Saturday, November 13, 2010

Week in Review (or why I haven't visited you, dear friends)

I love visiting blogs. I love meeting new friends. And as you know, I ALWAYS visit YOU my dear friends and leave a comment. Except this week has been different. Things have been very busy here, and life got in the way of computer time. What little computer time I had, I used it to put out fires. So, I promise to visit next week, but this week is pretty much shot.

In a recap of my week, on Monday I went to my friend Billie's to see her new home. Now I showed you her new back yard, but failed to mention that if you look directly across the river, you will see a portion of her former three story home she and her recently deceased husband/partner owned. Yep, she moved directly across from her former home. She traded one side of the river for the other side.

On Tuesday, my friend Scott asked me to come by and bring some of my pneumatic (air) hoses, a splitter that would allow more hoses to be attached, and my pneumatic paint gun. I gladly loaned them to him, since he had all his tools stolen about a month or two ago and was only now slowly replacing what he needed to work on his home. I took my Wednesday Wendy doll with me for company. In this photo, she is soaking up lots of sunshine and is all washed out.

At Scott's I got to play with cool tools.

I got such a laugh out of the air nozzles. The one in back had been attached, because I brought it on one of the hoses. The other, the colorful one, is Scott's. See how technology has changed? They both do the same job, but Scott's is compact, much lighter weight, and easier to manipulate. I call this old school meets new school.

After using a few power tools, I offered to help paint a few boards. You can see the sun is high in the sky as I found a way to set up the boards, then brush two coats of paint on

these trim pieces that Scott built himself.

At the end of the day, I went around and took photos of his roof project from the south side,

the front,

and across the street.

I even got a photo of Scott that wasn't blurry.

As I was taking a photo of the roof line on the north side, I noticed for the first time

how he had draped the rope to simulate a makeshift fence after he removed the chain link fence that had been there before.

I'm getting the evil eye as Scott drinks his coffee and inspects his handiwork. In this photo, you can just about see all three peaks.

Before I left for the day, it was back to work using power tools. This time it was Scott using the table saw. Now I admit it! There are not too many machines I'm afraid of, or don't like to use, but table saws scare me, and always have. So, I gladly let Scott do all the complicated angle cuts using the table saw.

After his break in, Scott installed a four camera system around his "construction site," which is also his home. This is what it looked like Wednesday morning right before I drove back to his place. I stopped by the grocery store, then headed over to help. I didn't bother taking my camera. I was just there to work and I like the idea that it really looks like a construction site.

You can see a big difference at the end of the day (Hint: look at the upper left camera shot in each photo). These are screen shots from my computer. I have his code and can watch his house any time I like.

After having been gone for three days, I was anxious to catch up on all my friends' blogs and what was going on in your lives. I really love reading all about theiryour interests, seeing your art, and sharing your joys and sorrows. But I had the Friday challenge to finish, as well as some art to make for a swap.

Then the bottom fell out from under me on Thursday. Now I'm not one to complain, BUT, I am hosting two 12 Days of Christmas swaps that are based on the song "12 Days of Christmas." Each person was to pick a number and make 12 of their chosen day, send 11 to me and keep one for themselves. The due date had come and gone, and I kept sending e-mails to the two people who were holding up the swap. On Thursday, I realized they were not going to respond. Now there is nothing worse for a swap host, than a participant who flakes. However, in most swaps, the host (meaning me) throws up her/his hands and sends the ones that s/he has and returns one or more of the participant's own back to them. However, in a 12 day swap, where you open a package every day, that option isn't available. There was nothing else to do, but make up for the missing days myself. Others offered to help, but I knew by the time they got here, I could have made them myself and gotten them out the door.

So Thursday, I got out brushes, Staz-on reinkers and 91% alcohol, along with various paint, cardstock, and watercolor paper, and began making backgrounds.

I woke on Friday to find a sick Bleubeard, and a few of the swap backgrounds I left to dry. I have even more papers drying on my craft room floor, but moved the mostly dried ones to the living room since I am totally out of room everywhere.

Bleubeard is still not feeling well, but hopefully he'll be fine by Monday, at least that's what the vet thinks. Some blood work, a shot, some pricey medicine, some reassurance from the vet, and he will hopefully be feeling his old self soon. He woke me this morning, once again sick and shows the same symptoms that had me in a panic yesterday! I started my day cleaning up his "sickness." That's all I need because I must buy a needle or several, if I am going to continue making swap pages. So, after I attend to him and call the vet, I will be out and about at the Singer Sewing Center I go to.

