Monday, November 1, 2010

November Dress for Project Dress-up 2010

Margaret asked that we have our wardrobes ready this month. I started mine last month and decided I liked the simple look. Now I could have added lots of paper, glitz, and glam, but I decided I liked the way the white cabinet set off the dresses, which I felt were the real stars of the show.

So the only adornment is this lovely print, originally framed, but cut down to fit the front. I felt it was the only addition that was needed.

And here is my next to the last dress for this project. I wanted a full skirt ball gown that would have a bit of glitz and glamor for some of the parties that would come before Thanksgiving and last till Christmas. I also wanted texture, so I tried a technique that Chris at Bling-kin-eck used for her dress last month. I never got the texture she did, although I tried different quantities of paint and glue. I also tried adding more glue to partially dried paint. In the end, I gave up and decided I simply didn't have a clue how to make mine have that rich texture she achieved.

For the top, I added copper mica chips to the paint. I also added a ribbon with a big bow and some glittery sparkles. I'm not sure what they are called, but they are cut glass. I used three to decorate around the neckline in front and 2 in back as "buttons." I sewed the top and skirt together and hid the stitching with the ribbon.

Be sure to check out the rest of these dresses at Margaret's blog (Alice and Camilla). She has the links and players add their dresses throughout the month. Only one more to go, Margaret! You've really made it a fun year and have been a most gracious host.

17 thoughtful remarks:

Susan Allan said...

Hi Elizabeth
I am glad you are felling better. Thanks for your kind comment, I have been away from my computer this weekend as we seem to have been busy with other things.
However I have been creating, so will be posting later.
I really like this dress. I love the blue and I also like 'simple'. I gather you were trying for a distressed look by putting glue between two paint layers. If that was so, I believe it takes a bit of practise.
Love the wardrobe too!
Have a great day
Sue xx

Jeanie Callaghan said...

Fabulous little dress. So funny - I did a ball gown too for the same reason! Have not photographed my wardrobe yet, so I will be posting a bit later. I will miss this challenge so much!

Terri Kahrs said...

Another lovely couture creation! I'll bet those copper mica chips give this sweet dress a beautiful sheen. Love that you've kept the wardrobe "simple" too. Hugs, Terri xoxo

see you there! said...

Like the dress. In the photo of it hanging by the cupboard it looks larger than I thought it was. Another challenge? Hmmm.. obviously I've been missing out on a bunch of creative stuff.


Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Love the front of the wardrobe Elizabeth and that dress is stunning, love the colours and the texture :-)
Hope you're having a good day, healthwise ;-)
Anne xx

~*~Patty S said...

Gorgeous dress, it's so rich and pretty!
I am such a fan of BLUE!

Halle said...

Love the blue and gold. Such a Regal feel to those colors.
I honestly haven't even started my dress. I'm thinking this one will be of the paper variety since I put away my sewing machine for a while.

Sherry said...

Your wardrobe looks great - I really like that it has shelves as well as a hanging rail! The print on the front is a wonderful addition and I agree, it doesn't need anything else.

Your blue dress looks lovely, especially the colours of the top. You may not have achieved the texture you wanted, but from your second photo, it does have some and looks great.

I haven't decided what to do for my November dress yet (better get my thinking cap on!)

elle said...

This is such a fun project. I've enjoyed seeing it.

Sew Loquacious Angela said...

Great job on your dress and your wardrobe! I really like the blue you chose...very regal. As for texture, I think you've achieved something great..I wouldn't worry if it isn't exactly how you planned it...that's art really isn't it? That's how most of the good stuff happens!
Take care,

Incipient Wings said...

this is beautiful Elizabeth, and your little cabinet is perfect.I do like the texture!
have a wonderful night.

Jenxo said...

its beautiful Elizabethm i love the copper highlights...

margaret said...

Stunning colour Elizabeth and I love the texture even if it wasn't quite what you'd planned.
Your cupboard is fab and I wouldn't add anything to it either!! although my eye landed on those litle shelves hmmm... hats and shoes perhaps??!

Electra said...

I love the wardrobe, and your dress is precious. The mica adds the perfect touch and even if the texture isn't quite like Chris', it's still delightful!

Sandy Ang said...

What a mesmerising shade of blue on your dress !

Gini said...

A dazzling dress to add to your collection!
That's one of my favourite shades and with the added shiny makes it neigh on perfect!

sandee said...

Pretty dress, is this the same texture you asked us to try out on our AB?