Sunday, December 5, 2010

Advent Calendar, Day 5 and Silent Sunday's blog

It's Day 5 of my advent calendar, and I'm opening a box that has a reflective metal number on it. You can see how reflective it is, because I never got a photo that didn't have some reflection of it.

The contents of this box reminded me of my friend Patty, who of course I didn't know when I made this calendar. The background is a showing of a small version of a part of a wallpaper border sample. Lowes (a big box home/hardware store in the US) used to give these out instead of wallpaper samples. I haven't seen these small strips in years, but I was glad I picked this one up, since the palm trees seemed to go so well with the tiny brass elephant.

Today's blog is OMG Posters. This site really opened my eyes to the artistic value of posters, not to mention the prices some of these posters command. Whoever the authors of this site are, they seem to remain anonymous, but enjoy featuring posters from various parts of the world, especially the New York City (US) scene. Even if you don't like posters, graphics from this site will have you reeling. Hope you enjoy this one as much as I did.

I'll be back later with more Cowtown Museum photos for Silent Sunday. The party ran really late, and when I got home, I had to clean my kitchen before I could go to bed. I was exhausted, but woke early (around 4:30 am), but within a few minutes, I was back to sleep. As you can see, I slept in. I haven't slept this long in I can't remember when! Boy do I feel rested. Have a super Sunday, everyone.

4 thoughtful remarks:

Lynn said...

Your advent calendar is such fun! Happy holidays!!!

sharon said...

Fun number 5 and calender! Glad you got some rest!

Sue said...

Oh luv box number five hun, luv me nellies, sue,xx

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Hi Elizabeth, I didn't realise I'd missed so many days. I've been on the PC a few times but briefly 'cos I find by the time I've checked my emails, answered a few and forwarded a few funny ones then commented on a few blogs so much time has passed. So sometimes I just visit a couple of my regular blogs with the intention of doing a few more another day.
Anyway I love the idea of you advent calendar and love the little delights in each box @-)
We had a power cut over a week ago, but luckily it was only for 1 hour, but as you say you need for so many things. I kept thinking I'll just... and then realising I couldn't. I could still boil some water in a pan on top of the cooker for a cup of tea though :-)
Anne xx