Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tea, lemon, biscuits, and art book giveaways

Are you hot this T Tuesday? It's really hot, humid, and very much summertime here in Kansas (in the US). In fact, it's already so hot and sticky humid from our recent rain, I am staying in this morning.

This lovely old pitcher reminds me of summers when my Grandmother filled it with ice, then made lemonade in it. Guess I could have used it a couple of weeks ago when I drank lemonade. Today, however, it is going to hold iced tea with a large slice of lemon. Unfortunately, I am running behind and have yet to make the tea.

Today's tea is Black Dragon, a quality Oolong tea from the island of Formosa, or what we know as Taiwan (located in the Pacific in East Asia).

I included some chocolate covered biscuits that I got at a specialty store last week. I believe the image on this one represents the large Ferris wheel in London.

And I'm pretty sure this one is in England, too, because when I first saw it, I thought it looked like the Tower of London.

There's no mistaking this one. Even I know what this one is!

I love the 40's or maybe 50's painted flowers on this old pitcher.

You can tell it has gotten a lot of loving use over time.

And I was simply intrigued by how the lemon really popped against the cobalt blue handmade glass plate.

I want to let everyone know about a couple of giveaways, too. There are no catches, no tweets, no chirps, no sidebar clutter, no following into hell, just a nice comment is all that is required to be entered in these two ART BOOK giveaways:

Seth at the Altered Page is giving away Angela Cartwright's book "Mixed Emulsions." This is a fantastic book and I would love to own it. The direct link is here. Comments close this Saturday.

Marlynn at Honeysuckle Breeze is giving away a book on Zentangles, called "Zentangles 2." I can't possibly imagine anyone bought the first one (grin), and I don't think Marlynn can either. I've made one zentangle and I think Marlynn has me beat by a couple. However, if you enjoy these zen(less)tangles (and I know a LOT of you do), be sure to enter the giveaway here which also ends Saturday.

I really must go. The kettle is whistling and I need to cut the lemon, grab some ice, and fill the tea diffuser with tea. Have a wonderful Tea Tuesday and please hop over to Kimmie's blog for links to the rest of my Tuesday tea drinking friends.

This week's tea blog goes to a real tea enthusiast. You only have to read a few posts to know Adam Yusko of The Sip Tip really knows what he's talking about. His knowledge of tea and his photos that accompany each post, will make him a real favorite in your eyes too, I'm sure. And I bet you learn a lot about tea you never knew. I have no idea where Adam lives, but The Sip Tip reaches teas from around the world.

15 thoughtful remarks:

Terri Kahrs said...

A nice pitcher of iced tea sounds like the perfect summer "tea"! I'm off to blog hop this morning. How nice that you've mentioned giveaways that have no strings attached for participation. Hope things cool down for you soon! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Lynn said...

I am coming over to join you for a soothing cup of tea and a crumpet. They look wonderful. Love the tea pot. It's been unseaonally cool here the past two days. Nice for a summer change.
Sending you a cool breeze to go with your tea!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Iced Tea and Bikkies sound and look wonderful ... that precious pitcher must make everything taste good!
We got a wee break in the heat and humidity, but it's temporary....stay cool...wishing you a Happy Sweet T Tuesday!
btw You and Marlynn crack me up about doodling!

Joanie Hoffman said...

yummy looking biscuits & iced tea, the only thing missing is pizza! I know, I'm weird. : )

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh that pitcher is adorable. I have a secret passion: china...love it to be allmatched and beautiful one day and eclectic and unmatched the next...very hard to please! Also love that it's in use, really one of my top criteria for keeping stuff!

Kimmie said...

What a wonderful pitcher! I love the closeup pictures to be able to see the detail - and those cookies are really cool too! Thanks as always for the links to fun and cool stuff!!

Happy Tuesday! Kimmie

*jean* said...

yum! those chocolate biscuits look really good!! thanks for the link to seth's giveaway too! happy t tues!

bad penny said...

lovely post. Those biscuites are great... if it is the London eye... it's far too big to be called a ferris wheel - but I did smile ! Yes -I'm sure that is the Tower of London too !

ooglebloops said...

Those biscuits look yum!!! thanks for the links _ I haven't been by Seth's in a while!!!! Drop by if you get a chance - my tea post is up!!!

Steph said...

Happy Tea Tuesday E!!! love the shape of the pitcher and thank you for showing the details.

La Dolce Vita said...

it all looks gorgeous, wish I could eat and drink it!! lovely pitcher too! really hot these days and ice t hits the spot!!

Dianne said...

Looks like a lovely treat...

Meadowlark Days said...

Yes, that pitcher is fabulous!

Seth said...

Love that first picture. It really makes me want to be there with you. And thanks so much for getting the word out about my giveaway. Much appreciation!!

Cindy McMath said...

Elizabeth, thanks for the tip on the great giveaway. And I have to say that I love your lemon picture! Wish I could join you for iced tea and biscuits!

Cindy :)