Monday, November 15, 2010

Saturday with Wendy at the sewing center

Saturday, I took Wendy shopping with me for a bit of a diversion from the art I was trying to slap together create for this swap that I vowed would be in today's mail. I am still working on my portion of it, so I probably shouldn't have taken the time to romp in the beautiful autumn day with Wendy. And since I didn't take time to resize these, you'll need to click on them for the full picture.

Wendy was excited to see the sewing center which is close to my home.

At the bank, I took time to photograph another tree. Love it when they are just beginning to turn colors, but still predominantly green. Wendy didn't exactly get in the shot, but you can see her eyes in the bottom right.

Wendy always loves coming with me to the ATM and it gives the people watching the security video something to ponder.

At the sewing center, the owner, who I really wanted to talk to, was teaching a class. However, the nice sales lady showed me the new window display. Wendy and I both fell in love with this shadowbox,

and Wendy felt quite at home in this Singer tin, obviously a reproduction.

Wendy hung out while I picked out some thread,

then was drawn to the buttons. I told her there was something magical about buttons. It seems everyone wants to collect them, and the older, the better. Wendy just laughed and pointed out she wanted to be in a shot with the word "Slimline."

While Wendy was hanging out near the fabric, another sales person came up and asked if she was 40% off. I told her that Wendy might not like being called a discount, but I thought it was funny.

Enough tomfoolery! It was time to get needles, this time an entire pack. I had been buying them individually, but I felt I needed an entire pack this time. Apparently I got the last package and the next ones would be a higher price. Go figure!

Back home, Bleubeard was no better. He can't seem to keep anything on his stomach. So, after another frantic call, I was back at the vet with him. He's been like this since Monday and as soon as he ate this morning, I was cleaning up another mess. So I may have to radically change his diet. Will know later today. But right now, I have a swap to get in the mail and hope I get it finished before the mail guy comes.

Today I'm featuring the Austin Fiber Artists. I'll just quote from their site:
Austin Fiber Artists is an organization, which promotes fiber arts and artists through education, workshops, style shows and annual exhibitions. Our members are enthusiastic, creative people who explore and expand all facets of fiber arts. Monthly programs include lectures and demonstrations on varied subjects such as: stitchery, felting, fabric painting, fabric manipulation, papermaking, paper as well as fabric collage, garment design, fiber jewelry, beading, altered books, free-form crochet and other aspects of fiber techniques and art.
It appears from the photos, they are as diverse as their description. Hope you'll visit the Austin Fiber Artists today, while I play "beat the mailman to the box."

19 thoughtful remarks:

voodoo vixen said...

I love sewing shops... I always find stuff that will work with my scrapping as well as lots of lovely needlework bits! So glad you invested in a packet of needles - will save you time and money in the long run!!
Poor Bleubeard, I was so hoping he was feeling better by now, hopefully the vet will figure out what is upsetting his tummy. Give him a big hug from me and the cats.

La Dolce Vita said...

oh those fur babies and their stomachs! I have mini doxies and they take pepcid for tummy troubles, seems to help a bit, but honestly it is so worrisome when they don't eat! hope your beautiful Bleubeard is better soon~
adorable post!

Halle said...

Glad you finally got your needles! I can't believe how different it looks outside at your house compared to mine! We got 10.4 inches of snow on Saturday!
Poor Bleubeard! I hope you and the vet can figure out what's happening with him.

Wipso said...

Looks like you and Wendy had a great time :-)
Poor Bleubeard....Really hope he is much better really soon.
A x

Ayala Art said...

I love this post! I enjoyed as much as Wendy :o)
I hope Bluebeard is better soon. My Panzón kitty was feeling poorly too last week but he's back to his naughty self again, taking naps in the wrong places.... Well, I guess there's not wrong place for a cat, is there?

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Another great post Elizabeth, such fun :-)
Ah poor Bleubeard, hope he's feeling better soon :-(
Anne xx

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Forgot to say I've just tried to do a post but can't upload my piccys :-/

sjmcdowell said...

I think Wendy and you had a very nice time together at the sewing shop...although the lady wondering if Wendy was 40% off...well I think she was 40% off!!!!
Ha Ha!!

Anyway I am praying for Bleubeard...poor guy..not fun AT ALL!!!!



~*~Patty S said...

Wendy had a fun trip!
You and Bleubeard take care, sorry he is under the weather...hoping for some answers and a cure real soon!

Diane said...

You and Wendy had fun on Saturday, but poor Bleubeard didn't :( I hope you can solve this problem with him.

Neet said...

Thank You so much for the comment on my blog - you really are one of the sweetest people.

So sorry to hear about Bleubeard - hope it is soon cleared up - will keep checking your blog for news.

Love the photos of Wendy on her travels - how upsetting for her to be thought of as discounted. Not surprised you loved the shadow box - it is gorgeous - are you going to do one?

Keep us posted about Bleubeard please.

Susan Allan said...

I enjoyed the tour around the sewing shop.
So sorry to hear about Bleubeard's demise. My cat was sick all last week and we think he had an upset stomach and grass stuck in his throat. We took him to the vet and after spending a fortune on jabs, he is back to normal.
Hope your's is better quickly.
Sue xx

Spyder said...

First, hope Bleu is feeling better, Frog told me to send her paw prints too! Great Pictures...we've done it with gnomes, but they are very heavy!
I've been getting the error sign too, I think blogger may have been having a clean out and a few things were switched off...see you tomorrow!! Trying VERY hard to TIDY my it's a tip, as usual


see you there! said...

Looks like Wendy enjoyed the outing. Hope you beat the post offices closing time and the Bluebeard is feeling better this morning.


Marie Young (Young Creative) said...

What an adorable store! My mom would be in heaven. She tried to impart the sewing bug on my sister and me, but sadly it didn't take.

JoZart said...

Interesting post and it's a lovely sewing shop you visited with Wendy. Don't have too many dedicated shops like that left here, just smaller areas in large department stores.
Poor Bleubeard, you must be so worried to get him back to health.
JoZarty x

Charlene said...

Wendy is too cute and patriotic too! Love this fun idea!! Thanks for visiting my blog!

karen said...

Wendy had quite the adventure!
I hope Bleubeard is better very soon!
Thanks for visiting me, you had such a busy week!

Melinda Cornish said...

even sick, he is a handsome boy...
I love wendy's pictures....