Sunday, October 10, 2010

Silent Sunday's blog

Six months ago I celebrated "Earth Month," beginning with April 1 and ending on my birthday, which is Earth Day. Although I use recycled materials in most of my art, I have since been lax in featuring sites that showcase recycled crafts. Today's blog, Esprit Cabane does just that. Their banner tells it all: "the magazine of crafty and green living ideas." Now I realize, some of the projects are more crafty (read children's) than art, but this site has so many projects that feature recycled materials, there is surely one that will inspire you. They also have some very nice feature articles, too. It never hurts to remind ourselves that recycling and living green should be every day, not just Earth Day. And today, 10/10/10 is the perfect day to do so by visiting Esprit Cabane.

6 thoughtful remarks:

Susan Allan said...

Thank you for this looks amazing.
I have just posted up an altered roof.
Have a great Sunday
Sue xx

Incipient Wings said...

hi elizabeth.
i looked at the website and they have quite a few things that are interesting...i really like the paper bowls and the wire candle holders.
it will be fun incorporating this into different art projects.
thank you!

Steph said...

HAPPY Belated Birthday, E!!! And Thank you so much for sharing this blog...happy Sunday to you!!

notmassproduced said...

great link - recycling yum yum

Halle said...

Great link! Thanks so much!

Esther said...

I love that you link such great sites for us to explore...though my other Half is now very worried as I have fallen in love with the Squint Limited's refurbished sofas I discovered while browsing Esprit Cabane...I can dream... Happy Sunday Esther xx