Saturday, March 12, 2011

The trip to California begins

I have no memory of the last time I failed to leave a daily post, but it's pretty obvious I haven't written one since Tuesday. I managed to do my laundry and pack my bag away, but my art bag is still sitting on my "Work Desk" table, where I dropped it the day I got home. Over the next few days, I'll try to catch you (and me) up on things, hoping to get back into the swing of things. For the moment, I still feel like this really nasty bug loves me so much it's moved in.

Regardless, I will try to add a few photos a day until I get them on my blog. Don't worry. I took well over a thousand photos, so you'll see only a fraction of them.

If you've never lived in, or traveled through, New Mexico or Arizona, (southwestern states), I think you will enjoy these photos. We left central Kansas Monday evening (Feb 28), drove all night, stopped only for gas and pit stops, and found ourselves on the other side of Santa Fe, NM when I took these first photos.

By now, we have traveled through three states (Kansas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico).

Don't you just LOVE these old signs? I think they were around the last time I drove to California (back in the early199os).

It's still New Mexico because of the red clay

and flat topped rock formations called "mesa's." By now we were well past Albuquerque.

The next time I took photos we were near Flagstaff, AZ. We're making pretty good time, I would say. You can see the many evergreens, pines, and other greenery just outside our windows.

I couldn't help taking a photo of the elk we needed to watch for!

The closer to Flagstaff we got, the colder it got.

The guys wanted hot coffee, and I did, too. They each had pie and called Scott's mom. Then they got out the computer and Scott checked both their e-mails, since they were looking for information from the gentleman whose house we would be staying in that night.

I have no idea why I didn't take photos of the house where we stayed in Kingman, AZ, but I think we were all quite tired and just wanted to eat a quick sandwich and head for bed. The pool was beautiful and had lovely lighting as evening descended. And to think we stayed there twice and I got no photos.

The next morning we gassed up before heading to California. Scott and Rusty both got some yummy looking pastries. I never eat early in the morning. Just can't do it.

Like everyone entering California, we were stopped at a mandatory weigh station and asked if we were carrying any fruit or veggies. By this time, the guys were starting to think about breakfast. So after about an hour or so of driving in California, we stopped at one of those tourist type places. I had a basket of french fries and the guys both had biscuits and gravy. For some reason, that was all I wanted and knew it would last me the entire day.

Here is the interior of the restaurant All I really wanted was a photo of the horseshoes and other goodies nailed to the rafters or beams (whatever they were called).

Outside, I took a lot of photos. After all, we (actually Rusty) had paid for the 1940s or 1950s ambiance in the restaurant. Then we headed into the desert, where I'll start the next post (as soon as I have a few more photos off my camera).

BTW, the photos at the second restaurant were taken with my Vivitar. The rest were taken with my Kodak Zi6. And yes, you'll read the saga in full as it progresses.

20 thoughtful remarks:

Donna: said...

Glad you found your camera.... I love the states you have been through so far!! Keep them coming. :)

voodoo vixen said...

Yay. glad you have some record of the trip and you felt well enough to actually load some onto here!!

peggy aplSEEDS said...

that nasty bug is with me as well. thanks for sharing your photos. the ones with the mining things, whatever they're called, were specially interesting to me.

Halle said...

Having fun looking at your anxiously awaiting the rest of your "saga".

oneoff said...

An amazing journey. I had forgotten how starkly beautiful New Mexico is.

Safe and happy travels,
Bernie x

~*~Patty S said...

Very nice getting to see a part of the country I've always wanted to visit E!

Fun being on the road with you :)
Hope you are feeling much much better real soon!

Dianne said...

hope you are feeling better soon...I think my bug is finally winding down(I hope!) after a week of, traveling with 2 guys...hope they were cooperative for pit stops! beautiful scenery in your photos. I always admire mountains in the distance. quite a contrast from Ohio's rolling hills or flat fields. looking forward to the rest of your photos. take care of yourself...

Kat W said...

Its so pleasant to be taken on your journey with your wonderful words & photos - thanks for sharing. I shall look forward to the next leg of the journey.

Sending you lots of healing hugs & get well wishes.
Kat X

Terri Kahrs said...

So happy to see that you found that missing camera, Elizabeth. Losing these pictures would've been a crying shame. I've never been to the southwest and really enjoyed the "cooks tour"! Hugs, Terri xoxo

PS I hope you feel better soon!

olive said...

I'm jealous you were driving through New Mexico, really want to get there!!! the photos are fabulous... hugs xxx

Amy said...

Let me tell you that I have driven to California, and do you know what my family remembers from the trip? It was twelve years ago, so we can talk about it now.. statute of limitations is up on this one:
I was pregnant (again) and hungry. I stopped in New Mexico where there are like FOUR stops in the entire state, I Swear. At the first one, I bought a corn dog (I was pregnant and hungry, it made sense) from a Gas station (I KNOW). The next three stops in the state (I swear that's how many there must be) I was so Totally TOTALLY ill from that corn dog.
My daughter still cracks up at my totally irrational fear of everything that has anything to do with New Mexico.

Marlynn said...

Welcome Home! Your photos brought back memories of the highways and places I visited when I lived in Oklahoma. Beautiful territory! Missed your posts. Hugs and get well soon, M

Cindy McMath said...

Welcome back Elizabeth - I hope you feel better soon! Can't wait to read more about your trip.

Cindy :)

Anonymous said...

You found your camera then???

Debrina said...

Hello Elizabeth - looks like you're on the adventure of a lifetime! Wow - what amazingly arid country you've found yourself in - but particularly beautiful despite its bleakness. Oh, and in case you were wondering why you haven't had an update from me in two months, it's because I have cahnged my blogger address. In fact, I've posted several times since! So, you need to update your side panel, my dear to:

Stephanie Mealor Corder said...

Hey Elizabeth, I'm so glad you found your camera and even gladder to see all these wonderful photos!
Welcome home!

Susan Allan said...

Thanks for posting these photos. I enjoyed the ride!! Hope you are all better soon!
Sue xx

dedicated exchange server said...

Wonderful pictures! Hope you had a wonderful time!

Neet said...

Hope that bug goes away - nasty thing! Thanks for the photos and the writing - look forward to reading more.

Cattrix said...

Get Well Soon! Love your photos, it freaked me out,, there was so much blue in the sky!

you know, me in Oregon.