Wednesday, December 29, 2010

12 Days of Christmas swap, Days Three and Four

Today I'm playing catch up, something I've been doing for over a month, it seems.

This lovely package was made by Penny, who was also in the first 12 Days of Christmas group. This was her first ever swap and I think she did an excellent job. The little foam tree is raised on the tag, with the number on the tag back.

Inside was this lovely art square depicting Three French Hens. Penny made a hidden pocket which held a tag.

When it was removed, the tag represented the three beliefs that the hens symbolize. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get a decent photo of the writing on the back that explained this symbolism.

Day Four was wrapped in a brown paper bag by Michelle, another first time swapper with me. As cliche as that sounds, this bag was stamped and decorated to perfection

on both sides, even!

This beautiful art square was difficult to photograph, since it was a hybrid collage (mostly digital, some traditional elements). I only wish you could see this stunning beauty in real life.

EDITED: After finding Michelle's blog, I read that she used one of her own photos as the base of this piece. Also, according to Michelle:
I then digitally altered it by using filters along with a sepia tone. It was printed on white card stock paper and then to create an aged look around the left-hand edge, I used brown water color paint and let it run.
For the hanging 4, I used a 1" circular paper punch and punched out several pieces from decorative scrapbook paper. I then used the same 1" paper punch on white card stock paper, stamped the 4, cut around it, then used the Chocolate Brown colored stamping ink on the edges and then lightly pressed over the 4 to give it more of an aged look. The 4 was then glued onto the 1" circle and a needle was used to puncture a hole and run the metallic copper thread through and tied. I then punched two holes into the actual art piece and pulled the metallic thread through, taping it to the back. It was then finished off with bronze mini-brads. For the final touch, I ran the fuzzy black yarn down the side and taped it to the back. The back was then covered with 5"x5" white card stock and black stamping ink was used on the edges and around the writing which explained my interpretation of the Four Calling Birds.
This is what I wrote:
During the holiday season, many people stay busy visiting with family and friends. I am from the southern United States and grew up hearing my elder ancestors say they were "going calling" or "going to call on someone." This phrase meant they were going to visit someone. Hence, my interpretation of the Four Calling (Visiting) Birds.

To my knowledge, Michelle doesn't have a blog, and Penny is the one who I'm going to help put a blog together once my life settles a bit (like 2024 or so). However, I hope you enjoy their art. This is one awesome swap and these are two stunning examples of the quality of art that has come out of it.

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Poeticthnkr said...

Hi Elizabeth!
This is Michelle. I sent you an e-mail just now but am posting here as well. My blog address is:
I am so glad that you enjoyed the piece!
I loved yours as well!!! =)

Stephanie Mealor Corder said...

These are gorgeous- and as always, I enjoyed hearing your thoughts about each one. I'm sorry you're running behind, but also kind of glad because that means you might be more understanding that I am too! I have missed Bloglandia and my bloggy friends this last week :)

Marilyn Rock said...

Yes; indeed! A beautiful swap! Happy New Year to you and yours! xxoo

Scrapcollectr said...

Guess it's best to comment on the most recent post.....looks like some fun swapping to take u into the new year! Lov that new deer of yours...hope he's the outgoing type and makes lots of new friends...he's certainly got his looks going for him!
Happy New Year!

Donna: said...

Another wonderful swap E. You do pick some neat themes for us to ponder and make aRt.

Marlynn said...

Happy New Year to Elizabeth, Bleubrear, and Wendy from Marlynn, Harley, and the little rat who won't go away. Hugs!