Saturday, December 25, 2010

Home at last!

Leaving the country late this afternoon, all we saw was a beautiful blue sky that was filled with vapor trails left by aircraft rushing people to their destinations.

It was amazing how the camera caught these depending on which direction we were heading.

Although the windshield distorted the photos, you can see there is enough moisture in the atmosphere to cause the vapor trails to last a very long time before breaking up.

Even though the sky put on a lovely show, I was glad to get home. When I got home, there were several gifts waiting for me in my mailbox, along with ones I had saved to open when I could appreciate them. I hope to open my gifts when it warms a bit in my craft room, which was a chilly 47 degrees F the last time I checked. Until then, I'll be removing over 240 photos from my camera, sifting through them, and snuggling under a warm blanket next to my new heater while I'm working in my office.

What would Christmas be without a Christmas blog? And it seems as if Alek Komarnitsky and his family love to put on a Christmas show. Alek, who lives near Denver, CO (in the US), tricked visitors to his web site in 2004 into believing they could control his light show. However, after catching flack, he actually found a way to allow internet viewers to control the light show at his home. To make this a story of interest, because quite frankly, the lights and displays are not all that pretty or unique, Alek uses 100% wind energy to power the lights and animated toys. So, here is a Christmas blog, that is a bit late, but still fun to see some of the videos produced by Alek Komarnitsky's Christmas blog.

And a belated Christmas to all of my wonderful blogging friends. I hope it was your best ever.

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Halle said...

Merry Christmas to you too! I am so far behind on all of my blogs that I read. I don't think I'll ever thoroughly catch up, at least with comments...

elle said...

Welcome Back!