Friday, May 20, 2011

My second color round robin exchange

For my second monthly color exchange, I made pages for Marilyn of My Dapper Dog. Now that Marilyn has received her pages, I can show them to you. You may have to click on the first picture that is too big for the screen. If you double click, you will get a very large screen. To help you see the side that is beyond the screen, I added page 1 so you can see it by itself.

Marilyn's colors were Aqua, Chocolate, and Ivory (Titan Buff). She sent each of us a sample of what she wanted in the way of layout, along with suggested color and brand choices. She also asked that all three colors be used in each spread. So, although my aquas varied based on what color paint, dye, or ink I used, I tried to stay true to form.

This is page 4 (on the left) and page 1 of the first spread I created. On the left, I started with an aqua paint, then added stenciled Titan Buff paint. Over that I placed three strips of leopard fabric, then an image of a Greek sporting the word "logic."

For page 1, I started with aqua pigment ink, then added various book page, over which I placed the three men. Although not originally planned, I liked the "contradiction" definition to the side of the men. After I had the page finished and scanned, I felt it still needed something, so I added the mica chip.

The inside two pages are totally different styles. They should be fine, though, since I understood that Marilyn was going to stack the pages and sew them into a hand bound book, so they wouldn't be next to each other. On the left, I began by painting the page with fabric paint. Then I spread bubble wrap with Titan Buff fluid acrylic for the next layer. I stamped a tea bag, but the image, which was supposed to be a lady and a heart in a tag, didn't come out very good. It just goes to show I'm not good at stamping. I also added my favorite bird stamp to the tea bag, then added a piece of brown/beige fabric to the top and bottom of the spread.

The right side has stars (stenciled through punchinella), more bubble wrap paint, rubber stamped images, and turquoise hearts with silver trim I turned to brown.

I thought I was going to get some plaster paper from Marilyn, so I started with a tri-fold spread to accommodate the plaster paper. When it got too late to get the paper, I painted the excess folds in Titan Buff and decorated them with various decorations and ephemera.

On the left, I started with two brown and one aqua pieces. Next I added the ribbon and finally the coffee images. For the center spread, with titan buff as the background, I created a simple spread using brown ribbon and aqua and ivory scalloped circles I cut from a Martha Stewart punch.

For the far right side, I started with a sheet of background paper, over which I added a tape transfer of Shakespeare (why it is discolored in the scan above this photo), a row of rick rack, some stamping, and a bird cut from a MS punch.

On the left, I started with Teddy Bear Brown paint, then added Titan Buff which I think darkened the Buff a bit too much since I added it before the brown paint was dry. But I was stuck with the color, because I had already created the back side. To the background paint, I added three embellishments. The large scallop circles were painted aqua, over which I added aged dictionary pages that had taken on that aged ivory-ish patina. Fish brads completed the spread.

The middle page, another one I colored using Titan Buff, got an aqua ribbon and the same Teddy Bear Brown painted scalloped circles.

The final page, also in Titan Buff, is a continuation of the chocolate colored rectangle from the first page on the reverse side. To that I added a primitive figure in brown and ivory, over which I placed a piece of ribbon.

For the tag, I once again started with aqua, this time scrapbook paper, over which I added more scrapbook paper, part of a vintage book page, and one of the coffee images. To that I added brown fibers.

This is the back with my swap information on it. I hope I met Marilyn's expectations. I was just saddened that I was unable to work with the plaster paper, which sounded so very interesting.

12 thoughtful remarks:

Christine said...

Love what you've done with the page :-))) especially the bird page. Lovely texture

Healing Woman said...

Lucky Marilyn. Love how you have embellished her pages. I especially like the fact that you signed the tag with your own handwritten signature. She will love this.

Maybe you can experiment with some plaster paper for one of your own journals. It does sound like fun to work with.

La Dolce Vita said...

the aqua is lovely! missed you too, it seemed like a long time and I am no where near settled in yet, but getting there... I will have time after my show in Taos... xo

elle said...

Elizabeth, you do some very amazing stuff. I really like this combo of colours. Wonderful!

see you there! said...

I really like the colors although I think it would be hard to stick within someone elses palette of colors. Of course challenges make us grow don't they? Really nice pages Elizabeth.


Steph said...

Fab pages, E!! lovely combination of teal and brown...LOVE it!!

Terri Kahrs said...

Awesome work, Elizabeth! What a beautiful color combination! It always interesting to see how each artist interprets the same theme. I'm sure that Marilyn was thrilled with her pages!!!

I've been lurking a bit this week. I hurt my back so it hurts to sit at the computer for any length of time. If you don't hear from me for a bit, it's because I'm taking time to 'heal'.

Hope you have a terrific weekend! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Anonymous said...

I love the aqua colour too!
You have inspired me to sit in my studio tonihht and mess around with my supplies! Thamks!

Ciao Bella!


Halle said...

You did great!! Love what you did with the colors.

Doone said...

I love the woman in the stamp (mail stamp) outline on the right of the teabag bird stamped image, she is GORGEOUS, love all the work Elizabeth, see you at silent Sunday...


Gaby Bee said...

Beautiful colors. I love aqua, one of my favorite colors, and the combination with brown is makes it look so old. Superb!

Have a wonderful weekend my friend!
Hugs, Gaby

~*~Patty S said...

I adore those colors and what you've done with them E...really spectacular pages...once again!