Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Advent Calendar Day Twenty one and welcome Winter

Here we are to Day 21, which also marks the Winter Solstice. It doesn't seem possible there are so few days left till Christmas and it certainly doesn't feel like Christmas, since yesterday it was in the mid 60s F ((~18 C) here. I've already had my tea, so if you're looking to see my Tea Tuesday post, please see the previous entry.

I thought if I waited for sunlight, I might get some better photos of the contents of this box.

But the sunlight never came, and no matter how much light I put on the piece, I couldn't capture these fibers, ribbons, and tags as they unfurled from the box they hide in the rest of the year.

Perhaps this is a better photo of the contents and some of the open boxes. As may be evident from this photo, this is the last box of the tree. Tomorrow I begin opening boxes that make up the trunk.

I hope you are ready for Christmas. I know I'm sure not, which means after I get my out and about shopping finished, I'll be in the studio most of the evening making a couple of quiltlets. I've already made three and not a single one, NOPE, not one has turned out right. See, they require some type of measuring, something I'm simply not good at. And since they need to hang, they are all too wonky to hang straight. What handmade goodies have you made this Christmas? I hope your Christmas shopping is complete and you are ready for the big day.

6 thoughtful remarks:

Debrina said...

I'm definitely NOT ready - I haven't even sent out Christmas cards yet. Looks like they're all gonna have to go by FAST post tonight if I want them all to arrive before xmas!

Julia Dunnit said...

I'm not ready, the shopping isn't complete and I'm starting not to mind. Remember the rugs are always woven imperfectly..deliberately...why should a hanging be square? I love the idea! Gosh, your weather is a bit balmy..it's been about 26F here all day and dread to think how it is now, at about 7pm...brr. t must have been lovely when the fibres just pooped out and uncurled this morning!

Gayle...... that,s me said...

Hi Elizabeth and a very Merry Christmas to you !! No , you are not alone in not being ready for Christmas. I only put my tree up 2 days ago, got my gift shopping done yesterday and have Christmas cakes baking in the oven as I type this, hence NO Tea on Tuesday post. But hey as long as I am breathing and can put a smile on my face the rest is just "tinsel" so I am not getting too fussed. I think someone put the last 2 months on fast forward and forgot tell us. I have not completed my last 4 dresses for DressUp 2010 either, but I am determined in the New year to do them and have a set of 12. Have a safe, happy and contented Christmas. XX

Angie said...

Thank you for dropping by ...I am as ready as I ever will be aka as 'chaos' but does it really matter as long as there is loads of food and good company. Have a lovely few days over Christmas and find time to relax a little too ...I will be this year as there are three of us sharing the chores ...take care

Healing Woman said...

You make me laugh Elizabeth..You are so doggone honest! Who, but you, tells of mishaps in craft/sewing? The time has just disappeared and now we only have a few days left..you are right. I am so glad that I met you this year and look forward to the new year ahead. Have a wonderful Christmas Elizabeth!!!

~*~Patty S said...

goodness it's downright balmy in your neck of the woods...with the wind chill it is in the mid 20's here in N VA...slight chance of snow for Christmas Day fa la la
I too am amazed at how quickly time is flying by!
Take care my friend