Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sometimes it's Fair!

Monday my friend Sally and I headed to the Kansas State Fair. It is held in the city where my friend Kathy lives. Although I invited her to come, Kathy had an appointment so she could not join us. It's probably a good thing she didn't, because we didn't see much of the fair.

I mentioned to Sally on the way that the main thing I loved about Hutchinson was seeing these glorious grain elevators as you enter the city from the south.

Although the city seems to have grown up around the elevators in the last few years, there is no getting around the fact,

that one of these elevators is the longest in the world.

Here you can see about half its length. It is a full mile long and double wide.

To me, this is a sight to behold.

Once we got to the fair, found a place to park, and worked our way onto the grounds, one of the things I wanted to see was the sheep shearing. However, we parked at the opposite end to the sheep, and Sally wanted to see the judging of the food. That's Sally in the red pants and white blouse. Even now, she was beginning to tire and this was our first stop along the way.

As I took pictures of the pies and cakes, Sally scrambled for a seat, which is where she sat the rest of the time we were in the building.

Some of these cases were fuller than others.

It appears there were very few "extra special" cookies.

Next, I took in the quilts. Some were traditional,

and one looked like it was made with Bleubeard in mind.

I liked these pieced quilts.

While looking at the pieced quilts, I signaled one woman to go ahead of me because I wanted to take a photo of the owl quilt. She told me to take as many photos as I wanted, because she was the owner. We struck up a conversation and I asked to take her photo with her quilt. Her name is Sharon Smith, she lives in Wichita, but when I asked if she had a blog or web site, she said she didn't use the internet. I told her she should have a site, because her quilt was wonderful.

This was an example of mixed media,

as was this beautiful purse, which I thought should have won a ribbon.

In fact, several of the the items I liked didn't win ribbons.

I did like the blue ribbon winner in this crochet category.

Not many winners on this board.

Even duct tape had its own category.

Stuffed animals

and dolls drew crowds.

I really liked the Halloween wall hanging. I have no idea what the category was.

Working my way back to the food section,

I was taken by all the color on this wall.

Of course, I was surprised there were not more entries.

Although this wall made a lovely photo, there were simply too many empty slots along the wall.

At this point, Sally was ready to go home, so we headed back toward the car, this time past the vendors. I couldn't resist taking a photo of these rocking animals.

Since I wasn't going to get to see the sheep shearing (we were still on the wrong side of the fairgrounds for that event), I decided to stop to see the butter sculpture, since there were plenty of places for Sally to sit. The problem with this sculpture was, it was melting due to the excessive heat. Apparently, it was not refrigerated like the butter sculptures have been in past years. If you want to see a photo of me, I'm in the exact center of the above photo. I'm the short one whose face you can't see, only the hot pink hat I was wearing and my curly bangs that hang down below the hat brim.

I have to admit it wasn't much of a fair, mostly because Sally got tired so very quickly. I had no idea she couldn't walk for even a few blocks without getting so tired and out of breath. Toward the end of the walk back to the car, she had to stop every 10 feet or so, lean against something, or find a place to sit. In fact, several people said they thought she needed medical attention. In the end, she actually gave up and asked me to bring the car around to her. I thought she was going to collapse right then and there. But once in the car, her spirits picked up because she could sit and relax in the AC. And since we had not eaten,

we stopped at Carriage Crossing in Yoder, KS where my friend Kathy always gets those wonderful cinnamon rolls. The only problem was, there were no vegetarian dinners. So I gave in, and had a fresh baked catfish with baked beans and a homemade roll. I forgot to take a photo of my meal because I was too busy eating and de-stressing.

Of course, after we ate, Sally headed for the car, while I paid the bill and stopped to take

a few photos in the gift shop.

I realize it wasn't the fairest day, but I learned if I want to see the Fair, I have to do it by myself, and at my pace. I hope you have a better than fair day today. In fact, I hope you have a super day.

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Ohhh Snap said...

Great pictures of the grain elevators and at the fair! So many great entries, I especially love the Halloween and the one under it with the spiderwebs. With all the hot weather you all have been having, it seems an odd time to try not refrigerating the butter sculpture though. TFS!!

see you there! said...

Sorry your fair day wasn't all you had planned. Your friends condition really doesn't sound good, hope she gets some help with that.

I agree that the purse you liked deserved a ribbon. It would be a lot of fun to use.


Halle said...

Those grain elevators are amazing! I can't believe the volume of storage. WOWsers.
You saw lots of very nice things at the fair. Love the chair. I'm so surprised at how few people I saw...although I do know you try not to get people in your photos.

