Thursday, December 23, 2010

12 Days, Day 11 and Advent calendar Day Twenty three

I have a confession to make. I'm not here. In fact, I'm not anywhere near a computer. I'm on auto pilot, or at least my blog is today. Those of you who follow my blog know I was planning an out-of-town trip on Thanksgiving, which I missed because I chose to complete the second 12 Days of Christmas swap. So for the next three days, I am spending time with my friend Scott and his family at his parents home. Yes, there will be pictures! And yes, I opened these gifts before I left, so I could post them to my blog and you wouldn't be left hanging.

I could barely wait to show this fun package I got from Jackie Smith. This is simply adorable. One of the things that was important in this swap was the packaging, and Jackie came through with the absolute cutest gift wrap. It's a fabric pouch she sewed to hold our gifts. I may not even bind mine if I can keep them all in this beauty. She made one for each person and placed her art square in the number of their day. She stamped and sewed each person's name to the top. Unfortunately, I can't show you mine, because I took one of the players whose place I took in the swap. But I'm simply delighted just to get one of these lovely beauties. Jackie said she found the fabric online and I am truly in love with it.

And her eleven pipers were piping away, too. Can you see the red thread she used as a frame to compliment the red TARTAN fabric she used as an accent? Yes, I'm deferring to my UK friends who have taught me this is NOT PLAID, but tartan. This is one stunning art square.

And today is day 23 of the little jewelry boxes Advent Calendar.

I nearly stood on head after I opened the box to get this piece. In case you can't tell, this box is purple velvet.

In bright light, the copper colored polymer clay shimmered gold.

I made these pieces from molds I made myself. I first heated my hot glue gun and added a stick of "multiple temperature" glue. When the glue gun was hot, I inked a stamp with pigment ink, then poured a puddle blob of hot glue. As quickly as possible, I stamped HARD into the blob of molten glue. I left the stamp in the hot glue until it had cooled and turned from clear to translucent. At that point, I removed the stamp and had made a mold for polymer clay. If you have used enough hot glue, you will have a substantial mold. I use one short stick (about 4" long) for each mold. As the stamp buries into the glue, the glue forms a nice wall around the stamp. I've never tried this with UNmounted stamps and never with clear, either. These are (believe it or not) from Stampin' Up. They were a hostess gift and the set was discontinued, but offered to hostesses during the month in which I had my one and only party. I think the set is called "Key to my Heart." I've never used more than three stamps in the set.

Today's blog pick is Jackie, whose art square gift I opened today. I met Jackie on the only Yahoo group at the time that featured altered books. It wasn't long until I wanted a more intimate relationship and formed ABC (Altered Book Club) , a Yahoo group. Jackie and I became fast friends and I have loved and admired her art since the first time I saw it. Just look at her blog banner and you'll be hooked! So be sure to visit Jackie Smith's blog today.

9 thoughtful remarks:

Susan Allan said...

What a lovely gift, your friend is very talented.
I love your idea for the moulds. I was just wondering how you keep the glue hot as it takes a while to melt one whole glue stick. I guess you could keep it warm on a hotplate or something. It is a fantastic way to make a mould and those mounted rubber stamps are indestructible.

Enjoy your few days away.
Sue xxxx

Julia Dunnit said...

Well first of all, I hope you're having a fab few days away, how lovely that having missed one holiday for really selfless reasons, you get to be with your special people now instead. Jackie's work for the swap is lovely, it really has been a treat a day, huh. Y'all know that truly the 12 days of Christmas start on Christmas Day huh? Which is why here, 12th night is traditionally the deadline for taking down your decorations (Ephiphany, see)
Anyway, whatever and wherever, a warm and happy Christmas, sending you love.

Dianne said...

Have a wonderful time with your friends! So thoughtful of you to plan your posts ahead...great idea for making your own molds for the clay! so many possibilities... Merry Christmas!

~*~Patty S said...

Your molten pieces turned out great Elizabeth. Have a wonderful Christmas and time away!
ho ho ho
fa la la

see you there! said...

Oh my, almost all the Advent boxes have been opened. I've ejoyed them all. Thanks for the instructions for hot glue moulds, something to try in the new year.

Have a great time with your friends.


Lynn said...

Well good you are off hopefully having fun for the holidays. Enjoy!!!!

Tammy Freiborg said...

Thank you for planning ahead and continuing with the unveiling. I'm enjoying the daily surprise. Enjoy your time away!

Patti said...

Enjoying all of your 'days' and even if you aren't there today you still managed a post! Bravo to you and Merry Christmas!

jackie said...

Thank you for your lovely comments on my Day 11 piece, Elizabeth! Sorry that I have not updated my blog with all of the 12 Day pages - I got so behind with all of the Christmas happenings!
Hope you had a great time on your trip!