Thursday, March 24, 2011

I finally made it to California

Some of you may remember my trip to California, which I was in the middle of showing when once again I got sick. Now I'm back, hopefully feeling well enough to post a bit more of my trip, and visit some of my dear internet friends. So, let's begin.

When Scott, his dad, and I left the cafe in Ludlow, CA, we entered the desert portion of the California trip.

I kept looking for the Joshua trees, which dotted the road and median in years past, but were obviously non-existent on this trip.

I wondered if the land had been scorched or burned, because the landscape was so completely different from what I remembered.

One thing I didn't forget was the traffic.

Once we got to the Malibu condo, everyone was in the process of eating or preparing to eat. I took my bags upstairs and freshened up while everyone was eating. After the meal, all the family and friends left for the hotel and their check-in.

Joseph, Scott, and I loaded Joseph's car with steel drums and other equipment that would be used that evening. Scott sat in back holding onto the equipment, while I sat in front reading the list of things that still had to be done that day.

The first stop that afternoon was to the Tuxedo shop.

Joseph's shirt and vest were perfect, but Scott was concerned about his shirt collar.

It was obvious that the collar on the shirt was too small, so after some discussion, Scott got a shirt that was long enough, AND would fit his neck.

Next it was off to Kinkos, where phone calls took precedent over everything except

punching buttons and collating music scores.

It was also important to have a few extra schedules for the next three days. Some people would only need a schedule for one day,

while others like myself, needed one for every day and every event.

Next it was off to the restaurant to drop off the champagne and wine that would be served the next evening at the combined rehearsal dinner and birthday party for Meredith, Joseph's bride to be. After unloading the boxes, it was time to go to the music rehearsal and jam session.

I could NOT get a good photo of anyone,

including friends who stopped by just to jam, and a few who stopped by to enjoy a sandwich with Joseph and Meredith.

But it was fun watching people interact, including Joseph's sister Karen, along with Matt, who would be a groomsman and also plays in the band Babylon Saints.

Matt caught my eye and gave me that cute face he makes right before he headed into the studio for the rehearsal.

Although it was hard to see, the jam session was fun. I even have a video that I want to get off the camera, but I didn't realize you need an account to put these videos on You-Tube or on your blog. Now I know, since the first time I had a video, Scott set it all up for me.

Scott opted to stay at the hotel with some of the guys, and early the next morning I took photos of the prayer flags that were along two sides of the guest room.

Not only was this one luxurious guest bedroom, it was much like a spa with a walk-in shower that would put some to shame, and a stand-alone tub that I swear would hold three people. I felt really honored to be staying there.

It was hard to tell this was a scene from a balcony.

Only after I added the railing to the photo, was it possible to see

the true beauty and seclusion all around.

Here is the condo where Joseph and Meredith will be living. It has been Meredith's condo for a couple of years and Joseph is in the process of moving in.

I was impressed by the exterior, including the storage unit. Of course, I never got a photo of the two car garage, which was located underneath the guest bedroom.

I had intended to get photos of their patio, which looked out over a swimming pool, but

this was as close as I got

before it was time for Joseph and me to run several errands, including getting the rental van.

Off we went through the canyons, the fog and mist making visibility less than ideal.

I so enjoyed driving through the canyons,

even though there were traffic stops and delays in the one we drove through that day.

The scenery is never to be missed.

even when there is lots of morning traffic.

A quick peek in the back seat to make certain Joseph's steel drums were still intact.

Note the huge castle-like estate on the hill on the right. According to Joseph, it is a winery as well as a vineyard. You can see the vines

growing on the hills. The morning we drove by, pickers were already out working. I watched in awe as they ran up and down the hills.

The winery is for sale for a mere $68 million dollars. Perhaps you can see some of the vines that can be seen in the upper right side of the photo.

We were now at the top of the mountain, heading into the city where we would pick up the rental van. It would be the last time I saw my camera before the wedding, because I took it with me into the rental office and accidentally left it sitting on their counter.

I think that's probably enough for today. It's been a busy time getting everyone to this place and time. Of course, so not to keep anyone guessing, I finally remembered where I left my camera, and was able to get it back less than four hours before the wedding.

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voodoo vixen said...

It's like being on the trip with you!! Love the scenery... will have to make it to California at some point while I am in this hemisphere!

Soooo, glad you are feeling a bit better!!

Kirsty.a said...

Looks like an amazing trip. that'll take some scrapbooking!

Cath said...

There are some amazing photos, so glad you got your camera back. Looking forward to seeing the rest.


Magpie said...

Oh my, I enjoyed your photos! I love California, there is no place quite like it. The canyons are beautiful. This is a very pretty time of year there, since most everything is green!

Did you ever find out why there were no Joshua trees? I know they only grow at a certain elevation. (As soon as you leave that elevation, they disappear.) It would be a shame if something had happened to them...

Healing Woman said...

I'm so glad you let us know where your camera was and glad it was still there! I enjoyed the pre-wedding glimpse. You know how to captivate with your pictures and words..I too, feel like I had a Californian adventure Elizabeth.

~*~Patty S said...

great fun driving down the road with you and your room sounds know I Love those Prayer Flags too!

Great that you got your camera back...don't want to miss a thing.

nice to see you back....I know how much time it takes for nice posts like this...thank you for sharing Ms E
(being a little nosey...what did your sweet Bleubeard do while you were gone?)

Stephanie Mealor Corder said...

Great photos and thanks for letting us tag along to California with you!
I'm glad you're feeling better, I've missed you!

Halle said...

I love how you document your trips. I don't do nearly as well.
Also glad you are feeling better.

Steph said...

Thanks for sharing these photos, E....looks like a jam packed trip but I'm sure it was good. glad you're feeling better...

Marilyn Rock said...

Thank you for sharing all of this with us. Great tour! xxoo PS Glad you found your camera :)

Dianne said...

so glad you got your camera back! beautiful views, and busy days. very glad you're feeling better!

olive said...

cant wait for the next installment of the trip to CA..... the photos are fantastic. hugs xxx

La Dolce Vita said...

what a big post E!! I now how loading all these photos in order takes it outta ya!! just great! been wondering how it was, ad so nice to have the first part of the story!! xx's

Kimmie said...

I enjoyed the photos! It looks like a very creative and artistic group .... I'll bet it was FUN! I especially love the two photos at the top of your post outside of Ludlow! Amazing shots of an unearthly sort of place!

Terri Kahrs said...

Great photos and love your documentation, Elizabeth! Ahhhhh, yessss! CA traffic! I remember it well from our trip out West a few years ago. It never stops!!! The condo looks amazing! Thanks so much for sharing. Hugs, Terri xoxo

sandra de said...

The condo looks amazing and gorgeous pics of the scenery. Lovely to hear you found your camera.

Shari said...

So glad you are on the mend. Absolutely loved all your pictures of the trip. I was born in California, but left when I was 2, so remember absolutely nothing of it. It is gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing and can't wait for more!

Sue said...

Hi ya hun
lovely to see ya piccies back, fabulous pics, the condo look fab, hope you all tickety boo now hun, have missed ya, sue,x

thekathrynwheel said...

Wow, that looks like some adventure. Great pics!