Saturday, August 28, 2010

Taking a breath

I spent most of my day doing things other than art, but I managed to get a few elements made for my teal color swap. Yes, I'm still working on it. And right now, I am taking a breath, trying to slow a bit with less external demands on my time.

I thought all these colors would compliment teal nicely. Of course, it would help if I really knew what color teal is. I began by painting a few sheets of ink jet labels with Twinkling H2Os. I really love the sparkle of these, although they never show in photos or scans.

So, what did I make? The labels were too narrow to use my new scallop circle punch, so I grabbed my bird punch and went to town. I made a few and realized the tails weren't coming out of the punch. And right after I gave good ole Martha (Stewart) a thumb up. To correct the problem, I folded two of the labels together with the backing toward the outside. Then I punched and had no problem. I concluded the punch was catching on the sticky back and not letting go. By doubling the layers, I kept the problem to a minimum. You can see I have already punched quite a few acceptable birds. I have also shown the remains of my punching two labels at a time. Such a waste of good H2Os, but it can't be helped.

So that you wouldn't forget this is an art blog, I also thought I would bring a piece back that I made previously. The one above I call "Anatomically Correct." I made it using a magazine image and vinyl stickers and placed everything on top of a dyed paper towel.

A word about tomorrow's Silent Sunday post. I was inspired by a post written by Bea at Dog in the Hole Studio a week or so ago. I would like to thank her for the inspiration behind tomorrow's post. I will be out all day today, so I'll catch up with everyone on Monday. Have a great weekend, dear friends and supporters.

Want to see some drop dead gorgeous art? You're going to love Lambsworld, the art of Linda who lives in Washington (State) in the US. She has a great eye for composition and is my blog pick of the day. As I scrolled from page to page, I kept admiring her art. Linda participates in a lot of swaps, so maybe one of these days I'll get up the nerve to ask her to swap with me. I especially fell in love with her chipboard houses with a bird theme. Of course she called them Bird Houses. Please check out Linda's art today at Lambsworld. You won't be sorry.

15 thoughtful remarks:

Cynnie said...

Wonderful papers and colors!!!
Hope your weekend was grand!
Cynthia Schelzig

Karen said...

Now why haven't I thought of painting sticky labels to punch out??? Must be really thick hahaha Such a brilliant idea!!! chubby is that baby??? cute XXX

Off to see Linda now haha X

Cath Wilson said...

Love the fact that you've used dyed kitchen roll, lol - I always end up throwing mine away and wish I hadn't! Love those colours you've used. Really must get my H20s out again soon...

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

A teal swap sounds just perfect and what splendid colors you have to compliment it all. When I first saw your strip of punch outs I thought "wings" ;)
Your doll card is super too!
Take Care Elizabeth!

elle said...

BRILLIANT, Elizabeth. This is a very good post. You just have an artfully nice weekend.

Terri Kahrs said...

Teal is one of my favorite colors - that wonderful shade somewhere in between aqua and blue. It always makes me think of copper's beautiful patina. Cute doll card, too, Elizabeth! Happy Weekend! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Anonymous said...

What an awesome idea!!! I am really in love with "Anatomically Correct." So cool and fun!

Mar said...

i love teal myself..paired with brown or copper
teal is a wonderful by effect of patina on metal
or a natural occurance of metals aging patina..
your papers are lovley
hmmm i can't imagine what you might present from bea's post on i guess i will have to come back tomorrow
darn...(this is meant humorously!)

Donna: said...

E.... A beautiful days work as usual. OH.... and no, I repeat no art supply is ever wasted if we learn something..RIGHT????
I don't remember ever seeing "Anatomically Correct" before, I am so glad you reposted it.
:) - Donna

Tammy Freiborg said...

Great ingenuity - folding the labels and punching double! Not a bad punch either to go through that thickness and the sticky parts!

Linda said...

Hi Elizabeth...I love the sound of a teal swap...such a lovely color! The bird punch outs are wonderful. Thank you for featuring my blog today...that was so sweet of you! Come by any time...I'd love to trade with you! :) Linda

Lynn said...

Glad you mastered the mistress of craft's tool!
Sweet birds, poor dolly so embarrassed...bare assed...LOL
How could anyone forget that you are artist? NOT!

Patti said...

teal is such a lovely color - with so many variations - ha! I admire you for hanging in there until you solved your sticky bird problem!

kitchen tables said...

I am interested on what those colored paper are going to be. I like the last photo that you post. It is a good painting but I wonder what it is?

steph said...

LOvely art and papers, E!!! Have a good week!!