Stephanie Mealor Corder said...

Sorry you didn't get to see everything, but it looks like what you WERE able to see was wonderful! I LOVED that Halloween quilt and the purse was just my kind of thing too.
Hope your friend is feeling better!

voodoo vixen said...

Sounds as though the heat really got to Sally on your trip... but it did get you out of the house and you managed to see lots of pretty things... I love that bag, it looks just my sort of thing!!

Dianne said...

LOVE the quilts, and that chair! awesome purse...I agree that it should have gotten a ribbon. glad you got to see this much. maybe if you go on utube you can find a sheep-shearing video...there's just about everything on there!

Dianne said...

At least you got to see some wonderful art works... I hope your friend is okay... Sounds like she really should see a doctor, if she isn't already under the care of one. I haven't been to our state fair in years! I used to staff our exhibits for an agency I worked for, just so I could get in free and go see the exhibits. That's what I go for... and Cracker Country... an "old Florida" exhibit that has wonderful old fashioned crafts and foods.

Julia Dunnit said...

Yep, I''d have given the handbag a blue ribbon too - off the mixed media chair! It's a very subjective thing, huh! I know I shouldn't, but couldn't help admiring the shelving that the condiments were nice to have room for a length of those! Did entries seem fewer than previous years? it would be a shame to think that - these Fairs are so much easier not to stage, and are so uniquely American that I would hate to think they are in decline. I thinkover here the Fairgrounds would have become a housing estate by now! Funny isn't it how stressful it can be to have a friend 'wait' for you at an event..I hope the A/C and a bit of lunch was all Sally needed as a pick up.

madebyKarla said...

Yes, that's what usually happens. You gotta do things by yourself or with someone you know will put up with you while you see everything you want :)

Love all the pictures you took and you're right, the owl quilt is amazing! When I first saw the quilt with the black cat I thought you had made it!

Thanks for sharing these pictures!

Yvonne said...

I feel like I was there too. My friend who lives in Atchison, Kansas always has a quilt in the fair and she usually wins a ribbon. Then she comes down here to Texas for the winter and uses her long arm to quilt others quilts. I got to drive a combine that belonged to friends who had fields of corn, when I visited Kansas and I remember how large the grain elevators were. Very interesting up there.

Angela (Toucan Scraps) said...

looks like a busy day with some nice crafts stuff

ShirleyJo said...

You really need to insist that your friend see a doctor. Eleven years ago I was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, and later heart failure, with similar symptoms. With good doctors, medicine and a pacemaker, I am doing well now. Women are often not aware how serious the symptoms are and are frequently misdiagnosed. We tend to think we are just getting older, out of shape and overweight.
Sorry, I tend to get on my bandbox on this subject.
I grew up in Hutchinson and always went to the fair as a kid. Hope to get there this weekend. I hear they have scooters or something you can rent to ride around.

peggy gatto said...

I had a great time!!!! I used to do hobby booths at our county fair. I loved meeting the people!

~*~Patty S said...

shortness of breath and not being able to walk very far seem like red flags to get checked out to me...shame you couldn't get around to all you wanted AND I was wondering how you did not get any food at the fair after seeing all of those tantalizing treats on display!

The "crazy quilt" chair and Halloween hanging were pretty neat...lots to enjoy even with the bit you got to see...duct tape category definitely a sign of the times hah!

you in the butter sculpture pic sure was a's like 'where's Waldo' and you never find him ;)

it's been dingy darkish all day long...the steady breeze is bringing in cooler autumn like air...fall is arriving I do believe!

Take care E

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Too bad you didn't get to enjoy the parts of the fair that you wanted to. I am going to have to come back later because for some reason the photos did not load for me.

Marilyn Rock said...

All the delights of a Fair! Thanks for sharing so much of it with us; I felt like I was there! Wonderful! Cool off there I hope by now? xxoo

JoZart said...

What an amazing kaleidoscope of crafting and colour at the fair. I really enjoyed browsing through all the categories. I love going to similar/but different county shows here in England.
You do need to ensure your companion can take the pace or it is wasting valuable opportunities. Such a shame for you this time, next time you'll be cautious no doubt and check they can take the pace.
Thanks for popping in on me and for your kind comments.......
Love joZarty x

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Hi Elizabeth, sorry you didn't get to see as much as you'd have liked. Lots of nice pics though, thank you. You're such a tease not showing a proper pic of yourself; I didn't picture you with curly bangs though ;-)
Anne x

Neet said...

What a lot of photographs but what an enjoyable journey through them all. Yes, I like that bag too. Hugs, Neet x