Monday, September 27, 2010

Friday Fun

It seems I was gone all week, and when I wasn't gone, I had company. It sure took a lot of time away from making art and visiting my blog friends who inspire me more than they will ever know.

On Friday, my friend Kathy came to visit and shop. See that lovely jewelry? She made it all. She is holding a zine I was gifted by Patty Szymkowicz. It is a zine that incorporates green concepts and sewing. Patty asked that when I had finished reading it, I would please pass it on. So Friday, I did just that and passed it on to Kathy, who I also asked to pass it on once she had read and enjoyed it. I've actually been meaning to give it to Kathy for months, but kept forgetting it, although it was next to my sewing machine.

While at my house, Kathy also cut my hair. Bleubeard was not at all pleased with being left out. He kept making noises, letting us know he wanted attention. Finally, in a desperate attempt at attention (does this sound like a spoiled child?), he climbed onto the chair and peeked up over the edge of the table. Because I was under the knife (so to speak), he made himself at home, soon preening and cleaning himself, now content with the added attention he was receiving, while making himself comfy in the chair.

Next, Kathy and I headed to our local diner. She loves roosters,

and there were plenty of them. Kathy pointed this one out to me. Not sure how I missed it, because it was at least 3 feet tall.

Then we talked about all the roosters that lined the walls and shelves. She was definitely in rooster heaven.

Our final stop of the day was a fun clothing try-on at Dana's. Kathy, who has lost a good deal of weight, brought clothes for Dana and me to try on. She also thought my neighbor Sally might like some of them. We laid the clothes out on Dana's bed and acted like models, giggling and trying on clothes. Since I'm so much shorten than these gals, I only kept one outfit, which both Dana and Kathy thought was too baggy on me, let alone too long, but I kept it anyway. After all, I much prefer loose fitting clothes. I did take several blouses for Sally, though. Sorry the photo is so blurry. Did I mention we did a lot of giggling and acting like teenagers? Hard to get a good photo when there's so much fun going on.

Yesterday I was surprised by a mention from two of my blogging friends: Dianne at Art Beneath the Cottonwoods and Stephanie at Dragonfly Design Studio. Dianne posted two entries in the "Green Journal" I sent her a few weeks ago and Stephanie honored me with a post about how I had inspired her. Their names above are links to their blogs and their blog names are links to the specific posts. I felt like an honored guest at both places.

As an update, I had hoped to get in the studio Saturday or yesterday, but that didn't happen. Friends and computer time took care of both days, as well as Friday. So today, I am powering down the computer, closing my office door, avoiding the doorbell and phone, and heading for the studio. I'm hoping to carve out some serious art time, possibly create a tutorial or two, and I may even organize a few areas that have started to get a bit cluttered. So I promise to see you tonight or tomorrow for tea.

Today's blog is a favorite of Bleubeard's. He is really happy that I'm spotlighting Miss Kitty van Dyck. Owned by my friend Egmont (van Dyck), Miss Kitty has recently rolled out her spiffy looking blog, A Cat's Golden Years, and even has a Twitter account. Egmont, known as "Dad" on Miss Kitty's blog, takes amazing photos of Miss Kitty in all types of lounging poses. Just read a few of the posts and you can tell what a pampered and spoiled gal Miss Kitty is. I can tell she is definitely enjoying A Cat's Golden Years.

15 thoughtful remarks:

La Dolce Vita said...

sounds like a perfectly delightful day! and I will check out all your links, who knew, but you and Bleubeard that Egmont had a kitty blog!! xxx's

Karen said...

Awe.....fancy neglecting Bluebeard for a haircut hahahahaha!!! mmm...wonder if he wanted a whisker trim really??? Brilliant post! XXX

Julia Dunnit said...

Ah the gigling trio - I love that! Powering down and focussing - sounds very appealing, can't wait to hear aboutthe results. Happy day!

Miss Kitty said...

Greetings Elizabeth and Bleubeard,

Miss Kitty just had her morning snack and is now napping on big sister's bed who is of at school, but later I will tell her that you have mentioned her blog on your site.

As for me, I wish to say thank you for bringing a Cats Golden Years to the attention of your readership after a little of Bleubeard's urging and in return, Miss Kitty has been nudging your side for his own blog or at least seeing more of Bleubeard on you blog her.

Wishing you both a wonderful start to the week,
Miss Kitty and Egmont (dad)

Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

How fun to be giggling with good friends!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Such a newsy post ... Kathy in Rooster Heaven makes me smile! Her necklace is lovely ... hope she enjoys the zine .... Monica Magness really put so much into it ... fun to think it will keep going and going!
And Egmont having a kitty blog ... how fun is that!
Happy Monday!

bad penny said...

That is one suprised looking cat ! What is a zine ?

Margaret said...

Super cool idea about passing the Zine on, do you get to sign it as it goes around??
And Bleubeard's face is just fab, he does look rather unhappy about the whole thing!
I glad you had a good time with your friends, sounds like so much fun!

Mary said...

I love your new banner, and the look of your blog. It is wonderful! It sounds as though you have been keeping very busy away from your blog. Good for you. LIfe is too short to stay indoors.I really enjoyed looking at your photos Elizabeth. Have a wonderful week.

Debrina said...

Egmont, that dear sweet man (I do so love him) has a kitty blog? OMG, that's the best news of the day! I'm heading over there immediately after I write my comment! How are you, anyway, Elizabeth? Funny thing, I got a haircut yesterday from my dear friend Pania (even though I am as crook as a dog...yes, the tonsilitis moved to glandular fever, which in turn has moved to my liver...oh joy...). Anyway, I love my new haircut too and it wasn't a cat but a dog that kept vying for attention: Pania's dog Teddy!

Halle said...

Looks like an awesome day with friends! Bleubeard is certainly getting bold lately!! :)

Incipient Wings said...

Bleubeard looks adorable!
i love baggy clothing!and almost everything i own has paint on it,lol
as long as youre comfortable in it.just hem the dontnwant to slip!
thanks for your comment would be surprised at how good pickles and peanut butter taste....although i prefer peanut butter and bananas.
have a great day:)

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Wonderful post Elizabeth :-) Ah loved the bit about Bleubeard, that's cat's for you. Sounds like the day with your friends was great fun.
I'm thinking along the same lines, trying no to spend so much time on the computer. Didn't switch on at all yesterday and just a couple os hours on Sunday and Saturday. I was at the cloth doll group on Sunday which was great as always and only switched on on Sat 'cos someone let me know she'd sent an email.
Hopefully though we'll see you tomorrow.
Anne xx

Diane said...

It's always fun to go along with your friends :)
I really need to power down this computer and get going on what I have to do--I can't stay away from the internet!!

Dawn said...

What a wonderful fun daypitty ther was no photo of you and your new hair doo. I always stay behind the camera my self lol

Love Dawn xx