Saturday, January 1, 2011

My final blog pick gave me PMS!

I'm sure a few of you have already guessed who my final blog pick is. But first, let me show you what I received in the mail shortly before Christmas.

The envelope was decked out in fun mail art style packaging. And look at the swan at the lower left. It's dress maker's tissue and it's been stamped on. Never did I ever consider doing that, so I was impressed before I ever opened the envelope.

Once open, you can see all the goodies that spilled out. All those papers, images, and such that I'll be using in my art over the next year. Look at that stunning handmade arch slightly hidden by a playful bow.

And look at this package of charms and such.

Inside the package was a handmade bird's nest and a bird charm to compliment it. Also there was an "E" and a wonderful little burned-edge pink hand made flower that didn't quite make it into the photo.

Attached to the art I won, which is the arch in the upper left of the photo, was a package of MORE goodies. I was unbelievably impressed with the generosity and over-the-top kindness that my dear friend showed. There were so many goodies, including lace, more images, S&H green stamps, as well as the slightly rusted metal gauge plate, among others.

So now, if you don't know who my blog pick of the year is, you are brand new to my blog. Why? Because I have mentioned and linked to this person no less than 29 times this year, and that doesn't include the posts from last year, where I even borrowed photos for my Silent Sunday post. I also borrowed one that I used in a Valentine swap. And none of these links were because this person was the host of some blog party I was in. These were genuine art-inspired posts.

This person has been a GENUINE influence on my life, my art, and my blogging experience. S/he was the person who gently nudged me to join both Margaret's Project 2010 dress-up and Tea Tuesday at Kimmie's. S/he introduced me to the matchbox project, Butterfly Effect project, and various other interests. I learn something new each time I go to the blog I'm spotlighting, just as I learned from looking at the envelope above. We are also in a private six person swap. Although we have never met, I feel like I know this person like I know myself. In fact, with this blogger's influence, I have taken my art to a new and better level.

Sadly, if we ever meet, I would have to buy brand new clothes for the occasion, since her husband is violently allergic to cats. And we all know that cats mean hair and cat dander, no matter how careful we are. That's one reason I limit Bleubeard's time in my craft room.

So, have you guessed yet? Of course you have. My final blog of the day and year is full of PMS! It's my dear friend Patty from Magpie's Nest. No list would EVER be complete without her name on it. And I'm so proud to close out this year long adventure featuring one of the best artists I know: Patty M Szymkowicz. Thank you for everything, dear friend and for allowing me to close out my blog picks in style.

13 thoughtful remarks:

Gez said...

awe, Elizabeth what a wonderful package for a wonderful person. Enjoy your goodies..can't wait to see what you create with them. :) Your blog is a mine of info & exciting happenings all in one place! I alway love calling.
Lovely to hear you are joining the 365 calendar challenge.. have fun.xx
Best wishes to you & Bleubeard.XX

Susan Allan said...

You did really well; what a joy that must have been, opening up such a parcel. The hand-made bird's nest is amazing truly a thing of beauty in itself or would charm any future project!!

Charlie had a very serious wound from a dog bite about two years ago; the whiskers above his left eye never properly grew back. Lop-sided cat!!!
Hope this year brings you all good things and bucket-loads of creativity
Sue xxx

~*~Patty S said...

Oh My Dear Elizabeth ~ I come to you today after a very stressful family phone call (won't go into details but OY!!!)...I really do not have words to express the feelings that your kind words gave me...feels like a warm embrace from an art sister that truly gets me! Twenty-nine times...good golly Ms Molly!!!! I truly am honored and most delighted to get to know you here in the land of blog...It is no wonder you have such a following...thank you for being you AND for all the the connections you have helped so many people make in 2010...I know that 2011 will hold lots of creativity and sharing ... many thanks to you!

Wishing you and your precious Bleubeard a very happy 1/1/11 and a New Year filled with all the things that delight you!

funny story about Mr Mapgie...hope I am not repeating myself...some years ago now we went to The National Theatre in Wash DC to see the stage production of one of the quietest moments (most dramatic) in the play Mr M lets out with a gigantic sneeze...we had to laugh..truly the dander and such on Cat Lover's clothes had to have something to do with that! Cats Love him and he Loves's just his sinuses that have a bit of a time with it all....OK you got me going here...

Thank you dear friend...I am really looking forward to another wonderful year full of who knows what...and that is precisely the fun of it all...isn't it!
BIG Virginia hugs to you and Bleubeard!

Marilyn Rock said...

A wonderful package indeed Elizabeth! And; Patty is an incredible person and artist. I've never met her in person but have been following her Blog and her art and words - well; just a wonderful marriage and so inspiring to me on a daily basis! Thanks for sharing so much with us and I look forward to more! xxoo

Lori Saul said...

Hi Elizabeth, what a wonderful packgage of such pretty things! I wanted to wish you the very best health and happiness this New Year, to continue your wonderful reaching out in blogland and to tons of new creative projects!

Dianne said...

Wow! What wonderful goodies!!! I just love Patty and her art... I can't wait to see what you make with these goodies!

Cindy McMath said...

What a lovely package for a lovely lady - enjoy!

Cindy :)

Amy said...

I Lurve mail, and I lurve Patty's blog. Lucky duck!

Halle said...

What a wonderful package from Patty! And a lovely post about her as well.

Diane said...

These are beautiful!! I know that you'll put them to good use--and I know that 2011 will be the best ever in your art journey.
Isn't it wonderful the connections that we make through the internet!

see you there! said...

Another great package. I'm smitten with that handmade birds nest.


Dianne said...

A great package of gorgeousness! wonderful art potential there...It is a true blessing to meet artists on line and become dear friends. Not everyone "gets us"...artists, I mean. The generosity of artists like you and Patty is inspiring. Enjoy!!

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Happy New Year dear friend, may it be a healthy, fun, art-filled year ;-)
Love all the goodies you got, wonderful stuff to include in your artwork. Especially love the birds nest :-)
Haven't been blogging for a few weeks and was going to pop buy to visit a few frineds today, but blogger is soooo slow (or perhaps it's my PC!) that I'm leaving it for another day.
Luv Anne xx (will post comments on other stuff another day too)