Monday, October 11, 2010

Late night with Bleubeard

I was getting ready to take some photos off my camera, specifically an ATC I finished not too many hours ago. Ready to sit in my computer chair, the room was dark, and the screen saver had eliminated the glow of the monitor. It was no wonder I didn't see this guy sleeping in my computer chair in my office until it was almost too late.

Remembering Egmont and Miss Kitty's request to see more of Bleubeard posts, this will be the ONE for October. Now how can anyone argue with one post every month or so? I think I've done three this year, so no, Bleubeard hasn't taken over this blog. Since he looked so comfy (and he IS allowed on the office chair and sofa) I grabbed the camera that has a flash and turned it on. Whew! Batteries are still in great shape, so I decided to snap pictures as long as he would allow it.

Not sure I understand "cat speak," because I can't tell if this is the evil eye, or half asleep look.

Yep, definitely half asleep.

Totally asleep!

Even the flash bulbs aren't waking him.


Now I'm nearly in his face.

That did it. Enough humiliation, he decided to move and settle in another spot, hiding his face as he normally does.

Nope. Those flash bulbs are not stopping, so he finally wakes and glares. That look is almost as harsh as the flash on his face.

Now he's traded his position on the chair for one on the floor. That made the flash even worse.

See what I mean? In this shot, he looks nearly black and evil. Put a hat on him and he could be the witch's cat in this photo.

Now he's back at my feet, wanting a bit of attention. From black to pale gray, this flash is doing a number to his face that even Photoshop can't help.

When he doesn't get his desired attention (after all, I'm holding the camera with both hands), he decides to climb on my lap, shown here in lavender.

He finally gave up and laid down on the rug close to the anti-static mats my computer chair sits on. Hope you enjoyed his little non-adventure today because I have an ATC to scan and a few more to finish. By the way, I am going to the Dollar Tree today or tomorrow to get him a new collar. My friend Dana gave this one to him for Christmas and he has turned it into red fur!

Today Bleubeard got to pick the blog and he chose Cory Cat Blog. I was at Miss Kitty's blog and saw a link to Society of Feline Gardeners. I took a peek and found this household in Oregon (in the US) with 8 cats and a dog, all of whom had been rescued. Unlike Bleubeard, who I lovingly received from my Goddaughter (an early Christmas present) when he was a mere five weeks and two days old, these lovely creatures have had it rough in the early stages of their lives. Each and every one had been homeless before finding this loving and stable home life. For those of you who have ever considered taking a rescue animal, adopting a pet, or opening your door to a stray from around your neighborhood, visiting Cory will convince you. Be sure to visit Cory Cat Blog today. It's a place where miracles happen and love abounds.

25 thoughtful remarks:

thekathrynwheel said...

Ah! He looks beautiful :-)

Susan Allan said...

He is so beautiful and very clever to change into a witch's cat, just like that. I enjoyed your 'photostream'....
Sue xx

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Great photos of Bleubeard Elizabeth, thanks for sharing :-) Definitely an evil look in his eyes on the 4th from bottom!
Anne x

Stephanie Mealor Corder said...

Oh purrrrr, I love the Bleubeard photos- and isn't it funny how their eyes communicate such a range of emotions?
All four of our cats were rescues that we adopted in St. Croix- their mothers were feral cats that had been killed or separated from their babies and then taken to the animal shelter. I think rescued animals somehow KNOW that they were homeless but are now loved- these are the sweetest cat we've ever had!
Can't wait to see the ATC's!

Healing Woman said...

Bluebeard is such a beautiful cat. If she were my pet, I'd want to show her off even more than three times a year. As it is, I have no pets but once upon a time I did own a cat. Your post brought back fond memories.

Karen said...

Awe, thank you so much Elizabeth!!! I love seeing pics of Bluebeard. That 'black' photo is amazing though, what a difference!!! Its always great to catch cats when they give you 'evils' haha X

Cory said...

