Thursday, September 30, 2010

Not a whole lot of nothing

For days I have gone to my studio and tried to make art. I have swaps that will be due soon and a personal swap that must be completed. So what did I do? Nothing. I painted a few backgrounds that weren't worth showing. I tried to come up with a tutorial. I even tried to work on my Inspiration Avenue Challenge and found no inspiration there.

It's one of those times. It happens to all of us at some point. Now most people would hide away and not post anything. In fact, I nearly forgot I had no post until a short while ago. What to do when the inspiration to create just isn't there?

About all I can do is show what my friend Sally and I did on Saturday. We headed to the Farmer's Market, but we got there too late and most of the tents were already gone. Only a few stragglers were still hanging on, going for that last sale of the day.

Even the crowds were thin and only the pumpkins were actual produce. Everything else was a craft of some kind.

So Sally and I headed for a local Mexican restaurant. Even that was a disappointment for me. The prices were ridiculous, the atmosphere was non-existent, the service was lousy, and the food was greasy.

I don't remember what Sally had. I think it was a flauta with rice. I know she picked at it. I had a quesadilla with half sour cream and half avocado. That was two tortillas, a slice of melted cheese, a half spoonful each of sour cream and avocado for $9.00.

This is one place I will never visit again and would never recommend. When I wanted to take the rest home because I knew Sally wanted to leave, the waitress kept making excuses and said I should finish it because my friend would wait. Sally didn't protest, I didn't stand my ground, and the gal never gave me a to-go box. Could that be what affected my art? Could my mood from that day have affected me so? Or am I just burned out? Only time will tell. I know one thing. I'm sure not making any art!

My blog pick today is about the most inspiring thing I have in this post. I am spotlighting Susan Allan at Little Imperfections. Don't let the name of her blog fool you. This is one talented lady who I met during the Wednesday blog hop a couple of weeks ago. She is talented, works in several media, and is even on a design team in the UK, where she lives. There is nothing run of the mill about Susan's blog. Whether she's making ATCs or art quilts, or dyeing fabric and paper, or drying flowers from her stunning garden, she's always recycling. Her art is unique, fresh, and appealing. And check out her "stained glass" installation. It is brilliant and has totally changed my attitude toward glass paint. I hope you like these Little Imperfections as much as I do.

17 thoughtful remarks:

Stephanie Mealor Corder said...

Artist's block- I think we've all been there and it's an awful feeling....of course that doesn't really help you right now! And as for your restaurany experience, I HATE it when that happens- why would she care if you stayed or put it in a to go box? Surely people haven't cut back so much that they can't afford to dispense boxes?!?!?
I'm off to check out your blog o' the day....
Cheer up- it will get better soon- maybe Bleubeard could have a go at one of your backgrounds, lol.

Incipient Wings said...

hi elizabeth...
When this happens to me, I call the sleeping muse phase...she's just resting a bit,gathering strength. Get some tea , sit on your porch with that cutie cat of yours and get ready for the awakening!
have a good day and happy thoughts.

Wipso said...

Your mojo sounds like it has gone on a holiday. Find something else you love doing til it comes home :-) Enjoy a break with a good book or something cos I'm sure normal service will return very soon :-)
A x

Diane said...

Oh I hate when this happens!! And why does it, I wonder? And then you get on a roll and can't stop--just remember that!

Anneliese said...

Hello Elizabeth & Bleubeard :o)
I find the best thing when my mojo heads out for a while is just not to worry about it, just enjoy doing other stuff & it will feel like its being left out & come back to play with you :D sorry you had a Poo day at the farmers market ...
oh & I will be posting some ATC pics later hopefully :D x

Cath said...

I did make it yesterday, I just got so engrossed in your post that I forgot to post a comment!I try to visit you everyday and everyday you have something great to show us, so its nice that you have a few days not crafting like the rest of
Hope your mojo comes back soon.


Healing Woman said...

Sometimes the weather affects my creative spirit, or muse. It has rained here non stop for many days as a result of a hurricane and I am having trouble even entering my studio. I want to cook and do other things. I figure that's ok. I'll wait it out and soon the sun will shine again and all will be well.

You did the right thing to leave the house and enter into other activities. The amazing thing that I find is that our muses always seem to come back to us. That's the greatest part of being an artist I think.

I visited the blog you recommended and as usual, she is a winner. Enjoy your brief rest.


Dianne said...

sorry to hear about your dry spell, but confident that you will bounce back! the restaurant experience really sounds bad, and I suppose a disappointing day can have an is so cool that you take your camera and record your days for us. Lovely photos qualify as art, you know!! hang in there and you'll be creating again soon, I just know it!!

Halle said...

I fully understand the loss of art inspiration. I was spinning my wheels all day yesterday...accomplishing nothing.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry your having a dry spell. Think of it as recharging! What I do when I am unispired is I go blog hopping. Check out some interesting artists:
Jesse Reno
Sabrina Ward Harrison
Bryan Bone
Dolan Geiman
Line Juhl Hansen

To name a few...

Terri Kahrs said...

Unfortunately, it happens to the best of us, Elizabeth! Not to worry, your Muse will come back stronger and more creative than ever. Use this time to garden and relax1!!! Hugs, Terri xoxox

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Well the trip to the farmer's market and your meal at the Mexican place certainly weren't inspiring. BTW what is flauta? Hope your mojo is back soon ;-)
Anne xx

Patti said...

you know, I guess we all do have those days... but posting about it cleared the way for the re-entry of the muse, I'm certain:)
thanks for your wonderful comments - you created a very wonderful moment for me!!!

Miss Kitty said...

Greetings Elizabeth and Bleubeard,

Not every day can one create art and one should not. There always needs to be a balance, as one needs to enjoy and experience life in order to create.

Wishing you a wonderful day,
Miss Kitty and Egmont

Cynthia Eloise said...

i'm feeling the same, maybe its in the plants, somethings not aligned.

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