Sunday, November 7, 2010

Silent Sunday blog

Imagine my surprise when I did an internet search for "mixed media artists" and found one who also makes journals and altered books. How fortuitous I was to have found Cindy Couling's web site. Cindy's art isn't limited to paper, though. She also makes jewelry, does beading work, and makes ceramics. I think that qualifies her as a true mixed media artist. Please check out Cindy's website today.

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Spyder said...

I'm on my way!
Ummm, didn't actually try the CD case with said stamp this time,have used it with PopCorn the bear tho', good but not that good. CD case does 'bend' a bit in the middle so stamp either has no ink on out side foot or ear(In the case of the bear) or loads of ink smudged around the edges and usually only the nose or part of the face missing. Practise does make perfect stamping, using CD case after a while and a lot of swearing. The lady shopper was too long for any of my acrylic blocks and I was too lazy to find and empty out a CD case, so her feet didn't quite get inked but the edge of the rocker blank did ink the card too! (Grrr!) A brainwave on my part and then a hunt through my 'mess' after remembering I had 'won' some Dovecraft 'rocker-block' (curved) style clear blocks for this type of acrylic stamp, but alas! could I get them to 'rock' and therefore ink perfectly?? No! So I ended up, placing said lady shopper stamp 'across' my largest plain flat acrylic block and hey presto, not a too bad an image! Update!! After my post, lovely lady Shirley, (NannyFlash) has sent me some of her spares! She says, in her email, she has plenty! How kind is that!!
Please excuse any smelling mistakes, I haven't had my Crunchy-Nut Cornflakes this morning yet!


Healing Woman said...

That is quite and interesting print shop. Glad it is being preserved. Imagine in another hundred years what our descendants will think of a printing press such as this. With new technological advancements coming along so fast and furious, it may not even be recognized without a description.

Nelly said...

I love visiting historical places. Ptint shops are so interesting, can you imaging how long a print shop would have to take to print out just this little comment. I am loving those Antler sofas. They are something I have never seen before.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Marilyn Rock said...

Fascinating! Thanks for sharing; what a special place! That antler sofa is something! xxoo

Lynn said...

Always fun to find a like minded creator on the blogsphere. Glad you did.