Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Week old tea

I must confess, I started this sun tea last Wednesday. So that's why I'm calling it week old tea, not to be confused with weak, old tea.

I started with some filtered water in my Rubbermaid container. I then opened seven Bigelow Red Raspberry herbal tea packages and added the tea bags to the container.

Before I even had the tea in the sun, the color had turned a lovely deep pink.

Those tea bags were really doing their job. It wouldn't be long (specifically only a couple of hours) until the tea was a lovely deep pink color and the bags would be beautifully stained. In fact, you may have seen this very photo last Friday when I made started a tea related piece of art.

I stretched the uses purposes of this tea by carefully removing the tea leaves from the tea bags and throwing the spent leaves in my compost pile. I pressed the empty tea bags flat and used several of them in my art, specifically my wooden blocks, one of which I entered in the challenge.

I poured some of the tea into a bowl and placed a few book pages in to wick up the lovely color. And finally, I poured a glass of ice cold tea for myself. I had plenty left over and drank it over the course of two and a half days while making all this tea related art.

There's only one final purpose for this week old tea. It's to join Kimmie and friends for tea today. So have a great tea day and consider telling your tea story, too.

10 thoughtful remarks:

~*~Patty S said...

Love your week old tea and the fun and creativity that go along with it...
Week Old...Weak Old...
English cannot be the easiest language to learn I'm thinking...lucky to already know it ;)
Happy first T in August to you my friend!
Stay Cool!

Steph said...

you are in your creative mojo....friend....thie sun tea sounds interesting....happy tea and craft day!!

see you there! said...

Red Raspberry is one of my favorite teas. You certainly put it to good use.


Yvonne said...

I love red raspberry tea. I am also saving all my tea stained tea bags for projects. It's a good thing! Enjoy your tea!

Nathalie Thompson said...

I was wondering when you would get to the drinking part- haha! your icey glass has made me thirsty!!!! (off to the kitchen after I post!)

Great use of ALL of the raspberry tea!

Marilyn Rock said...

Double purpose for your lovely tea! I'm ready for something cold right about now! xxoo

kimmie said...

Let's see .... How many purposes for your tea? I think I lost count at the compost pile :)

Awesome uses for tea! Especially the delicious glass of iced!

Judy said...

I've got a thick stack of tea stained tea bags waiting for the day I finally play with them. I love what you do with them. Your tea is beautiful...beautiful...and tasty, too, I bet. What a combination.

Happy tea day!


sandra de said...

You do have a knack for creating mouthwatering dishes and then I remind myself it is all for art! I was a little overwhelmed in NYC but did love it. I think San Francisco is where I felt the most comfortable. It reminded me a little of Sydney and I loved wandering around and enjoying all the beautiful sites without getting lost.

Halle said...

HA! That's funny. Week old tea. Hope you had a good day!