Saturday, November 27, 2010

Blog of the day (courtesy of Seth's blog)

I'm having all kinds of internet issues. I attempt to post to my blog and get a 503 error. I attempt to leave a comment and get a 503 error. I attempt to "save" and get a 503 error. Finally, after several times of trying to post or leave a comment, I was frustrated.

Thankfully, Seth Apter's blog chock full (how full IS chock, anyway?) of lovely links from artists he had the pleasure of meeting or seeing their works this weekend. With all my internet problems, I was not above "borrowing" a link from Seth. So, today's link is courtesy of, and thanks to, Seth.

John Christopher Borrero's web site will blow you away with his found object art. He paints, he sculpts, he makes assemblages, he takes incredible photographs. He makes art that calls to me. He is also a storyteller. Many of his pieces contain stories that enhance the enjoyment of the overall experience. But of course, it is his found object art that I found most enjoyable. The one thing I couldn't find was where he lived. Not sure if it's in the US or not. Regardless, please stop by John's web site today for a truly unique experience.

4 thoughtful remarks:

Seth said...

John's work is even better in person and his website is definitely one to highlight.

ooglebloops said...

For me, Seth's blog and Robyn Gordon (Art Propelled) are always blogs of the day- always so many interesting links!!Thanks for sharing!!!

Diane said...

What an excellent artist John Borrero is,and I love the fact that he's self taught--to have all of that natural talent inside of you!
P.S. What's with the 503 error?! Is that blogger's way of saying--I don't know what the problem is.

Mar said...

i even WENT to johns site
amazing...ty for that direction

i am getting caught up here and i loved all the swaps you have been involved in as well!!!

happy afterthanksgiving getting ready for the next holiday day!


good morning