Monday, December 27, 2010

Day Two of the 12 Days of Christmas swap

Day Two of the second group's 12 Days swap belongs to me. Never let it be said I would miss an opportunity to throw in a mini tutorial along with the gift I made.

Those of you who follow my blog, saw a teaser of this back in November. Because this was day two, I hand drew the "2" on wax paper using white glue. I tried to control the glue as it came out, but some of the "2s" are better than others.

I spent an insane amount of time placing plastic confetti birds on the glue, and unfortunately, made the "2s" a bit wonky.

Next, I added single layers of facial tissue to the tops, using watered down glue. Be sure to dab the glue/water mixture on at this point. The tissue is quite fragile and tears easily.

Allow to dry, preferably overnight.

After the "2s" were dry, I cut them to size, then backed them (still with the wax paper on them) with dictionary pages, again using white glue, this time full strength again. Then I sewed around the piece.

For the paper, I used some deli paper and painted them fun Christmas colors. Since the deli paper was a bit see through, I backed them with sheet music. Then I inserted the art square gift and sewed the package shut using the longest straight stitch I could get from my machine. I made a small tag and stapled it to the string I left hanging, in hopes the recipient would be able to easily pull the string freely. Click to see them larger.

While I was looking for ideas for pages for the first 12 Days swap (Dec. 13-24), I learned the doves I had created were not turtle doves. In fact, the more research I did, I found that turtle doves are smaller than other doves, and have a beige body. The turtle dove's tail is key, though, because it is wedge shaped, with a dark center with white borders and tips.

So I dug out my black marker and beige stamp pad, and went to town on the doves. The words in their beak are stamped (yes, I stamped) on seam binding. It was already doubled, so I didn't have to deal with raw edges. I printed a portion of the 12 Days song, colored it with Staz-on/alcohol mixture, then sewed the front to the back (which contains my personal information). I added the two doves using foam dots for lift. Click to see them larger.

Since today was my day, my blog pick is one that I missed in the first set of 12 Days. Patt of Patt's Ponderings was featured on Day 8 of the previous 12 Days swap. I just learned about her blog, and wanted to feature it today. Patt hasn't been blogging long, but she makes some lovely ceramics, along with altered art. I hope you will visit Patt's Ponderings today.

And I'm going to try to get around to visiting everyone who left such wonderful and heart felt comments while I was gone. Seems like I haven't been around so long, I have no idea where to begin. But I'll try to visit today or tomorrow, since I'm still working on a few Christmas gifts.

7 thoughtful remarks:

rebeca trevino said...

that was fun! thanks for the tutorial too!

PS how does one get to be part of this next year? i would love to participate?

Gez said...

Gorgeous pages. Thanks for showing us how to..
Wishing you a Happy Christmas & Best Wishes for the New Year. Gez.xx

Marilyn Rock said...

Thanks for the tutorial - super! Gorgeous! xxoo

Halle said...

I remember you showing these 2's before. Talk about fussy work! WOW that must have taken forever!! Worth the effort though.

elle said...

Two is for tutorial! Thanks!

La Dolce Vita said...

great tutorial E! I hope you had a nice Christmas?! are you as bone dry as we are? any snow?? xx''s

Marlynn said...

Ahhh, Elizabeth, your talent always leaves me speechless! The turtle doves, lovely, the birds on the twos are just incredible! Happy new year from me, Harley and the rat, Huxley or whatever his name is. Yes he is still here and doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Hope all is well with you, Wendy, and Bleubeard. Happy New Year soon.....