are right regarding blogger automatically saving stuff to Picasso. I didn't know that but i don't use it much. I prefer Photobucket because I know how to use that one lol.

I'm glad you managed to get it all kind if sorted in the end. Seems such a shame things got screwed up after all the hard work you have put into things.

Thanks for the lovely comments on my journal. I haven't done a lot if this type if work but I do love it and want to learn more about it. I think a lot of the altered book techniques may just come in handy lol!

Take care ... it's after midnight here so I'm off to bed now.


Jackie x

~*~Patty S said...

Sorry about your blogger frustrations...I have heard a fair number of complaints about it lately...I can never figure out WHY they feel they need to change things when they were working just fine

that said I have no complaints whatsoever with WordPress...fingers crossed while saying that ;)

fear an insecurity rear their heads now and again...I try to let them come and then invite them to leave

I think all will be well if you continue to do what you Love and are passionate about...
it's contagious...
people enjoy your talent and sharing Elizabeth...
build it and they will come :)

our weather sounds exactly the same...we are now getting cooler again more like winter than spring weather


kimmie said...

You have a beautiful park ... Something you can be proud of and look to as proof of your creativity ... I think it is fitting that a stroll through this park you helped to create ended up in a settling of your fears and doubts. I hope all goes well ... Especially with your blog trouble!

Lynn said...

Such angst is no fun at all. Sorry you lost your off site storage. Not sure I understand the whys and wherefores of all you said. I do believe I already pay Blogger for extra storage space. You make it sound a lot like Big Brother Watching You!!!
Should I continue to feel safe here?
Oy Vey!

Helen said...

The pictures are gorgeous, it looks a wonderful space. I will be there fore your Altered book course.
I had no idea there was a blogger limit (I am on the old blogger and realised they copy all pics I post to picasa but not about the limits ..... Just goes to show free doesn't always mean free...)

sandra de said...

I am ignoring blogger but I am sure he will catch up to me eventually. It is all far too technical and I bury my head in craft and that my dear Elizabeth is why I am coming to your AB class on Sunday/Monday because it is real and from the heart.

Dianne said...

Dear E...what lovely park photos, and all the more striking as you shared your thoughts with us! I wonder why artists seem to all have that tendency to self-doubt? It is why I don't try to do some things...fear of failure. I am so glad you came around to the conclusion that you will indeed teach your class. It will be a resounding success, I am sure of it!

As for the technology, I haven't thought about Google using my images, because I am fortunate to figure out how to do the blog at all! I generally scan my images into my computer and post from that 'library.' My concern is usually who might be using my images without permission? But I feel that's the price for getting my artwork 'out there' and into view. I know there are precautions I should take, but have just been too lazy to use them.

A thought provoking post...everyone should have a good 'rant' now and then!