Thank you for saying such nice things about my family. All us kitties took a vote and we think Bleubeard should be able to post more than once a month...I mean we're cats...he's a cat. What more can we meow?


Cory and family

La Dolce Vita said...

i love the black shot, he matches my hair! we could get matching pointy hats! lol!!

Diane said...

This is so funny--you can see that he's trying to be patient, but getting very annoyed in the meantime. That one where he's black would make a great Halloween image in a collage--don't you think?
P.S. Thanks for the rust recipe!!! :)

Susan Allan said...

Thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog, they are really appreciated.
The Mason Jar stamp is one by Crescendoh. It is made in the USA, if you do not have the link to Crescendoh you will find it on my sidebar.
It is a very useful set of stamps if you liked the wedding cakes I did recently, I used the labels of the jar to stack up for the tiered cake. This set of stamps is my DT set for The Stamp Attic in the UK.

Wishing you lots of fun playing
Sue xx

Ciara said...

What a stunning chap! His colouring is so unusual. Animals can be amazingly expressive can't they?

I've posted those vacation pics over at my blog for you :-)


Miss Kitty said...

Hurra! Hurra!

Greetings Bleubeard and Elizabeth,

It is so very nice to meet you Bleubeard and especially being able to see the many different expressions you have, some of which are like mine when dad pushes his black box in front of my face.

We are delighted mum took my dad's suggestion and that we now get to see more of you. Maybe mum will let you out into the garden, supervised of course, and then you can participate in Cory's 'Feline Gardeners' now and then.

Thank you for linking to us, it is much appreciated.

Wishing you both all the best for the coming week and in the meantime, keep mums chair warm when she's not there.

Miss Kitty and Egmont (dad)

Ann said...

If you didn't live on another Continent, I would swear that's my cat, Smokey, who disappeared a couple of years ago. (He's featured on my Blog Header in a layout I did about him)

Cynthia Schelzig,Cynnie said...

What a sweet and beautiful cat...such a darling.
Had to laugh at the evil black cat foto though,,,he looks awfully mad. Thanks for the dose of kute kittiness............

Marilyn Rock said...

Bluebeard is so handsome! He did look totally black in that one photo. I wish I could sleep like him :) xxoo

Marlynn said...

Hi, Girlfriend and Bleubeard and Wendy - sorry Harley and I haven't been around much. Been in an out and haven't been around my computer - well, OK, I haven't turned it on! LOL. Love your little purry snarly catty friend. Have cruised your other posts and you have been one busy gal! Yes, you did have me LOL on this post. Loved it! Hugs to all of you from me and Harley!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

It is totally amazing how these delightful cats capture our hearts and we listen to their every meow! Imagine and Live in Peace, mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Donna: said...

Well, lost my first comment.. grrrrrrrrrrr.... Bluebeard is sure a nice looking fellow. Even tho he may not like photos of himself.. he seems to want to BE where YOU are and isn't that what we love about our pets?

Incipient Wings said...

He is so handsome!!!! love these pics:)

bad penny said...

A colour changing cat - how magical ! He's gorgeous.

Fin said...

I agree more cat pictures can never be a bad thing! Cory and Miss Kitty are great friends, and I'm glad to see they are encouraging this.

Terri Kahrs said...

Heh, Heh, Heh! Don't you just LOVE it when our fur babies give us the "OK, Mom, I've HAD it look!!!" Bleubeard is SUCH a good sport!!!! Hugs, Terri xoxoxo

Amy said...

cuh-yute. I love the unexpected moments with cats. You think you have to look at a monitor or touch annoying electronic stuff, but instead you get to look at and rub on their awesomeness.

Julia Dunnit said...

He really is a very good looking cat - and I love that he can only be pushed so far before he'll turn his face away! Great photos, whatever his colour came out!

Mar said...

i liked the evil bluebeard... :)
just fits my mood!