Thursday, April 21, 2011

Porch Update

Here's a quick porch update before I get busy in my basement. You can see some of my irises are in full bloom, and my mailbox is nearly back to where it normally belongs.

The above photo was taken from just outside my front door this morning.

After I worked my way down the steps, liked what I was seeing.

That new post will be a blessing once the rest of the railing is in.

Not sure I'm in love with the construction of the porch, but it is better than it was, I guess.

I like the slimmer look to the mailbox. Using the old rails saved a ton of money. All I needed was one new railing across the front. Apparently, most people don't like their railings going all the way around their porches. I'm going to love my new railing, though.

11 thoughtful remarks:

voodoo vixen said...

Yay... it's coming along very fast!! Are they going to paint it or stain it for you? Cos, they really should have sanded down those rails before re-using them, it would have been easy when they were flat on the floor!! Men!! ;)

elle said...

I do like porches/verandas. What is next Elizabeth? You sure have been slinging spring fixes all around!

Halle said...

Wow it looks great!

Lynn said...

Looks good to me...enjoy!

Carola Bartz said...

I love your porch. I envision warm summer evenings and a rocking chair out there.

Kirsty.a said...

Looks good. A lot work gone on

Cardarian said...

I hear it is your birthday today! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! A lot of good wishes coming to you all the way from Slovenia!
Lots of hugs,
BTW - Lovely porch! Can I come and sit on it sometime????

Susan Allan said...

Dear Elizabeth. Your porch is coming along really well. It will be amazing when it's all the way you want it. If I remember correctly, this is all as a result of the terrible flooding episode you experienced a few months back!
Take care! I will be back more frequently to watch your progress.
Sue xx

The Paper Princess said...

Well, my friend, it looks like someone has their hands full! Rumor has it their is a birthday girl in the house - so the boys and I are stopping by to wish you a wonderful birthday! Hope all your wishes come true - and hope you have a fabulous Easter weekend!

Ramona :-)

Stephanie Mealor Corder said...

Really- most people don't like their railings going all the way around? That's what I LOVE about it! Beautiful! Have fun sorting your basement back out :D

Angie said...

Just had a catch up of all your porch photos ....what a lot of work ....great now its nearly done ....and I love your Mail Box ...not something we have in the UK.