Friday, December 31, 2010

Ringing out the old with accountability

As this year winds down to its last few hours, I now must be accountable for the goals I set last year on this day. Last year I had high hopes that I had set only doable goals. In looking back over these, I was shocked to see how many I had not fulfilled. Here is the list I shared on January 1 last year, and here are the results of my efforts. My resolutions are in black, and their outcome in green.

1. Finish my Hands AB and create a blog specifically for it.

I realize I've gotten a bit further than this, but I still haven't put this book to bed, so to speak. Every so often, I pull it out and work on it, and plan to until I have used all the pages. I must declare this one an unfulfilled project, some might call an unfinished project (object) or UFO.

2. Finish my altered recipe mini-AB and possibly create a blog for it. I say possibly because it all depends on how many pages end up in the book and if it deserves its own blog.

This was a blank book gift from Christmas, 2008. I have stopped and started this one so many times, it isn't funny. I'm trying to learn more about how to integrate art with recipes, something I find very difficult to achieve. This may be my favorite layout, and it was the second one I created in the book. This also goes into my UFO pile.

3. Make at least one assemblage or collage a week, with a show in mind.

I started the year on a roll. In fact, by mid to late January, I had made 10 collages and 2 art quilts (quiltlets) for the One World One Heart (OWOH) massive world-wide blog hop I participated in again this year. Things seem to have gone downhill after that, even though lately I've been participating in a weekly challenge at Inspiration Avenue and I have been sewing journal pages nearly every day.

4. Sell my first art piece.
Again this year, it didn't happen. But at least I'm closer this year than before. I actually have something to sell, if I ever put it out there. I know buyers don't come to my doorstep, so I'm in the process of researching the best way to market my art. And I still don't have enough art to have a local show, which requires at least 20 pieces.

5. Post to my blog every day, even though some posts may seem trivial. Use the blog as a document of my art, the materials I used, etc.
For the second year in a row, I have posted every day. I hope to show better art next year, though.

6. Be more involved in the "Create Every Day" prompts.
I can't seem to follow prompts. I have trouble when I have to stick to someone else's theme. I know that makes it difficult to create good art when I'm in swaps, but I learned that about me this year. However, if I fit the prompt to the post, I'm sure there are posts each month that would fit perfectly within the theme. Like everything else, though, I don't seem to add my link when I should. For that I apologize to all of you I met during Art Every Day Month.

I have signed up again to participate next year, too. I thought I was late signing into WOYWW at times, but I'm 160 on Leah's blog linky. To sign up, grab a 2011 badge, and join too. There's no stress and no commitments.

7. Continue visiting the Xerox site (link on my sidebar under "Eye candy and Freebies") and sending postcard support to our troops. See this post for the specifics.
I missed a few days of this project during August and October, but have tried to click every day. I even considered writing a "reminder" post around Thanksgiving. However, I got distracted and not only forgot to remind people about the link, I also forgot to click on it after being stretched so thin between Halloween and Christmas. However, I am now clicking again. I hope you will, too.

8. Contemplate (because I'm not sure if it's possible since I have much to research) teaching another on-line class, but this time get paid for it.
I started looking into doing this early in the year, and decided I needed a good camera that takes video before I can even consider teaching anything online.

9. Use more fabric in my art, including that which I have dyed or painted.
YEA!! One goal I don't mind being accountable for and saying I achieved.

Yes, I'm doing more and more fabric oriented art, and finishing more fabric oriented projects.

10. Get/make a new blog banner that portrays my artistic sensibilities.
My blog got a makeover earlier this year, but my blog banner or header as some call it,

has nothing to do with altered books or altered art, only my cat, who everyone seems to love when he joins a post.

11. Play with a different technique (maybe even more than one) each month, then document it on my blog. Some techniques I hope to either learn or expand on are:
a. Gelatin monoprinting
b. Papermaking
c. Stamp making (and not the potato stamps like I've made in the past)
d. Become friendly with my Dremel
e. Nature printing
f. Use rubber stamps in my art
g. Mat my art using my mat cutter
h. Make my own frames using my miter saw
i. Make my first mosaic
j. Work with resin
k. Solder
l. Make useful art in Photoshop
m. Take better photos with this new camera

If you notice, I have played with several new techniques this year, played with some new materials thanks to "Totally Tutorials," and written a few tutorials. I will continue to write at least one new tutorial each month, even if it's a mini-tutorial. And, you'll be able to access my full tutorials on the Tutorials page located at the top of this blog. Once again, I believe in the adage "learn it, do it, teach it."

