Saturday, November 12, 2011

How I spent my week getting ready for winter

I've been gone most of the week, partly in response to my friend Sally taking another trip this month. This time her destination is not so exotic, but a trip to Texas to spend the long weekend with her son and his partner.

Since Sally has a Sam's card, we spent the day at the big box store looking at phones. My phone died recently, so I had a few choices. I decided on the four Vtech. They are the same brand I've had in the past, but before, I only had two. Now I have one for my kitchen, office, main floor craft room, and my basement studio.

Sally also bought the same ones I bought.

I should be ready to see Christmas decorations, but

it was still a bit of a shock, since the temperatures are still so balmy. I suspect these have already been decorating this bar since before Halloween.

After all that shopping, we went to our weekly meal. Sally had pollack and a baked potato, and I had an veggie omelet. Sorry, I forgot to take pictures.

On Thursday morning, I took off early to buy groceries and stop by The Dollar Tree for nightlight bulbs. What a change in temperatures. This was what I saw when I turned the car on and started the defroster. I thought it was an awesome crackle finish.

Later in the day I took Sally to the airport. It seems I never remember to take my camera, but this time I remembered and took photos of our tiny airport.

I also got a photo of Sally looking all upbeat and at ease.

Then I headed to Home Depot, but didn't bother to take any photos. More on that later.

On my way home, I stumbled onto our Tuesday Morning, where I found a nice sale going on. More on that later, too.

Sadly, the people in the store wouldn't let me take photos of anything, not even general shots of the inside of the store. I've never seen a store that wouldn't let you take photos of things, but this place was very strict. After all, people take photos all the time of comparison merchandise they want for future purposes.

Back home later in the day, I took the majority of my purchases to the basement.

On Monday, I sorted my ink pens and placed the ones I wanted to use in my main floor craft room in one container (seen on the right), and the ones I wanted for my basement studio (shown on the left). The ones for the main floor I hope to use to start a bit of journaling, although right now, that is a bit of a stretch. I only mention that because they were already in my basement studio when I got there on Thursday.

At Tuesday Morning, I bought some fabric paint (I should have gotten two of these because they were half price), some fabric squares (not the prettiest in the world, but acceptable), and a new hot glue gun that uses the large glue sticks that I have so many of. Also, just barely in camera range on the right, is my new cordless phone, something new to this studio.

I wanted larger eyelets, but they didn't have any, except some that were post eyelets and nearly 2 inches in diameter, which were too large. I hope to use them for my wooden blocks. I got these at Home Depot. Had I not had a gift card, I would never have purchased them.

I also got a small heater. Not sure it will be big enough for the room, but I don't think I'll need much, since the basement doesn't get that cold in the winter.

I even plugged it in and tested it.

Last year, my friend Dana gave me a seat massager, but I never had a place for it before. I brought it to the basement and attached it to my chair. The seat portion was a bit dirty, so I covered it with the rug I use to cover the chair in case Bleubeard should come for a visit. I further adjusted the chair to a lower height, which works well with this thinner desk "counter top." Now I might even sit to work on occasion.

The clock I can't repair is gone, and the container of pens have taken its place. The heater, the phone, and the massager all have electrical cords that I hate. Only my heat gun has a hidden electrical cord. At least I don't have to use the heater year round, so it will only be plugged in once the room gets cold. The two cords, one a massage controller, the other the electrical receptacle, are for the chair. After finding spaces for my latest purchases, I am now ready for winter to set in. How are you doing on your winterizing or spring cleaning?

10 thoughtful remarks:

Halle said...

Looks like are really ready to get some good art going! I love how bright and open it is in your basement studio!

Marilyn Rock said...

Thanks for sharing all of this with us. Great shopping with Sally! It appears you're ready for winter and your basement studio looks wonderful; so organized, clean and waiting for you to create. A wonderful spot! Hope your weekend is good to you my friend! xxoo

elle said...

Nice crackle finish on the windshield! I'm getting ready for winter by plugging in the little heater. Once the frost and snow insulate everything it gets toasty. I'm laying in my own supplies and clearing the work surfaces. Let it snow, let it snow , let it snow!

Diane said...

Oh wow--could you come over and organize my house?? No wait, it'll end up being a mess by the end of the week anyway.
I love how organized you are, and I love the feeling of being organized. I actually can't wait until the cold winter months so I can do exactly what you did. Everything looks great--now for some art making!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

You are one of the best organizers I have every seen! I hate to admit supplies are piled on my work desk just about all the time! The "nicest"
thing about winter is that I will actually have time to use them!

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Quite a busy and productive week. You and Sally sure had a good time. Your studio looks immaculate, wish I could say the same. Let us know how the chair massager works. xox Corrine

Marlynn said...

Oh, dear Elizabeth, I haven't been around much but as I just mentioned in a new post, you are always in my head when I get into cleaning (again) my craft room -- "like things with like things" - if you only knew how much you inspire me! Hugs to you, Bleubeard, and Wendy!

Dandelion and Daisy said...

Well, that's pretty cool now you can create in your newly redone basement while getting a chair massage and talking on the phone! Hope there is a freezer nearby for the ice cream! Enjoy!

voodoo vixen said...

You have been having fun!! Looks like you made some good purchases and I love the snazzy looking phones - and one in the basement will ensure you aren't racing up those stairs to get a call!!
Now I am off to find a snack as you have made me peckish... nom nom nom,.... ;)

Angela (Toucan Scraps) said...

lovely desk and great new treasures to play with in your workroom