Friday, December 3, 2010

Advent Calendar: Day Three

Day Three's Advent offering begins with a silver reflective number to mark the outside,

and opens to show three miniature playing cards and a bingo marker.

And because it's so hard to see these up close and personal, here is a recap of the first three days after they were opened. I hope you are enjoying these. I had so much fun making them, and I have a ton more jewelry boxes, which means I could make another one.

I had a bit of a problem (OK, big problem) with my internet connection again yesterday, and couldn't log on. Seems the electric company is trimming trees in my area, and they have caused some power outages for both phone service (which means my internet, too) and electric power lines. They are trying to prevent the very problem they seem to be creating. This could go on up to two weeks, I'm told when I finally got through to the electric company. I was so glad it was a gorgeous day, sunny and beautiful with a high in the low 60s. So, I didn't need electricity or heat, and decided to get some much needed errands out of the way before it turned cold last night (well actually tonight when I'm writing this). Pretty upsetting when I wanted to post to my blog, but good that I got some running out of the way on a gorgeous day. So, I owe two blogs, one for yesterday and one for today. And to make certain I get at least one blog entry today, I am posting this from a friend's house and am scheduling this post for six am. Let's hope my internet/phone line is up and running again soon. I'm going bonkers.

Yesterday's blog is Green Paper written by Mary Green. Now I realize a lot of this blog is about advertising her various collage sheets, classes, etc., but when I first discovered her blog, it was all about beautiful collages. Imagine my surprise when I returned yesterday to find most posts were pimping her wares. But that's OK, because interspersed with the self promotion is a smathering of lovely glue book type collages as well as some really incredible freebies. So, if you like vintage, you should give this one a peek.

Today's blog is Nicole Lahy, a graphic designer and artist who lives in Wisconsin. I thoroughly enjoyed her watercolors and woodcuts, although I found the woodcut images slow to load, even on a very fast internet connection. Her web site is well worth a peek, though, because there is a great deal of clever art and graphic design on it.

11 thoughtful remarks:

see you there! said...

Your advent calendar is so clever and of course so "altered artist" in style. Really and original idea.

Hope all the power lines stay connected for you today.


sharon said...

Wishing you a better electricity day today! Your calender is coming along the creativity in this!

Healing Woman said...

It's so clever the way you are creating this calendar. Good use for those little jewelery boxes that are too cute to throw away but "what to do with them?" You found a solution.

I just hate it when I can't get on the computer to check out everyone's posts and see what is happening in bloglandia. Hope you have luck today.

voodoo vixen said...

Morning Elizabeth, I am with you on the frustration level when the internet goes down... or the electricity goes off... I suddenly sit there and think... well, I may as well do the washing then - oops, no electric, ok, I'll go bake some cakes - oops, no electric, and it goes on!! Going out shopping or visiting is probably the answer - especially if it all gets turned on for your return!! :)
Love today's advent gift, this is such a clever idea. You would probably enjoy Dyan's advent idea this year... she is putting three things in each box and then has to use them to make a tag!!

Kathy said...

ohhh your advent calendar is soooo lovely. Thanks for letting us share it!

Margaret said...

Such a cool calender idea, I'm going to enjoy following you through the month of December!

Diane said...

These are so cute! But how fustrating for you with the electric--we'd have problems here. It's usually dark and gloomy and COLD--I'm not ready for winter yet. Buffalo got about 2 feet of snow yesterday, and we usually get the same weather but thankfully not this time---not yet.

Marlynn said...

Love your advent calendar! Sorry about your internet connection - how frustrating but glad you had 60 degrees. Bet you Wendy and Bleubeard enjoyed it! It is really cold here and we may see a few snow flurries tonight. Enjoy the evening!

Amy said...

Oh, the advent calendar is Such a neat idea!
Wish I'd thought of it.

Batu said...

I am loving the Advent Calendar...look forward to more!

Marilyn Rock said...

Your calendar is amazing Elizabeth! Hope your internet connection is up and running. xxoo