Friday, December 31, 2010

How I spent the warmest day of December and Day 6 of the 12 Days of Christmas swap

Yesterday was the warmest day of December. It was 65 degrees F (~19 degrees C) and I put on shorts and a sleeveless top and cleaned my house and got rid of the Christmas decorations. The only "Christmas" left are the 12 Days packages I still haven't opened, which you can see in the basket below.

Now tidy is one thing, clean is another.

I first got rid of all the Christmas goodies. You should have seen my kitchen table while I was packing things away. I used it as a staging area where all things Christmas went to be packed up.

I dusted,

I polished the wood furniture (boy do I have a lot of wood furniture),

I vacuumed (or Hoovered, if you live in the UK),

I even cleaned the ceiling fan and sanitized the garbage disposal! Then I checked my mail.

What an awesome surprise gift I got from Kayla, my dear teen friend.

This is Kayla's page,
and here it is up close. However, she has much better photos of it on her blog post here. What an absolutely PERFECT way to be rewarded after spending the day cleaning.

Fast forward twenty-four hours or so, and today is the final day of 2010. I am actually looking forward to 2011. But before we get there, it's time to open our Day 6 art square.

Day 6's package came wrapped in shimmery hand painted paper and was tied with ribbon and a tag. The tag proudly proclaimed this gift was from Amy McDonald. I love her stylized writing on both the tag and the back of the art square.

Amy's swan, depicting six swans a swimming, is full of detail and texture. I wish you could run your hands over this one, because the texture is simply wonderful. Amy added sheet music to the handmade background, too.

Today's blog goes to Amy on the Flipside. Amy has a fun sense of humor, and many of her posts will have you laughing at her mishaps, which she documents for you. Her blog banner begins the fun, and it doesn't stop there. If you want a bit of humor along with unique art, please visit Amy on the Flipside whose package I opened today.

I'll be back this evening to document how well I did on my New Year's resolutions I made on January 1. Until then, how are you spending this last day of 2010?

7 thoughtful remarks:

Halle said...

It was really warm in MN too! It rained and was 43F. We lost *at least* a foot of snow pack yesterday alone. Now our sump pump is running in the dead of winter...go figure.

I love all your antique furniture!! Have a wonderful day!

Gez said...

Gosh you've had a busy day! Your home is looking splendid. :) No shorts here today I'm afraid or hoovering ;) Love your little square Elizabeth. Sending you much love & best wishes for 2011. Gez.xx

elle said...

Bless you, Elizabeth. Not that warm up here in central Canada but I guess shorts could fit with the sweat and speed of cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, etc. as I sweep out crumbs from 2010. As I have a quick browse with my coffee I'm statring to get excited about 2011. First to-do is my niche for the AB. I shall take all your inspiration well into the new year. Thanks!!!

Julia Dunnit said...

Wow a balmy day to do the spring cleaning! How nice and now you're all ready to enjoy next year! Love Amy's contribution, she's something. Happy New Year dear friend, see you over the time line!

Diane said...

Today I did not feel well at all, but I wish I did, because we had highs in the 50's all day with no rain. I would have loved to clean my house. I wish you a very happy and exciting 2011!

Dandelion and Daisy said...

Your young friend, Kayla, is so talented and creative. She will go far. I love the Cloth, Paper, Scissors calendar and gift myself with one every year. Looks like you accomplished much more than I have this week. Hope your New Year is full of good health and good cheer.

Amy said...

Oh! Neat!
Oh my gosh - I FORGOT to open my 12 Days packages. Seriously! I was out of town on a Hideous family holiday reunion (*shudder*) and amid the cold sweats and night terrors, I spaced the packages altogether.
Ima Loser.
Thank you for making me your blog pic. That's neat.