I apologize to everyone who has been here, slipped quietly in and out, or generously left a message or comment. I am sorry I haven't been around to visit you this week. Your friendship means more to me than you know. I WILL catch up, but probably not for a day or so. Life, and circumstances beyond my control, sometimes gets in the way of art, and if I weren't so committed to this blog, I wouldn't be quickly writing this post today, but would skip it altogether. But, I wanted to get these photos off my camera anyway, so I thought it would be the one thing I could post today. Then to make matters worse, I keep getting this silly 503 error. Will life ever straighten out? I sure hope so! Thanks for being such a friend, and have an absolutely perfect weekend.

My blog pick of the day will have digital artists and lovers of steampunk
sitting up and going WoW! Adam Tredowski, who lives in the UK, combine both, along with a bit of fantasy, and pure imagination. Now Adam has a blog, but I'm sending you to his web site, because all the photos from his blog are also in his gallery and his blog isn't written in English. The one thing I found annoying was the ad at the top of the gallery page, which I was unable to close or minimize as it covered part of the photos. I hope this doesn't deter you from visiting, and I hope you enjoy this digital steampunk world of Adam Tredowski's fantasy today.

13 thoughtful remarks:

Cynthia Eloise said...

i think you are the busiest lady in the blogosphere and it doesn't sound like you really had any down time, just in another direction. always enjoy your post.

Doone said...

so glad you are not perfect - Loved reading this post, and hope the bad experience with the swap doesn't put you off hosting - is there a blacklist for offenders so you don't get let down again?


Amanda said...

Being new to blogging I have been so impressed with all you do on your blog and the wonderful comments you have left on mine. I am amazed at how you do it all! You have had a very busy week and still amaze me at all you do. Wishing Bluebeard a full recovery soon and all your projects much success.

Plumrose Lane said...

Wow you had a busy week ~ great projects though and so funny your friend moved right across the river ~ guess that says alot about the real estate. ;D Such a shame your friend's tools were stolen, that's awful! It's great he has good friends like you to help out though.

Julia Dunnit said...

You do not need to worry about catching up - we will still be here; making yourself feel behind even in blogland willmake it much less of a peasure when you can find time. Everything will be here to brwose through in good time. Don't over do it will ya. I sincerely hope Bleubeard is feeling better by now and really recovering, what a worry. Ain't Scott's place cool - clever guy.

Lynn said...

Nice of you to give Scott a hand! Love his draped fence!!!

voodoo vixen said...

Is Bleubeard feeling better today? I feel for you, I hate it when the cat's are ill, I always panic a bit and fear the worst - probably baggage left over from the kittens - had both of mine to the vets last week with sinus and coughs... $300 later and they are picking up nicely again, so I really hope Bleubeard is too!
I don't think you have to worry about not visiting people, I know you will call round when you have the time and I would prefer it to be a pleasure than a 'have to do' type of thing!
You look like you had fun at Scott's house, he is making a lovely home for himself there and I love the way he draped the ropes for his fence.. must have excellent artistic qualities!!
Swaps... hmmm, have been in a few, think I mentioned before, but I am not a happy person in them and would be seriously unimpressed if people let me down and I had to work my butt off to cover for them! :( I would love to do a circle journal, as I have never done one, but never being in one place for long, it would be difficult to join and have people send overseas.

Diane said...

Elizabeth, you're such a dear--isn't it a hassle when life gets in the way ;) I hope Bleubeard is feeling better, and don't worry about blogland--we'll still be here. I enjoy reading about your adventures and cool website for today too!

Cindy McMath said...

Elizabeth, I sure hope Bleubeard is better soon! That is most important. Sorry you had two flakers in your swap - you are such a great swap hostess to make sure everyone gets their 12 days. I wish a much more serene week for you coming up.

Cindy :)

see you there! said...

How is Bleubeard this morning? Hope he is doing good. Sounds like you don't have a minute to spare these days. Nothing is worse than a "flopped swapper".


Esther said...

Goodness you have been up against it! We all have times like that - I often do and didn't even manage WOYWW again this week, so I think everyone understands. What a perfect life it would be if time could stand still to allow for blogging....I really hope Bleubeard is on the mend and that you have a calmer week ahead...Esther xx

Ann said...

What a huge project your friend has taken on and very good of you to offer to help. I don't know one end of a saw from the other (well maybe, but I wouldn't own up to it!)
Sorry to hear Bleubeard's feeling under the weather. I hope he gets well soon.
You are so good to continue the swap, but what a lot of extra effort and time for you. I hope it all works out and that you have a happy weekend.

Anonymous said...

This is the first time that I have visited your blog. It won't be the last. I am in the second group of 12 days of Christmas swap, and I can feel your frustration with the late or not at all mailers. What a let down of obligation..... What ever happens in the situation, I thank you for all your hard work, and I wish your kitty a speedy recovery ! Marilyn in MN