Sadly, my photography skills are no better than they were. If anything, they have degraded. When I handed my friend Scott the camera he gave me for my birthday, so he could take some photos at Christmas, he said, "This camera takes lousy photos. Why do you think I gave it to you?" So even though I have always considered myself to be a decent photographer, I truly believe I need a better camera before I will ever get any quality indoor shots.

And finally:
12. Visit one new blog each day and leave a comment. Who knows? I might make a long term friend that way and I'm sure I'll become exposed to new and unique art!!
This is one thing I have done, and possibly the reason I have made so little art in 2010. Although I am simply thrilled by all the wonderful artists I have met and whose lives I still interact with, I find I spend more time on the computer than anything else. Therefore, my January 1 post will include my final blog pick of the day. And in case you want a hint as to who it will be, all I have to say is, it is a friend who has influenced my art, my blog, and my participation in challenges more than anyone I have met in blogland. Guesses are always welcome today only.

So how did I do in 2010? Better in some areas, not so well in others. However, I hope that tomorrow's post, where I become accountable for 2011 resolutions will be realistic and show that I truly intend to keep my goals/resolutions realistic so I can truly be accountable to each and every one on December 31, 2011.

My word for the year was Inspire. I hope in some way, I was able to inspire you, because I've actually inspired myself at times. And I know you have certainly inspired me. Inspired me to keep going, even when I wanted to quit. Inspired me to meet challenges and deadlines because someone was counting on me. Inspired me to expand and grow. Inspired me to be a better person and artist. And for that, I thank all of you beyond what words can express.

And now it's time to wish you, my loyal readers, followers, and inspirations, a safe and happy New Year.

9 thoughtful remarks:

Carola Bartz said...

You just inspired me with your post. Years ago I have stopped making new year resolutions, but while I read this post I could relate to so many of your thoughts. I truly love your honesty. And I think I actually will make new year resolutions and even post them on my blog.
A happy and joyful New Year to you and Bleubeard as well! I'm glad to have met you in blogland.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

You have shared with me in this last year glorious process and adventures in making your sacred marks. May we all be healthy and happy to discover new avenues for our personal dialogues with one another. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Bea said...

Be gentle with yourself. You have been like a pebble dropped in the water, the ripples have gone farther than you could imagine. Happy New Year, dear friend. :)Bea

voodoo vixen said...

I agree with Bea, you have no idea of your influence and everyone who visits your blog is grateful for the time and energy you put into all parts of your life and art.
Happy New Year to you, Elizabeth... and Bleubeard!!

The Paper Princess said...

Dear Elizabeth

I wanted to stop by today to wish you the happiest of new year's! I really enjoyed your post and am amazed by your focus, regardless of how well you feel you have achieved your individual goals! I do hope that when you redo your banner you will still find a way to incorporate the beloved Bleubeard on it as he brings a smile to so many of your visitors upon their arrival!

Here's to another great year of blogging!


elle said...

Elizabeth, I found you late in the year and I'm amazed at how much you have inspired me. Even your year end accountability is resonating with me as I consider 2011. And I totally agree with "learn it, do it, teach it"! Thanks

~*~Patty S said...

I certainly DO think you lived up to your word of the year INSPIRE is a very ambitious certainly do and have done that over the year!

My word was "play" ... altho I forgot the word about midway thru the year...but "playing" turned out to be easy

this is such a thoughtful post
you inspire me again and again art sister!

Halle said...

I have never picked a word of the year. Of course I've seen many who do. You accomplished so many things this year even though some didn't fully get crossed off the've made great strides in your hands book for example. Don't be hard on yourself...

Dianne said...

this is such a cool post...I find that I just go along and don't often reflect on my goals as often as I should. I think it is amazing that you posted every day!! That alone would be enough to keep me busy. You really did INSPIRE a lot of people this year, even if you didn't fulfill all of the I think you have reason to feel pleased with your year's (art)work! Here's wishing you a safe, happy, creative, joyous, prosperous New Year! hugs...